Friday, September 23, 2005

all about Me

i hold my pen wrong and everyone always comments on it, my grade four teacher Mrs. Farrell used to come around the classroom watching everyone as they worked and she would always tap my desk with her ruler and say "your not holding your pencil properly". if only she could see me today!

i have asthma and was really quite sickly as a child, in and out of the hospital having allergy tests and on an aersol machine until i was a teenager. i still have it but i tell myself that i don't and most times i'm fine except when my allergies flair up or when it's really cold i always cough.

i give blood every 2-3 months as i have a rare blood type.

i wish that i could have lived through the original 1969 Woodstock concert. i love this era and i truly belive that i am reincarnated from this time as i love the music, fashion, the whole vibe of it all as everything was changing.

i am very insecure and have no self confidence in myself and i constantly compare myself with others which sucks and i wish i would stop doing it.

i have an uncanny resemblance to my late grandmother it's eerie as i kid everyone would tell me this and i would get so embarssed and mad as i just wanted to be me but now that she's gone i truly feel honored and even closer to her. i miss her terribly and think of her everyday.

i was quiet and shy all through elementary school and had very few friends. even to this day i take awhile to warm up to people and talk to them. not so much shy i just don't talk all that much to pps i don't know. i'm very much like my dad in this way.

as stated above i resemble my dad's mom and have my dad's nose but i have all of my mother's personality traits. i was first very disturbed by this revalation (nobody wants to act like their mom) but i've grown used to it and really who else in the world would i want to be like anyways.

im not religous and do not go to church but i do believe that there is something BIGGER guiding us. i just don't feel you have to sit in church to show your beliefs. you can meditate, walk in the woods, lock yourself in a room to think, whatever it may be you can still be spirtual without going to church.

i've also never read the bible and hardly know anything about it.

i feel really bad for saying all this but it's how i feel (i'm so going to hell!)

my most embarssing moment happend when i was in grade seven. it was at a school dance and i finally got up enough nerve to ask the guy that i liked and whom i liked from like grade 4 thru grade 8 to dance. so we danced and i was in absolte heaven the whole time and then the song is over and we break apart and he's walking away when another girl (much older) comes over and pulls me aside to tell me that i have "something" on the back of my pants. i immediately run to the bathroom to discover that i had started my period (which i only started at the beginning of that year) and i was soaked right through my jeans. i had a huge red blob on my ass and i did not want to leave that bathroom. luckily in my haste to run to the bathroom i had grabbed my coat and i tied it around my waist to slink back into the dance. i sat in the corner the rest of the evening and prayed for it to be over. to this day i don't know if he ever knew but i'm sure he did and of course he never ever liked me there was always someone prettier or cooler, i don't even know if he knew that i liked him.

i was always jealous of my older sister. she was smarter much smarter and so pretty she could be a model cause she's tall and just so amazing. i finally got over this when she went to college but all thru high school i was so jealous.

my favorite color's are purple and blue

my favorite seasome street character's were ernie, oscar and grover he's way cooler than elmo

i love my mom's apple pie

i hate to buy groceries and i always spend way to much money as i'm not a "smart" shopper and i don't look for the best buy.

i've never had the chicken pocks and now i'm terrified to get them.

i'm really, really missing jilly and hope she is doing well in the big city.

i'm out have a good weekend pps!! :)


Aila said...

Loved reading it !!

krazykaper said...

Your most embarrassing moment is quite like mine. Only difference is is that everyone seen mine and I was nicknamed Max (short for maxi pad) for the remainder of Junior High.