Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 wrap up

well goodbye 2010! really, honestly I don't know where the last few months have gone but one word fits best and that is "blur". not sure what has kept me busy I guess just life. some days are good along with a few bad. but mostly good. I love watching little miss, I love hearing her laugh and seeing her changing and learning every day

Christmas was ok, I think I had hyped it up to much or I dunno you look forward to something for so long and then its never what you expected. but it was nice to spend time with the family and a good turkey dinner

i've been doing a few shifts at work, nice to get back and felt like I had never even left at times but then at other times I was like I was gone for 14 months and there was a lot of people changing shifts and lots of new people/faces so it was sort of weird too. I did well leaving lily and only almost cried once! I think she is loving the time with her daddy and they have really bonded

getting nervous and a little anxious as I start school again next Tuesday (lots of nail biting going one) but I hope it will be a positive and good thing.

so bring it on 2011! i'm ready for you

happy new year y'all

Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

ho ho holy FACK!!

this month is going way to fast for my liking

and why is it you have a couple of "up" days and you just think wow i'm almost feeling pretty good and back to normal (whatever normal is) and then you discover or find something that just sets you into a total tailspin. yeah that just happened and it sucks! now i'm in full blown panic mode and my brain will just not quit spinning.


nothing changes

in other news, I went back to work and did two shifts last weekend and I survived and actually sort of enjoyed myself. baby girl did well too I still hate leaving her but what can you do....

tree is up and decorated and i'm actually channelling the Christmas spirit this year (well I was) only 2 more weeks!

less than a month before I start school (eek!), i'm terrified and excited and nervous as hell. just hope that I like it and that it will all work out

so much to do before then and I'm dreading buying school supplies (uck)

and that's really all that is new

busy busy busy

tis the season

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a year ago today...

I was laying in a hospital bed awaiting your arrival. nervous, scared, excited and hopeful. I just wanted to see you and to hold you. and at 3:30 am (roughly) you came out into the world screaming and you were the best thing that I have ever laid my eyes on (all red and covered in goo you were perfect). how awkward that first attempt at breast feeding was, the sleepless nights, worrying if you were to cold, to hot, not breathing..and just coming to terms with it all

I cannot believe it has been a year already

i'm quite weepy about this really

its going too fast, my baby isn't really a "baby" any more. well not a helpless little baby anyways, she'll always be my baby in my heart

Happy 1st Birthday baby girl

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

guilty pleasures

while I should be more focused on many things (like getting ready for school in January, Christmas shopping, finances, etc, etc) I tend to get distracted by little things and while most of my day is spent entertaining a 11 1/2 month old or watching cartoons a girl does need her me time and these are a few of mine

T.V shows:

#1 Dexter - god I love this show and cannot stop watching and wish it wasn't on only once a week. have even resorted to watching it online now so I can see season 5 which has special guest star Julia Stiles! whom I also like from way back when she was in 10 things I hate about you (love that movie)

#2 Vampire Diaries - two words people Ian Somerhalder!!!! freakin hot and he steals the show

#3 Glee - sometimes this show is a bit too much for me so I tune in and out of the vocals but it usually makes me smile, cry and laugh out loud within one episode

#4 Raising Hope - this show has caught me by surprise and only happend on it by chance (its on right after Glee) and let me tell you it is hilarous!! pee your pants funny

#5 The Walking Dead - happend on this by chance as well, read about it online and had to watch it and now i'm hooked. again watching online. think I may start watching most shows this way as I can watch after little one is to bed and its just more convenient or seems to be


#1 Pink - Raise your glasses - great anthem, party song, makes me happy and catchy as hell

#2 Katy Perry - Firework - wow, two songs in a row from Katy Perry that I love (also heart teenage dream still), great message in this song and very moving

#3 Shawn Desman - A night like this - I was going to youtube the vid to here but changed my mind, great dance sequence, catchy, makes me feel like a young school girl again (haha)

#4 Rhianna - only girl in the world - i've had mixed reviews from other people on this one but I have loved it since the first time I heard it and usually pick lily up and dance around with her too it (she loves it too), catchy as hell and cannot get it out of my head once it is there

#5 Enrique Ingelsis ft Nicole was her name from the PCD - heart beat - love the piano in this one and the music vid is pretty cool until they get into the hallway of mirrors. great song

and that's that

in other news i'm a bit down this dreaded 10th day of November due to it being the anniversary of a good friends death. hate this day. cannot believe its been 9 years. sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago (cuz it was) and other times just like yesterday. I can't help but wonder where she would be today, what she would be doing, would we even still be friends? all the what ifs. guess you can't live like that but sometimes you just can't help but wonder....

I miss her

Thursday, November 04, 2010


its November and I can cry if I want too....

ok well i'm not really crying but frig I hate november. so dark, gloomy, rainy and depressing and cold!

boo on you november

and man October was a long month but did it ever just fly by, like blink and it was over....

20 days pps until baby girls birthday! I can't believe it, very surreal to think that 2 years ago she wasn't even a thought in my mind, then a year ago I was not so patiently awaiting her arrival and now she's babbling, teething and standing (with help) and even a few steps!

i'm so going to hate leaving her and changing up my (our) routine but as it is fastly approaching i'm almost sort of glad to be getting back out and about and back to work (very faintly), more on the social level of things I think. actually talking to other people would be nice!

trying to start weaning little one off the boob, some days are better than others and the days where I do cut corner the next day she just wants it a lot. not sure the teething of some new teeth is helping either as its a comfort thing...i'm sad about this as well. who knew that I would enjoy breastfeeding so much? weird. always thought that I would hate it beforehand and its been the best thing for both me and her. sure the first few months were hell but I think I had a bit of PPD going on too on top of the exhaustion and for a bit you feel that's ALL you do but I can't imagine measuring out or preparing formula (I wouldn't even know how to do it, never done it) and i'm glad I don't have to as I suck at math and calculations, measuring and with the lack of sleep my brain isn't at full capacity so in a nutshell I (personally) was much better off. and never had latch problems and lily is a trooper

how did I get talking about boobs and breastfeeding....


