Tuesday, September 07, 2010

i should so be asleep right now

ugh. why is it when you are so beyond tired that you can't sleep.

I was sleepy two hours ago and now not so much

and i'm so needing sleep right now. lily hasn't been sleeping so well at night time the last few weeks so i'm up at night with her and then up also with my insomnia. not fun. I can't seem to turn my brain off, I try to invision closing blinds (suggested by a friend), that didn't work, I try pretending that i'm going down an elevator and level by level i am supposed to get sleepier, that doesn't work. I also tried subtracting 9 from 100 on down and well frankly I suck at math so I don't get to far and just get mad

so yeah sleep would be nice

you know what else would be nice

smaller boobs!

i never, NEVER would have or could have imagined myself saying that but there it is. i'm so sick of these GINORMUS honking boobs, please tell me that they will shrink a little after breastfeeding? they are massive, and heavy and ugh. i want my b cups back

trip is all booked and set to go to go and see my sissy! yay!!!! count down is on, 2 weeks. hope that lily will be alright on the plane (in fact i'm having severe anxiety about this...I get anxiety while flying anyways and then to have a baby involved...eek!) so n'ways it will be nice to see my sis and spend some time together

and yes I did watch the red carpet of the emmy's and i had intentions to post and talk about the gowns but I think little miss was a tad cranky and up all night that night so it got sheleved (sorry!)

and that's all I got, my little bubble of energy has just been evaporated.

think I will go listen to the husband snore and count sheep

or something...


MJ said...

They'll most likely shrink, though I'm kinda liking my d cups, hoping I don't go back to a b.

And the best advice is to nurse on take-off and landing if she's awake during both. The sucking will help her ears during the pressure changes.

And I'm sure she'll be fine. If anyone gives you the stink-eye you just give it right back!

flea said...

MJ - oh thank god! I sort of liked them somewhat at first but now, not so much. and my mom also suggested that as well during the landing/take off, good advice!

Wandering Coyote said...

Re. the red carpet...I didn't watch it but I did see the woman who was on Gilmour Girls and now on Parenthood in that bizarre dress that looking like there was as big white bib out front...

I have heard about the nursing during take off & landing, too. I hope all goes well when you go! Good luck!