Thursday, December 31, 2009

a quick look back at 2009

well this is a first for me, typing a post at 4:00 am but when you are wide awake and have an urge to write, well you go with it.

while I love New Year's Eve (there is just so much anticipation/excitement in the air), I hate New Year's Resolutions. in fact i don't think i've ever made one. people never keep to them, so why bother?

however, I do enjoy reflecting and taking a look back at the year, even when frankly you don't remember much as it went by in a pregnant blur, but it's still nice to look back a few years from now and think gee how could I be so (insert whatever word fits here) dumb, naive, vague...

so 2009 for me was a good year (I guess), normally (and I know this will sound stupid) the odd year numbers are not good ones for me but again I don't know if it was because I was distracted or perhaps the jinx has been broken but all in all it's been a pretty good year.

I didn't break any bones, or get deathly sick

I didn't lose a job (at least not this year)

I didn't go bankrupt

or lose my mind

on the other hand

I did manage to pack on 50 pounds of excess fat

but I had an excuse

cuz I spent nine (ahem ten) months out of the 12 of the calendar preggers

man what a long, LONG pregnancy that was

of course finding out almost the instant of conception didn't help either (a tip to anyone else that gets pregnant - don't tell anyone when you are 3/4 weeks pregnant that you are indeed pregnant, because then everyone will keep asking how far along you are and will point out constantly how much further/longer you have, this is truly agonizing and painful and will just save you from becoming the smiling, nodding robot)

so let's see what I can recall from 2009

umm ok here we go..

January - March - snow, snow and umm more snow. we were battered with snow storms last year. I was working quite frequently as I started my temp part time job in February and this was the lucky month that I got knocked up in. what can i say we had winter cabin fever and had nothing better to do! also had a death in the family, well not my family but my 2nd family and he was sort of a neighbor, well he lived down the street....anyways a good man died in March (right around the time that I found out for sure that I was pregnant, about 4 wks along) so that was rough as he died way to young

April - June - still working a lot, had my 1st ultrasound done in April also started our prenatal classes in April as I had the bright idea to do it while the husband was off work, well he only went to a couple classes and then started work in May so I don't know why I didn't just wait until the fall as I totally forgot everything that they taught us or talked about by the time November rolled around...May is a blur I don't really remember anything standing out in this month...June came along and we had the arrival of miz jilly's sweet little bundle of joy at the end of the Month and a nice visit with my auntie Sharol

July - September - Had my 2nd ultrasound done in July and found out that it was A GIRL! July also had to have been the crappiest month ever, it rained practically every day, but when it didn't rain I was at my parents and in there pool (a godsend and my most favorite place to be on a hot day). spent a lot of time here through the summer, in fact I was never more grateful to only work 2 days a week than I was this summer. my sissy was also home for a stint in July, so that was nice. August I got nothing but memories of the pool, bbq's and being ridiculously hot and sweaty. September rolled around rather quickly and I had my 3D ultrasound done and was able to see and bond with lil baby flea. I was also put off of work early on in the month of September due to my SVT

October - December - October was a very long, painful excruciating month for me, time literally stalled and did not pick up until after lil flea was born into this world. I would literally go insane trying to think of things to do to kill time, why I couldn't or didn't sleep is beyond me and believe me I tried to sleep but I just couldn't turn my mind off. nothing really exciting happened, oh wait I did have my baby shower in October that was fun/nice. then the waiting began, it was a long haul until November and even longer until the 24th but she finally arrived and the wait was over. then I hit a brick wall or what I refer to as the black pit. time doesn't exist beyond that point it all just sort of blends together. my hospital stay was hell on earth, rooming with a crazy biatch on crack, finding out the day after my c-section that I almost bleed to death (ok that is a bit dramatic probably but still I hemorrhaged and that's pretty serious..) coming to terms with the fact that I, (me who never ever thought) HAD A FREAKIN BABY!

like really

and it wasn't love at first sight for me, I wish i could say it was but I think it was quite possible that I was in shock from being strapped onto a table at a horrible/awkward angle and my neck was KILLING me being so very, very thirsty and shaking like a leaf (a reaction to the meds??) and wanting to vomit, my 1st thought was wow, she's really big and really red, and then i was back to thinking it want to vomit and get me off this fucking table. god i'm such a selfish bitch aren't I? like who doesn't love there child at first?