i'm sure you all care about that now don't you!

and i'm rambling, time to call it in
over and out :P

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

no sleepy for me

i've often joked about having insomnia/lack of sleep but for reals I think I am suffering from it. and you know that you are really tired when even just 30 min of sleep feels like 3 hours of sleep.

all jokes aside though i'm getting very little sleep lately. little one has been going to bed later and later the last few weeks so now I put her down to bed at 11 pm, then that leaves me no time to down low and unwind thus i'm up until past midnight/1 am, and some nights little one is up at 4 am (teething, ugh) thankfully she usually goes back to sleep (most times) until 9 am and I doze but that's not a "deep" sleep. god. I can't even remember the last time I had a deep sleep

its just very frustrating as I want so badly to sleep once she is asleep that I just can't is mind boggling. you would think I would just hit the pillow and be out. well, not that easy

why can't things be easy?

in other news i'm so needing to go on a diet but finding it extremely difficult due to a)Halloween candy (which I so didn't even need to buy as we get no kids way out here in the boonies) and b)my severe tiredness aka laziness. and today i'm so freaking bloated I just feel nasty and FAT


did I mention that a tired me = one cranky biatch, well not all the time it comes in waves and you never know when they will hit. my poor husband never knows what he will come home too....

wide awake and I don't know what to do with myself, quiet house = me having to be as quiet as a mouse. I can't take a bath as that would make noise and I really don't want to lay in bed and listen to my husband what does one do to make themselves sleepy. clearly its not being on the computer as that seems to make me more awake/alert. tips advice are needed here i'm desperate people

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a few pictures of my princess

lily and her best friend "kitty" (I swear she can almost say kitty)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

so you had a bad day

well how bout a bad week? geesh what next

first of all baby girl is sick with a bad cold and this is only the 2-3 time shes been sick. not fun. its exhausting enough trying to deal with just the day to day stuff but throw in being sick and you have one cranky, clingy baby who wants her mommy, thus making it impossible to do anything else (ie; housework and making that important phone call that i've been meaning to do since Tuesday). that first night she was up all night - meaning I was up all night. I can't believe how a person can still function after being up for 24 hrs but amazingly it is possible. mind you I wouldn't have me perform surgery or ask me tough questions cuz I was not exactly all there but I managed. still managing actually on only about 6 hrs sleep within the last 48 + hours

so on top of having no sleep and now me getting this stupid ass cold I had to deal with my dogs. now the last few months my relationship with my pets has been getting colder. I just don't have the time to deal with them. yah I love them but I don't love them. you know?? and frankly they drive me insane (perhaps the tiredness makes me even more cranky towards them...probably..) what with all the dog hair all over the place, they want in, they want out, they bark...and yadda yadda yadda I just can't stand them most of the time. anyways so I was trying to deal with fussy lily at like 3 am and they are whining and jumping up every time I moved (not so great when trying to get little one to sleep) and I just got so angry and I knew I shouldn't put them out as HELLO I live in the freakin hicks and yes there are skunks, bears, and everything else outside for them to get into and lo and behold one of them gets freakin sprayed by a skunk not even 5 minutes after being outside.


and holy stink bomb

god I can't stand that smell, makes me want to vomit even now....

so yah you can say i've had a bad few days, here's to hoping that tomorrow is better

Monday, October 11, 2010

things I am thankful for

seeings how this is our (Canadian) thanksgiving i've been reflecting a lot (probably due to me feeling melancholy) and I'm just so thankful for so many things. ok that came out or is coming across really corny but honestly I am so greatful to be alive, healthy, mostly happy and I have an amazing, beautiful daughter and a wonderful husband who loves me for me. can't get any better than that really.

so why am stewing about things that are beyond my control? why do I fret and worry when everything should be perfect? why can't I go to sleep when i'm so exhausted...?

the list goes on

but frankly i'm tired and at a loss for words. I just wish that I could turn my brain off sometimes as I think about things way, WAY too much

and no, nothing major or bad has happend its just me being me, worrying about silly things (mostly leaving lily to go to work, finances, etc), needing to plan a birthday party for little miss also needs to become top priority as it is fastly approaching (eeek!) and i'm rambling and the words are starting to blur together. must stop typing

so what i'm trying to say I guess is


thanks for making me "me"
thanks for giving me lily and my husband
thanks for giving me kind, caring, wonderful, loving parents who would do anything for me

that is all

Sunday, October 03, 2010

emotional baggage

for some reason the last few days i'm extremely emotional (well honestly mostly tonight after watching undercover boss and bawling my eyes out about the story of the mom who lost her 9 year old daughter in a car accident) I mean like I just can't imagine how awful that would be if I was to lose my little miss, I just would die

it could be several things really. the on set of fall usually triggers me into a downward spiral of depression, the days get shorter, you wake up in the dark and its dark after supper time (what can be more depressing than that), the weather gets cooler and then finally bitterly cold, I could go on but frankly that is really starting to depress me and I'm not quite there (yet)

it could also be how much has changed in just the past year. this time last year I was restlessly awaiting the arrival of my baby, bored out of my mind as I was put off work. I would read, watch t.v. surf the net endlessly and sleep (god how I miss those naps) and now she's ten (yes 10) months old almost a year (already!) and I know i've gone on and on before but its just so amazing (i'll leave it at that)

but mostly its probably the knowing in the back of my mind that in the next month I'll have to get back to work and then in January (possibly) back to school. I've become pretty accustomed to being at home which is weird as I never thought that I would be that way. I was always work, work work and thought I would want to jump right back in after having a baby. well, don't ever assume to know anything, if we were well off financially I would never go back. but like most families today, that's just not feasible. sure some days it can really get to you and you really think you are going to lose your shit but you manage and somehow i've adapted and I don't want it to change

but it has too

that's just life

i'm rambling and probably not making any sense but somehow typing it out makes me face it and perhaps maybe come to terms with it

enough of that crap

so we did go on our little adventure to see my sissy in Kingston it was so nice to see her and spend time with her (even though it was exhausting) it was nice to get away but even nicer to come back home. their is honestly no place like home. Lily did very well overall on the plane and only had one minor (teeny tiny) melt down in Toronto coming back home as we were delayed. so I fretted and worried over nothing

and that's a wrap - need to go to bed

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a big ole RANT FEST!

