Thursday, September 22, 2005

forgive me waistline for i have sinned

i'm a weak, weak person

i gave into temptation today and now i'm feeling tremendously guilty.

it's thursday today aka Quarter Pounder day at McDonald's (the dreaded evil bastards.....) and of course i just had to have it. sigh. why do i do this to myself? i've been good it's been at leats 3 weeks since my last sinful indulgence. but i'm swearing right here and now that this is the last, LAST time I promise. no more.

so to make up for my bad behaviour i am not going to eat supper as i consumed enough calories and then some this afternoon.

other mumblings and grumblings.........

tons and tons of rumors circulating that gas prices are on the rise once again, i have heard several different amounts ranging from $1.79 - $2.25 per litre. supposably it's $2.20 in Halifax and $1.79 in Moncton. everyone here is racing to fill up and the line ups are un-real, unlike anything i have ever seen. all of this is supposed to be because of hurricane rita, mabye pps are just freaking out or mabye there is truth behind it who knows but i filled up my car.

LOST was really great last night, nice to see what's in the hatch but there are still lot's of questions and new questions like who is desmond and what is he doing there? and the whole walt thing totally freaked me out. good job guys and keep it up. i love this show!!!

a bit disappointed though of Invasion. commercials looked really awsome but it just fell flat. it was ok but not that great, i think what ruined it was the young girl rose she annoyed the heck out of me. the whole alien thing though is cool though but if you want to check out a really good alien show check out Threshold on CBS friday nights. this show blew me away last week was so good and creepy reminds me of the x-files.

it's moose season in new brunswick (yippe ~ not) oh how i hate this time of year. so hubby is out and about being all manly guiding/hunting moose. so i'm home alone until probably saturday night, which has it's advantages and disadvantages.

so that's a wrap


ChrisWoznitza said...

Hi I´m Chris. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!

Aila said...

Lost is great !!

Kleokatra said...

H~ You cannot completely deny yourself your cravings. So you had a Quarter Pounder. Whoop-dee-do. You didn't have one for Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack did you? You havn't had one in three weeks- Good for you!!!! I have been seeing a dietician, and she said that while fast food is not great for you, it is ok in MODERATION. This is where people fall into the trap. People as a whole do not know and therefore do not eat "real" serving sizes. We are so consumed that the portions should be worth the $10 we spend that we don't take the time to realize that we are consuming WAY more than our bodies can handle. let me put this into a little bit of perspective, if you go to McD's get a cheeseburger kid's meal. Eat it slowly, not all in 3 bites, but actually eat it. wait about 6 minutes and see if you are still hungry. The amount in a kid's meal is all that we are supposed to consume at a meal. We are also supposed to eat 6-7 times a day. Don't beat yourself up over eating a cheeseburger, denying your body something that it is telling you you need is not a good thing, over stuffing your face is also not a good thing. It is all a balance that you have to figure out. I really hate it too. : ) Lost was good Wednesday. I am addicted to Smallville. Clark and Lex are hot. any scene with them with their shirts off is an awesome scene. I love it. The new season starts next week and I can't wait!!! YEA! I hope you have a good day.