Wednesday, September 07, 2005

random thoughts

i'm breaking a rule and blogging from work as i'm bored, tired and plain lazy and do not want to do anymore until 5pm which is exactly 38 minutes away

my pants are tight, yup it's that time of the month & i've gained 5+ pounds

feel like a frickin whale

did not shower this morning to damn lazy

have a "cute" big blind zit in the crease that forms when i smile so i can feel this huge mofo all day and i've done quite well in restraining myself from squeezing it as i don't want a huge welt on my face at work

i'm craving chocolate like a madman

reading a really great book called " the Clan of the Cave bears" recommended to me by Jilly, love it and can't wait to go home, curl up and have a nice bath and read it till it's done

it's like 30 degrees outside today

stupid me wake up in the morning thinking it's going to be cold and wear a fall sweater and pants. sweating to death & my pants are tight, did i mention that already???

so uncomfortable cannot wait to go home and change into pj's, oh how i miss pj's

can u believe the price of gas. so wrong and not right but i fear it's not going to drop much in the near future or any time after that. we may as well get used to it, sad to say

25 minutes and counting

my feet stink, nasty but i don't want to put my shoes back on, hope no one walks by but yet at the same time i kinda do

i technically work for 1 company but yet the owner owns several business 2 of which are in same building so i have to answer phones for both.......should be paid for both shouldn't i? or am i just greedy as i'm under paid

hmmmm the things to ponder

the radio plays crap, old crap that needs to go away and be burned/banned

running out of things

wanna be home

20 minutes and counting til 5pm


Jilly said...

Glad to hear that you are liking the book- What did I tell you?? I know, Im totally bored at work today too, Ive been looking at the makeup on Sephora etc.....

flea said...

i was so just going to message u, i feel bad for surfing the net but don't want to work......sigh may have to venture over to sephora to, mabye another day as it's now 5 min to 5


Anonymous said...

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