ugh! ARGH! sometimes you just have got to let it out and this one has been pent up for days


perhaps it is the lack of sleep (more than likely)

little miss is teething again in a big way (the two upper teeth) and is not sleeping at night too well and is a fussy pants too boot. very tiring, stressful and hard to keep my patience some days which makes me feel like a bad mother at times

or the bloatedness...

have I mentioned that I still have not had a menstrual period yet. yeah. you read it right. no red tide, monthly gift, whatever in well over a year (I don't count the messy after birth crap), turns out (after a Dr appt for me and miss) that the pill i'm on acts the same as the dreaded needle and hence no periods (which I don't believe is healthy or normal), why I never googled and researched it months ago is beyond me (oh, wait I've been busy and pre-occupied and never have time for anything!). so I have to wait another month (as I just started another month of the pill i've been on..) before I can switch to my old pill that I was on prior to pregnancy.


and then after that same dr. appt I finally (i've been putting this off for awhile too..) wanted to get a perscription cream for lily's exzema as the over the counter stuff just wasn't clearing it up. and take a guess as to how much that little tube of cream cost?

you may say oh $20

try higher than that

add on another $80 to that $20 and while I'm no math genius that gives you 100.


un-freakin believe able and if she hadn't needed it so badly I probably would have thrown it at the cashier's face which I really wanted to do anyways as I had to wait an HOUR (shoppers drug mart you suck ASS) with a fussy/tired baby for the stoopid dumb ass pharmacist to stick a label on. just typing this here makes me so angry all over again

and for weeks I have been fretting worrying about this appt with employment insurance today about seeing if they would help me go back to school and frankly after meeting with him today I don't know anymore than I did before hand and I have to wait another 2-3 weeks before I know that I am approved....


and I was all happy and giddy thinking that the new season of GLEE was starting tonight and turns out I was wrong as it is NEXT week so now i'm sitting here watching the finale of last season all teary eyed..

on a lighter happier note this is my 500th post! crazy! something that started as a fad six years ago is still going strong (although not as strong) been quite the ride and I don't plan on getting off anytime soon

over and out

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

i should so be asleep right now

ugh. why is it when you are so beyond tired that you can't sleep.

I was sleepy two hours ago and now not so much

and i'm so needing sleep right now. lily hasn't been sleeping so well at night time the last few weeks so i'm up at night with her and then up also with my insomnia. not fun. I can't seem to turn my brain off, I try to invision closing blinds (suggested by a friend), that didn't work, I try pretending that i'm going down an elevator and level by level i am supposed to get sleepier, that doesn't work. I also tried subtracting 9 from 100 on down and well frankly I suck at math so I don't get to far and just get mad

so yeah sleep would be nice

you know what else would be nice

smaller boobs!

i never, NEVER would have or could have imagined myself saying that but there it is. i'm so sick of these GINORMUS honking boobs, please tell me that they will shrink a little after breastfeeding? they are massive, and heavy and ugh. i want my b cups back

trip is all booked and set to go to go and see my sissy! yay!!!! count down is on, 2 weeks. hope that lily will be alright on the plane (in fact i'm having severe anxiety about this...I get anxiety while flying anyways and then to have a baby involved...eek!) so n'ways it will be nice to see my sis and spend some time together

and yes I did watch the red carpet of the emmy's and i had intentions to post and talk about the gowns but I think little miss was a tad cranky and up all night that night so it got sheleved (sorry!)

and that's all I got, my little bubble of energy has just been evaporated.

think I will go listen to the husband snore and count sheep

or something...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

who are you?

I cannot possibly believe that I have been away from the blogging world for so long. I am totally out of the loop.

I also can't believe how summer is practically over. and wow what a great summer it has been! the weather has been amazing and I have been soaking it all up. so lucky to be able to enjoy that and my baby girl (although she is rapidly becoming a non-baby). She has changed soooo much just in the last couple of months, it is astonishing and amazing to see. sometimes I look at her with such wonder (like how could I have partaked in creating her?) and I get all teary eyed and have a moment

times moves way to fast for my liking

what else is new

so I did get accepted into school (yay! but yet scary at the same time) and would start in January of next year taking nursing (licensed practical nurse), it runs for 2 years and i've been hearing rumours that some day they may except this program at the college level and that I could eventually get my BN (bachelor or nursing) should I so choose to do so....

but all of this is sort of up in the air as i'm waiting to find out if un-employment will help pay for me to go back, because if I can't get help then I likely can't afford to go back on my own. so cross your fingers and pray for me!

