Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a big ole RANT FEST!

ugh! ARGH! sometimes you just have got to let it out and this one has been pent up for days


perhaps it is the lack of sleep (more than likely)

little miss is teething again in a big way (the two upper teeth) and is not sleeping at night too well and is a fussy pants too boot. very tiring, stressful and hard to keep my patience some days which makes me feel like a bad mother at times

or the bloatedness...

have I mentioned that I still have not had a menstrual period yet. yeah. you read it right. no red tide, monthly gift, whatever in well over a year (I don't count the messy after birth crap), turns out (after a Dr appt for me and miss) that the pill i'm on acts the same as the dreaded needle and hence no periods (which I don't believe is healthy or normal), why I never googled and researched it months ago is beyond me (oh, wait I've been busy and pre-occupied and never have time for anything!). so I have to wait another month (as I just started another month of the pill i've been on..) before I can switch to my old pill that I was on prior to pregnancy.


and then after that same dr. appt I finally (i've been putting this off for awhile too..) wanted to get a perscription cream for lily's exzema as the over the counter stuff just wasn't clearing it up. and take a guess as to how much that little tube of cream cost?

you may say oh $20

try higher than that

add on another $80 to that $20 and while I'm no math genius that gives you 100.


un-freakin believe able and if she hadn't needed it so badly I probably would have thrown it at the cashier's face which I really wanted to do anyways as I had to wait an HOUR (shoppers drug mart you suck ASS) with a fussy/tired baby for the stoopid dumb ass pharmacist to stick a label on. just typing this here makes me so angry all over again

and for weeks I have been fretting worrying about this appt with employment insurance today about seeing if they would help me go back to school and frankly after meeting with him today I don't know anymore than I did before hand and I have to wait another 2-3 weeks before I know that I am approved....


and I was all happy and giddy thinking that the new season of GLEE was starting tonight and turns out I was wrong as it is NEXT week so now i'm sitting here watching the finale of last season all teary eyed..

on a lighter happier note this is my 500th post! crazy! something that started as a fad six years ago is still going strong (although not as strong) been quite the ride and I don't plan on getting off anytime soon

over and out


MJ said...


Wandering Coyote said...

Rant away, baby!

You are NOT a bad mother! Everything is irritating & crappy-looking when you are tired & stressed. That's totally normal.

flea said...

mj - thanks, needed that :)

WC- thanks, I think I know that i'm not a bad mom but you can't help but feel it sometimes, and its so true how everything is just that much worse when you are overtired. who knew that sleep was so important?