and i know i'm totally off the "reflecting back of 2009" topic but I need to vent

so not only are you exhausted, sore as hell from being cut open, bleeding out your va jay jay like a freaking tap but you have to deal with excess "fluid". god my poor feet, I thought they were bad pregnant well they had nothing on what they were like after. on top of all that, you have to deal with a baby, add in breastfeeding if you choose that option (which i am) and you've got a lot on your plate it's no wonder people get the blues and yes, you betcha I had the blues. quite bad really, almost wondered if I had PPD there for a bit. I would just cry, and cry for no reason AT ALL.

i can't explain it

you would think a person would be happy bringing a new baby into the world, but I wasn't, i just felt numb

I sort of still do feel numb

i'm doing better, feeling more like me and getting into a routine (thank god) but i'm having a time coming to terms with it all. I have a difficult time talking to lil flea as I feel awkward/weird. I don't like talking to her in "baby" talk as I feel like a tool, I do read to her and sing/hum but I just feel like all I am to her is food...does that make sense? and I worry about the stupidest things, like her not breathing or making weird nosies, and why is her poop green?


its just exhausting

in fact i'm tired so over and out for now

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

~Happy Holidays!~

Merry Christmas!
from our family to yours, I wish you all a safe, happy, joyful holiday season
(aka eat, drink and be merry!)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

my life is like, WHOA!

ok, ok I know it has been like forever, but seriousily i'm doing well enough to keep track of what day it is...

what day is today anyways??

I think its Tuesday and the only reason I actually know that for a change is because I had a Dr appt/check up today

what is it with time when you have to much of it on your hands it drags but when you have a tiny little infant to feed every 2-3 hrs it somehow manages to fly by...??


long time no talk my fellow bloggers sorry to keep you all in limbo but really I have a good excuse


and frankly the last couple of weeks my life has pretty much been, breastfeeding, sleeping, diaper changes, rocking, more breastfeeding (why is this so hard?), etc, etc...

long story short (I don't have much time) I was induced on November 23rd, here's a pic of me early on (after they gave me the drugs to "start" labour).

You can totally tell that i'm scared shitless here..


remember how I had a Dr. that I was totally uncomfortable with, well guess who was on call that day. yup, the one and only...what are the odds.

so my water broke around 3 pm (now that was a weird feeling and sooooo disgusting) but what I couldn't get past is that it sort of keeps on breaking, well, not really so to speak but you keep "leaking" through the whole thing. I hated that part, it felt like I was constantly peeing myself.

it's mostly a blur after that

I remember trying a bath and hating it

diddo with the ball

the back pain was way intense

my happy place or moment was a cold face cloth, my eyes closed just focusing on my breathing

oh and the ice chips, god I loved those

around 8 or 9 pm I think I was about 4-5 cm dialated I finally got the epidural, now that shit is fer real DA BOMB. you can bash me all you want for not having a "natural" birth but God created that drug for a reason and by god I would do it again in a heart beat

time moved slowly after that

looking back I totally should've slept, but like a dumb ass I couldn't/didn't as I was numb clear up to my nipples


around 2 am, I was checked again finally made it to 10 cm only to discover (which by the way I knew before hand and they totally should've picked up on this sooner) that the baby wasn't turned properly and no way, no how could I deliver vaginally (again Karma hates me as I so didn't want to have a c-section but I just knew that I would...weird). so I had a c-section and viola

miss Lily Rose (aka lil flea) was born into this world at 3:27 am on November 24, 2009
weighing in at 9 lbs 7 oz

here she is meeting mommy

a little closer up this time

here she is meeting Grampie for the 1st time

hanging out with Daddy

just chillin

sleepin on mommy after a big feed
(I could've/should crop me out of this as I look like death but again - NO TIME!)

just had a bath!
that's all I have time for - for now, maybe someday I will do a longer more detailed post on the labour (as I would like to have a write up on it as a keepsake) but that isn't happening right now. I hope you are all well, I have been somewhat reading your posts just haven't commented.
ugh and can you believe Christmas is next week!!
so not ready
but in case i'm not back by then I wish you all a happy, safe and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
peace. love. joy
over and out