I guess what will be will be and if it is ment to be then it will be. seeings how I have applied to this program several times before it just sort of seems like it is....but will see.

so that's my big news of the summer

i'm also trying to work out a visit with my sister in ontario as I haven't seen her in months and its a perfect opportunity to do so as I am home/off work right now and I know she is just dying to see little miss so I hope we can work it out

and that's about it I guess. i'm loving my new laptop and just enjoying life to the fullest that I possibly can

time to catch up with you all

Saturday, August 21, 2010


no i have not been sucked into a black hole just been really busy and without my own computer...

thankfully one has been ordered so future posts are well overdue

just know that all is well and will catch up soon

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

tick tock tick tock

ugh! in less than one month and in 25 days I will turn 30

3 0

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little

i initially didn't care (denial) about this birthday, but as it is ever vastly approaching I am starting to hyperventilate just a teency tiny bit

I mean as a kid I used to think 30 was old

house, married, kid, dogs, check. all I can say is thank god I don't have a mini van because that would complete my mental image of a 30 year old back when I was in my early 20's. and while I have most of those things I don't feel any older (ok, who am I kidding some days I feel it). and it leaves me wondering what the hell have I done or accomplished in the last 10 years? career wise, I have gone absolutely no where, I am still with the same man so that is something...and I have a beautiful daughter so life is good. but holy hell times flies! i'm going to blink and I'll be 40!! eek.

can I become peter pan? I just want to stay in this now

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

in other news:

I need to go on a serious diet but to lazy to even try it (haha that rhymes)


Lily is doing so well and i'm savoring and enjoying every day with her and dreading the thought of even looking for work/going back to work. but i'm trying to not think about it or dwell on it and just enjoy the summer, which is turning out weather wise to be fab! and super hot, even fabber! she's still not crawling yet (i'm actually sort of dreading her moving, I like her staying in one spot) but it won't be long, i'll probably shed a tear when she does get a moving

I just can't believe it is July already, and the month is half gone! summer is way to short

Saturday, June 26, 2010

hello sunshine my old friend

well now you know that I'm not dead at least. geesh.

I have been a bad, bad, very bad blogger

or just to busy and caught up into other stuff I guess. but I have missed you, somehow I don't think you have missed me quite so much....

so what the hell have I been doing you may be asking (or not), living each day to the fullest and savoring every moment (blah blah blah). ok I have my good days and then the occasionally bad one too. baby girl is getting so BIG! it just makes me want to cry as she is growing up so fast. she now has TWO teeth (teething = stressful mommy) and the hair, is well still not so much there but it is growing (just very slowly..)

I still have 20 pounds to lose...nothing new there (can you say lazy!)

it is officially SUMMER!!!!! ah bring on the sun, bbq's, pool time, god life doesn't get any sweeter

we celebrate Alexander's 1st birthday tomorrow (27th), that is just so crazy and mindblowing to believe, I remember waiting up all night just waiting to hear the call that he was born safe and sound...miss lily was still just a small peanut in my belly.....just unbelieveable. so happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY little manny!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

word up

another month gone by and I honestly don't know where time is going or what I do in a run of a day but I blink and they go by.

this month Lily has seemed to just grow right before my eyes, one day she was little and now she's eating baby food, rice cereal and showing her first tooth. her poops have changed along with everything else and let me tell you oh how I miss the breast milk poops! sure they were a bit more messy but at least they didn't smell...ugh these new ones smell unlike anything I have ever smelled before!

what else has happened? well we purchased a new truck (new to us, it is a 2005) at the start of the month so that was sort of exciting. been walking a lot as the weather is still very nice & warm for this time of year. and that's about it really for may.

I leave you with a couple of my recent fav pics

laughing at mommy cuz she is funny!

6 months old!

see, I can sit up! well almost...

Friday, May 21, 2010


it's weird how when I do get a moment (usually when little one is asleep) I don't know quite what to do with myself. it is just go, go and go all day long. and according to one friend it just gets worse the bigger and busier they get. so i'm trying to enjoy the moment of her not crawling although i'm sure I will just blink and off she'll go

I also take back all the harsh words and criticism I used to give to stay at home mothers, this by far is the hardest thing I have ever done. at the end of the day you sit and try to think where the hell the day went? you're exhausted, hair not combed (yet again), no makeup, same clothes pretty much as the day before (clean underwear, check), and somehow you manage to shrug it off, smile crawl in bed and get up and do it all again


after day

after day

I don't know what the hell I did before. god when I think back, I think wow you were really, really lazy. but at the same time, oh what I would give just to lay in bed all day and curl up with a good book. those were the days

and may i just bring up for a moment, becuase i'm sure it will leave me just as fast if I don't but holy hell my breasts are HUGE. none of my previous shirts from before will ever fit me again, I swear. who would've ever thought my small little "B" cups would become such mammoths. and not only are they mammoths but they are starting to droop and sag. ugh. so grose. I miss my "B" cup.

i'm sure they weigh in at about 5 pounds

another 10 pounds sits around my middle, in the deflated tire that i'm sure I will have for the rest of my life. and yah I could probably lose it if I did sit ups or crunches but i'm too tired and can't seem to fit it in anywhere. I have been walking a lot though, not much good that does to lose the poundage but it is good to get out in the fresh air, the weather here has been pretty good the last few weeks

i'm excited and sad about the LOST finale on Sunday. i'm sure I will bawl my eyes out

missing survivor already too

baby girl will be 6 months old on Monday! 6 months, that's half a year gone already. jeebus. now that makes me want to cry.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

what day is it today? like seriousily

holy shitballs, I feel like I haven't been here in a long, long time

I can't believe we are half way through May already. May people! jebus I still feel like it is February or March at least as our nice warm weather has gone right out the window. it is FREEZING, well, at least today it is. I can't seem to get warm...

i'm off topic

what's new people? I so need to catch up with you all

there is a lot going on

were on the countdown for the final episode of LOST, Survivor, Supernatural and my guilty pleasure The Vampire Diaries. i'm so giddy and excited for them all but yet sad at the same time as we all know summertime t.v. blows. god I watch way to much t.v.

but hey at least I admit it!

loved Betty White on SNL ~ awesomeness

rumors are swirling that another crackbook group has formed to get her on Glee, now that would be hilarious!

in other news baby girl is growing and changing every stinking day, it is just so amazing to see, I know I have talked about it before, but it is just, wow. speechless.

i'm still dwelling/stewing about what I am going to do job wise in the fall (the dreaded fall...), and I keep trying to tell myself to not sweat it or to worry, but I can't help having that little nugget of info in the back of my brain, and it's driving me insane

I also think I have insomnia

I'm dead tired as baby girl is usually up at 5:30/6 am every day and I go, and go all day until her bedtime at 8/8:30 p.m. but do you think I can go to sleep when it comes my bedtime. hell no. probably cuz I can't turn my brain off, it just will not stop. little bits of things to do just keep popping up out of no where

i'm serious about the insane thing too by the way

ok, ok i'm not insane

just a typical overtired, mommy

and that's all I got - over and out

Thursday, April 29, 2010

quick ramblings

another month gone by, crazy. except this month seemed really long for some reason.

anyways, we had our first easter celebration with baby girl. she's also growing like a weed, she is now 13 pounds, 26 inches long. and she is finally starting to get some hair, although you still can't really see it as it is really, really blond. we have started her on rice cereal and she doesn't quite know what to make of that, but is gradually starting to taste it more and more each time we do it. she is growing up right before my eyes and it is so amazing to see and be a part of...

what else has happend this month, well not a whole hell of a lot.

I had a much needed hair appointment but yet I still hate my hair. I think the pregnancy changed my hair or something, it isn't quite the same

I had a potential job prospect which terrified me, but I went for the testing and I think I bombed it but whatev I am so not ready to go back to work yet anyways

the weather has continued to be above normal here, and everything is turning green and coming out early. the trees are even starting to bud, and I have flowers in my flower bed that usually don't bloom until June but they are out!

on to t.v. land stuff

omg I am so glad that GLEE is back on, oh how I love that show

survivor was freakin AWSOME last week and can't wait for tonights episode

newest guilty pleasure is abc's shows modern family & cougar town. seriousily funny. like laugh out loud funny

and I know I had more on my brain at one point to talk about but now it's gone

and I would like to shout out a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my hubby on May 1st

over and out

Thursday, April 22, 2010

happy Earth day!

well, ok it's almost over (2 hrs left and counting..) but better late than never

I've never really been a big recycle freak, but I try to do my part. we don't leave lights on, un-plug stuff that we don't use, try not to waste water, yadda yadda. the simple stuff you know. but today Oprah's show really hit me, like I had my ah-HA moment. perhaps it didn't help that I recently watched the movie 2012 and I'm now certain that the end is near, or better yet it's the "mommy" syndrome setting in and i'm thinking of her future. and the rate we are going I don't think its looking good.

depressing as hell but so true

that ginormous pile of garbage in the pacific ocean is beyond horrible and it's all OUR fault

and the slaughtering of dolphins, shocking, horrifying beyond words (I cried)

how did we get this way?
why do we waste so much?

don't know

don't think will ever know but we need to stop

so i'm going to try just a little bit harder to go "green". I want to start a compost, in fact we are even going to plant our first garden this year. I want to start using chemical free products (mostly cleaning stuff as it is bad for the baby) and I just want to learn as much as I can about it all so that I can make a difference. I feel empowered and excited for the first time in a long time

Friday, April 16, 2010

blah, blah blah

I promised myself that I would do better with posting but finding it hard to come up with something that people would want to read or just something at all to write.

I'm sure none of you want to hear about me breast pumping my boobs and feeling like a jersey cow - MOO!

or how I have been peed on (FYI - cheap diapers SUCK and LEAK like a mofo) & puked on

or how I will just randomly babble in baby talk to myself even when miss lily is no where in sight

can you say mommy brain


and i'm also doing things that I swore up and down BEFORE I had a child that I would never do when I became a parent.

case in point: sleeping in the same bed

I watched/heard other people battle with their screaming child (toddler), in fact I think they probably still sleep with them but anyways, I swore I would never do this, that they had their own bed and blah blah blah. well, never say never because it is the simplest, most convenient thing to do and sometimes when you are breastfeeding and severely tired you just can't help dozing off for a few minutes and then next thing you know it's an hour later, your boob is still hanging out and the baby is zonked out cold and your like OMG WHERE THE HELL AM I!? and you wipe off the drool, scoop up the baby put her in her crib and fall back into a dead sleep and faguely remember doing all that the next day. and then other times it is the only, ONLY way they will go to sleep. and then there are other times that its just nice to have a cozy nap together in the afternoon. I am so going to have a screaming toddler aren't I? or am I over thinking all of this??

i'm sure I had more things listed in my head at one time but sadly they have left my one track brain (probably to never return) so I guess I am moving on to other topics.

I am missing Boston Rob BIG time from Survivor, in fact I even shed a tear when he was kicked off. boo. and it's just not the same any more.

YAY! for Glee finally being back on

and yes it is pathetic that my life revolves around t.v. in fact I think that is the only thing keeping me a little sane....

and alas i'm out of words. over and out

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

picture time

hope everyone had a happy and safe Easter holiday! will try to get a written post done up in the next day or two

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

march in review

wow it's the 31st of March already! I could almost do a happy dance as winter is almost (surely) behind us.

yet another month has gone by in a blur

what can I say about March of 2010 other than holy wow the weather was fantabulous! for almost 2 weeks I was out everyday with baby girl walking or snowshoeing. very warm/mild and more importantly sunny! I felt great these weeks like I was almost back to normal and then well the weather shifted and I feel like shit, ok, it's not that bad but it's totally the weather blues.

many visits this month with friends and family (so lots of road trips or running the roads as the hubs likes to call it)

a surprise visit from my favorite auntie on the 19th for a week was another bonus

changes in Lily this month:

- lots of laughs and giggles

- plenty of smiles

- talking (well in baby talk) lots of a-goos & razzing noises

- reaching and grasping at things (loves to pull mommy's hair)

- holding her head up better & stronger every day

her personality is starting to come out which is so fun. overall I couldn't ask for a better baby, she sleeps good, she eats good and hardly ever cries or fusses (for now). I am trying to just enjoy every minute and not fret and worry about my future work plans. I wish I could just hit pause sometimes and just stay in this moment as she totally worships me and her daddy right now, when she sees either one of us she just lights right up (makes my heart melt a little)

i promise to post pics soon

so long March!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

another one bites the dust

quickie post coming up but at least it is a post...

so I didn't get into the 2nd course that I applied for either, which left me very upset. actually no, I was major upset and flew into a tail spin (aka hissy fit), I cried, I yelled and then I cried some more. I thought I didn't have my hopes up but I guess I sort of now I don't really know what my future holds work wise and frankly i'm done worrying about it at least until summer is over.

that is one thing I am very, very grateful for is that we have a one year mat leave option (even though the pay is paltry to say the least at least it is there)


i'm sort of feeling dim and low actually, perhaps it is the weather as it went from very warm/mild/sunny to bleak, cold and windy within a week

or perhaps i'm a tad bit depressed

there I said it

I shouldn't be at all but that blackness is there

la de da happy thoughts happy thoughts cannot let it in again

I need a girls day out

or hair therapy

or a $5000 shopping spree...wouldn't that be fun!

and i'm over and out for now, must sleep

Friday, March 19, 2010

another weekly update

umm nothing really new with me actually but I am setting a goal this year to at least try to post weekly and well it's been a week since my last rant. so here I am again. sadly though it seems like the few blogs that I have been reading haven't been updated, so where is everyone at? on vacay? or just not blogging?

boo on there not being a survivor episode this week, I look forward to my weekly dose of Boston Rob so shame on you CBS

and OMG lost, where to start? I feel like the last few shows have been a tad disappointing, they hype it up so much and then nothing! so next weeks show had better be good

I finally got a new camera so you will probably be bombarded with pictures of my precious one, so don't say I didn't warn you. or I may just not as i'm lazy when I do have a free minute

ah what else...

the weather has remained so far fantabulous for March, in fact it feels more like April and I have to constantly remind myself that indeed it is still March. craziness but I love it!

and I've been walking almost every day and feel a lot better a)knowing that I am at least making an effort to get in shape and b)getting outside in the fresh air

it's amazing how good you feel after

oh and surprize!

my auntie Sharol is home again! woot woot love the last minute, unplanned surprize trips, so she's home for 8 days

and that's a weekly wrap for ya!

over and out

Friday, March 12, 2010

still crabby abby

i'm still a bit crabby and irritable as ole hell but i'm trying but man oh man it's hard

went shopping today and wanted to cry/scream as the clothes just didn't look pretty, and therefore didn't make me feel pretty. it's weird as I feel almost back to normal size wise, other than the deflated tire that is my abdomen (aka baby harvester) and I really only need to lose about 15 pounds to be back to where I was pre-pregnancy and you honestly wouldn't think it would make that much of a difference but holy hell I guess it does!


and I know I shouldn't be so hard on myself it has only been about 3 1/2 months and I can't just snap my fingers and be back to normal but man I wish

I just wish sometimes you know...


didn't watch the oscars, don't really care about them honestly so no fashion run down this year

don't give a rats ass either about Idol this year, it really, really needs to be the last year for this show. just not the same anymore and sadly I must admit that I do indeed miss paula a little. and while I normally love Ellen, she's coming across wrong or something I can't quite pinpoint it...nerves perhaps? dunno, don't care, not watching

two shows that I cannot miss are LOST and Survivor

highlights of my life

well other than miss lily

who is just utterly amazing and probably the only person I can't be a craby abby to, no matter how tired I am

over and out ~ shut eye time

Monday, March 08, 2010

mid life crisis?

so i've been in sort of a funk, or more like anxiety ridden, depressed, out of sorts and I can't really figure out why

ok, no that isn't true I can pinpoint what it is

I had a baby

and while I love her more than my life it's totally spun me in new directions. I mean I knew it would change my life but yet I don't think I really grasped it until it happened.

everything and I mean everything is different

I'm late for everything now, I never in my life was ever late for anything. no matter how organized I try to be (mind you it is getting better/easier with practice) i'm at least 10-15 minutes late

I can't just pick up and leave anymore I have to have a game plan

when I hear bad news about other small children either being sick, injured, hurt or killed I cry (example the children in Haiti) and am heartbroken and sick to my stomach at the thought of anything happening to her

I am not number one anymore, hunger, the need to pee, shower, whatever can wait until she is happy and or asleep

i'm just having a time of it all and can't quite comprehend that i'm a mother

add in on top of that i'm going to be the big 3 0 this year and you can say mid life crisis - hello!


and I also didn't get into 1 of the programs for school in the fall (still waiting on the other but i'm thinking it doesn't look good either).

so i'm bummed out

and I have no clue what my plan is for the fall

as of right now I don't want to work at all, I would be happy/content to just stay home with her but financially we can't do that

i'm freaking out here

Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Rewind

It's the last and final day of February and yet another month has gone by in baby girls life, and while I would love to say that this month has flown by like January this one seemed to drag on a bit...perhaps due to the non-stop footage of the Olympics (now don't get me wrong I do enjoy watching the Olympics but c'mon already 24/7 is a bit much) and thus resulting in endless mindless days in front of the TV watching speed skating, skiing, bobsledding and whatever else they subjected us to, cuz frankly there was absolutely nothing else on TV

so lets recap February shall we

the 1st week started off well enough my very special auntie (aka 2nd mommy) was home from Alberta for 2 wks so lots of time was spent with her and she even surprised us by flying my sister home for a couple of days, which was awesome. love surprises or un-planned events.

we took our 1st overnight trip with the babies to Moncton for a shopping trip, well, there wasn't much shopping done but at least we made our 1st overnight outing. it was freezing the days that we were down there which sort of hampered things but it was family time together with all my girls.

I haven't been doing my DVD which I spent like $100 on, not sure why other than I can't seem to even find 10 minutes (well it would be 20 you do two together), in those 10 minutes I can do dishes, pick up toys, brush my teeth or get my drift. I have however been doing or taking lots of walks with the hubs & Lily as the weather this month has been super mild and just plain fantastic

we also had another play date with Lily's friends, this time at my house, which was another success. so nice to talk with other moms and to just socialize with people other than the hubs or family

did I mention that I have been watching nothing but the Olympics?

also had Lily's 3 month mark, she's changing and growing so much! spent this day by getting her pictures done by a local friend. was a bit of a challenge as she was tired and a bit fussy but I'm hoping we got a few good shots

and that's about it, it's been a short month but man it feels like that 1st week was a lifetime ago

so now bring on March lets see what you have in store!

over and out! :P

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

star light, star bright

why does a person chew, and chew her nails until they bleed? like really I know I shouldn't do it but yet when i'm bored, anxious, nervous, worried whatever they are in my mouth

sadly looks like i've passed this trait onto miss lily as she is constantly chewing on her fingers!

why can't I read miss bina's blog anymore? it's asking me for a login and then says I haven't been invited?

same goes for a few other blogs that I used to read

lately I do well to come here though and check the blogs that I love and enjoy (ie. swishy, WC & beth)

I sent off applications for school last week!!


hating my hair ~ again

perhaps I'll just shave my head a la Britney Spears


maybe not

getting Lily's 3 month pictures done tomorrow. i'm nervous and excited about this hoping she co-operates and doesn't scream the whole time....

and that's about all I have - off to catch up with the rest of you

over and out

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

NeverShoutNever! - What Is Love? [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

I happend to hear this song one day on MuchMusic and ever sense I can't get enough of it. It's catchy and the words hit home with me.

had to share it

Monday, February 15, 2010


i'm sick of the Olympics already


I am happy that we finally won GOLD @ home

I was mortified and sick to my stomach and angry that CTV showed the footage of the Luger that was killed in that accident. i'm still haunted and sickened by it all. sad. sad. sad

i'm sick of hearing that gay ass stupid "I believe" song (will not get out of my head, who knew two words could be so evil?)

i'm tired of winter, even though compared to last year (snow wise) we have had it pretty easy

i'm glad V day is over for another year, man I hate that holiday

i'm tired of just being well tired

i'm tired of wearing the same clothes and having nothing fit and wishing that 10 pounds would magically disappear from my body

I would also love to have a personal chef prepare my meals

i'm tired of being indecisive

cannot make a decision

i keep flip flopping on the idea of going back to school

do I take the easy option and just improve upon my current skills or take a risk and take an entire different direction?


and i'm driving myself insane

stupid olympics, yeah that's right I blame you

Sunday, February 07, 2010


no i'm not pregnant again

and I didn't win the lotto but I got the next best thing

my sister is home for a short stint

and the best part (or worst depending on how you look at it) was that it wasn't planned it was just a spur of the moment thing.

so sometimes surprizes can be a good thing

so we've been cramming in as much time together as possible and sadly she leaves tomorrow (boo)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

OMG how good was LOST last week?

I have no idea where they are going with this and I am so looking forward to this last season I have even restrained myself from reading spoilers

it's just so darn good

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

miss Lily has been sleeping in her own room in her crib and is doing so well I think the first night was harder on her dad and I than her as we constantly were checking in on her. I don't know where or what I think will happen to her in there as she can't go anywhere but I can't help but think the worst so i'm a total paranoid wack job.

now I have a question

to pierce her ears now or to wait until she is older? I was always initially very opposed to this idea but the more I think of it I wonder if it would be easier now....

thoughts and feedback would be appreciated

and that's all I got for now

Sunday, January 31, 2010

so long January...SUCKA!

man I hate the month of January, it's right up there with November (which I now can't hate so much as my lil baby was born in this month) and March, I would throw in February as well but you blink and that month is over

surprisingly this month has gone very fast for me

I have survived another month of breastfeeding, diaper changes, baths, changing of clothes, cleaning up of spit ups, waking up at 3 am for a feed barely functioning (this is where just whipping out a boob comes in really handy) and on and on it goes

we have also survived Lily's first batch of immunization needles (now that was a traumatic experience and I have been scared for life) oh how she cried! and then I wanted to cry but I'm sure she forgot about it shortly thereafter but still SO CRUEL! and yes I know in the long run it's best for her as I so wouldn't want her to get polio, or the measles but comon 3 needles in one little babies leg (2 in one leg, 1 in the other) is a bit much. it broke my heart

we also had Lily's 1st playdate with two other babies a couple of months older than her, which is nice a) because I can talk with other moms b)I get out of the house and c) they will eventually be going to school together so why not get them friends before then? I initially was hesitant to do this but I'm so glad that I did and I think we will continue to meet once a month or at least while we are all off on Mat leave

also believe it or not it has been warm enough to go on a couple of walks outside with her which has been really enjoyable

we also had our 1st "day" trip as I had to go to see a specialist 2 hrs away regarding my SVT, went to the mall successfully without incident and we have sense made trip #2 which went a little more smoothly - practice does make perfect...

so the month just blew bye

funny how time really can fly, I just want to hit pause and enjoy every moment. she's growing way to fast...sniff sniff

n'ways good riddance January


from what I have seen of the Grammy's (which is very little snippets) they sooo SUCK. Taylor Swifts performance was horrible and really akward who the hell had the idea to pair her with Stevie Nicks? and who were the bearded cowboy men singing with Guitars? bad, bad bad

Friday, January 29, 2010

cranky pants

and no it's no my precious baby, its ME

i'm so irritable and tired and just plain old cranky that nobody is safe, well, ok Lily makes me happy most of the time but even I have moments with her


i think i'm in a funk or just plain old tired

or maybe i'm pre-menstrual as I am almost done my 1st batch of birth control pills and the 1st period post pregnancy is looming (that aught to be a whopper)

i'm so angry or better yet resentful of the hubs as he can come and go as he pleases and doesn't seem to be as effected of things to do with the baby. he's sooo laid back about it all it makes me sick

i'm really annoyed with my pets too, they have so been demoted in the household...they want in they want out, they bark, there's hair everywhere and I have no time to vacuum. the damn cat was sleeping in the baby's crib (no worries she is still sleeping in her bassinet)

and it goes on and on

tomorrow is another day I sure hope it's better than today cuz I could rip someones face off today

Sunday, January 24, 2010


in honor of my baby girl being two months old today, here are a few pictures from the last few days
8 weeks old, sporting my pink camo outfit that daddy bought special just for me!

just had a bath, all clean!

Lily and I on January 19th, just got my hair all cut off & colored (too dark, not sure I like..)

cuddle time with Mommy, she loves to hold my fingers

Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Golden Globe Fashion Run Down - The BAD

Ok, while I took a break from this last year...let's see if we can dust ourselves off and take a gander at the 2010 awards (which I failed to watch yet again)

now i'm doing this very rushed and hurried and used the 1st site that I came across for pics, and only now discovered that it's showing 2 in 1 so a few of these dresses do not apply

ok here we go

disregard the dress on the left, I love, LOVE Olivia Wilde and she rocked her dress so ignore her... The dress on the right however...meh. I love the color and she is sort of trying to go for the whole peaches and cream thing but I hate the extra fabric across the front (would you call that frilling?) and she's totally almost popping out up top. I mean I can understand as my boobs are huge right now too but keep those things in check!

next we have Amy Pohler who again I love and really her dress isn't that bad, but I must comment on her hair, not liking it that blond, in fact nobody except Gwen Stefani should have hair that blond...Girl on the right - Marion Cotillard however not so lucky. the dress from the waist up is beautiful, love the color but what is up with the whole peak-a-boo slit with the slip showing? strange, very strange

next up we have a girl I don't know and don't want to take time to google again as I can't remember what site I pulled these from. anyways she's a pepto bismal mess. bleh. again with the frilling and wtf is up with the white bow? FUGLY and hello what the hell were you thinking Tina Fey? you make me think of Mary Poppins and that you will float away if the wind was to pick up, and the shoes??!! nasty

oh Rita Wilson, where to begin with you? while I love that you are actually probably the only woman on the red carpet that represents the rest of us actual "real world" women you don't need to make it worse for yourself by wearing a dress that resembles drapery or an area rug. and Anna Paquin are you trying to audition for a new role as a stripper? cuz this is what you make me think you are in this dress, and hello stripper shoes!

and lastly who better to close with than Cher and Mimi?

can I first say that both of these photo's look like they are of wax figures? I should not be surprized as Cher has had more plastic surgery then anyone else in tinsel town. and really we have learned to accept Cher for wacky outfits on the red carpets and she once again does not fail us. I don't even know what to say about this dress really other than it's ugly, and strange and weird. now Mimi however, I do like the dress except for one small detail...there is no fabric in the front AT ALL. like hello titties. and can someone please inform miss mimi that she is no longer 20 some years old and to dress age appropriately?
anyways that's all I have time for for now
peace out

Friday, January 15, 2010

latest and greatest

so with a new year comes the typical "weight" loss/diet mode plans, and needing to shed those extra 25 pounds of baby fat I purchased this:

I have been wanting it for quite awhile, even pre-pregnancy

so it arrived the other day

and it's official I am definitely, DEFINITELY way out of shape

course I did just have a baby and a c-section so I have backup (ahem excuses I know) but anyways this shit is hard, I can still hardly walk 2 days later.

n'ways movin on don't have much time

also took in this movie the other night

now i'm a scary movie fan or I used to be, now i'm just a 29 year old wimp who is scared of the dark (probably from watching one to many scary movies).

this movie was very much like the Blair Witch project, filmed with a hand held camera and making it feel like it was "real" t.v. a bit slow in parts but man it was freaky as hell when it needed to be

and while I don't want to ruin it for anyone who wants to see it

i'll just warn you to watch it with the lights on

and that's all I got

exciting eh

lil flea is doing so well, still breastfeeding and growing like a weed. not looking forward to taking her for her two month needles in a couple of

over and out for now

Friday, January 08, 2010

it's Friday, i'm in love

i'm doing much, much better

and more importantly

i'm sooooo in love with my little flea flea

she's got me hook, line and sinker now

the reason

her smiles

they light up her face

oh and she actually looks at you now which just steals my heart away

it's just so amazing to me the changes in her every day

like how on one day she just all of a sudden had eyelashes

i didn't even realize that she didn't have them until they were just there

it's so hard for me to imagine my life before all of this, I know people say that all the time but it is so true. it's even harder for me to believe it's been six, yes six weeks already. and she's growing we had a Dr. appt yesterday and she is now 10 pounds! and the legs on her, holy (she sure doesn't get it from me) they just go on and on.

so yeah, i'm in love

and i'll try to blog about other stuff besides "baby" as i'm sure you are bound to get sick of hearing it but it's hard as that is my life now

over and out for now