Thursday, August 31, 2006

Movie Review: Step Up

so a girlfriend recently asked me to view this flick, and i being the total dancing queen that i am (ha!) just could not refuse, and it did not let me down or dissapoint.

first of all let me introduce you to my new favorite boytoy:


yeah, say hello to the lead in this movie, mr. channing tatum. couldn't you just eat him right up? and if that picture doesn't do it for you than perhaps this one will...........


ahem. yeah. nough said bout that

moving on......

ok, what was i talking about here.....oh yeah the movie, right.

so the lead character (above, i know you all just want to scroll back up there for one more look) is Tyler Gage (how sexy/manly eh) who is a rebel from the wrong side of Baltimore's tracks ­ and the only thing that stands between him and an unfulfilled life are his dreams of one day making it out of there. Nora (JENNA DEWAN) is a privileged ballet dancer attending Baltimore's ultra-elite Maryland School of the Arts and the only thing standing in the way of her obviously brilliant future is finding a great dance partner for her senior showcase. When trouble with the law lands Tyler with a community service gig at Maryland School of the Arts, he arrives as an angry outsider, until his skills as a gifted street dancer draw Nora's attention. Now, as sparks fly between them, both on and off stage, Tyler realizes he has just one performance to prove that he can step up to a life far larger than he ever imagined.

sure the storyline is a tad predictable, but i loved all of the characters in this movie and more importantly the dancing was sick and off the hook. my boytoy channing can really freakin move and i had a permanent smile on thru this whole movie. so going to have to own it when it comes out on dvd.

i give it 4 stars out of 5

* * * *

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

rant and rave rampage

so i was going to do a follow up post tying in with my emmy mcnasty fashion post and do a flip version of that and show the dresses that i liked but sorry blogger not co-operating and i'm to damn busy at work, and frankly the emmy's sucked so why bother anyways right? i will mention though that i loved Katherine Heigl's dress and she was my fav pic of the night just so you know or care to know

the last time i checked the calendar it still said August am i not right? well, here in my neck of the woods it is freezing, as in like fall weather type of freezing, i've been wearing sweaters and gasp! socks for the past few days. imagine.

and to make matters worse my office is freezing and i have a fat ass fucker beside me who insists to have the air conditionier on as he's hot, and sweating, and frankly he's really quite disgusting and i wish his office wasn't next to mine but when every single person that comes down this hallway and states "brrr" something has to be wrong don't you think? or when the person beside you (me) has not 1 but 2 sweaters on and her little space heater cranked out to the max, then one would think you would lay off the air or better yet not eat that donut that is in the kitchen. fat fucker. grrr

another thing that really ticks me off here at work is the "bathroom" situation. on my wing their is only the one bathroom that myself and two male employees share, and the random person that comes up from downstairs, but mainly us 3, anyways they never, hardly ever put the toilet seat down. this drives me nuts! you can also hear every bloody little sound in their too, or i think they neglect to turn the fan on but i hate hearing them pee, and i hate how their are little drops of piss on the floor. nice. really makes me want to go pee in their, fer sure

have i mentioned that i hate my latest hair style. yeah. the next time i even suggest getting a body perm on here someone please stop me. hate it hate it hate it. and no i'm not posting a pic.

i've been sleeping terrible lately

did i also mention that my replacement that was hired is leaving/done this friday? cha. like now i have to go back out there again at least until they get a replacement. which sucks ass as i really liked her and she was doing so well and yeah back to square one

i keep forgetting that this weekend is a long weekend, wouldn't you think that i would be excited about that. umm guess not, perhaps come friday? god i hope so

one of our hotties at work also has quit/left us :( one less eye candy to look at

my skin (face) has been oily and greasey the last 2wks and i've got zits galore, red blotches everywhere, and i can not stop picking at them. what is wrong with me??

my desk that i ordered like well over a month ago still has not arrived like what the hell

this week/day whatever is going sooo slow must stop looking at the clock......guess i should do something productive either a)work or b)get caught up on everyone's blogs as i haven't been stopping by.......hmmmm will see

peace out :P

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

2006 Emmy recap - the "McNasty's"

ah, the 2006 Emmy Awards, did anyone even watch this show cuz i didn't, i didn't even watch the red carpet that's how far off my radar this show is. yes, i'm a t.v. junkie and yes i would probably normally watch at least some of this show, but not this year cause a)none of my shows were nominated, b)Big Brother All Stars was on and c)i didn't care but i do care about fashion oh yes and i do care about making fun of people so here my dear fellow bloggers is my fashion McNasty's from the Emmy red carpet (mind you there were more bad than good and the good dresses are to follow, i do have to work people!)

who better to start off the McNasty list than Miss Joan Collins herself, someone get this women a new "decent" wig and pronto, she must've been aiming for her late 70's early 80's glory days again, and the earrings oh lord! i'm just thankful that this is a head shot only as i can just imagine what the rest of this monstrosity looked like, way to many beads and sequins it almost hurts my eyes to look at this.....time to move along

Ellen Pompeo (prob not spelled right but i'm to preoccupied to google it right now) or "Meredith" to us Grey's fan's, my first "quick" glance of this dress and i liked it a lot but the more i look at it the more i hate it, granted i love the color but she sort of resembles a snake that's ready to strike at any moment and that really can't be a good thing now can it? and what's up with the slicked back hair ~shudders~, hate it! and the fact that she is no bigger than a stick and looks half normal here would mean that anyone of "regular" size would look utterly huge if she were to wear this really doesn't help either. thumbs down, way down, sorry Mere

now i've expressed my dislike for her in the past (at least i think) but usually she looks good or at least her stylists make her look good and she's usually dressed to the nine's, now this dress isn't so different but yet it is. i dig the white, but i'm not digging the pointed V for Valcan Star Trek top and the poufy~ness of the skirt is just well nasty, luv the shoes and the braclet though and even though her dress is crap she still looks amazing so sort of a thumbs down i guess

Sandra Oh another Grey's alumn, they didn't fare to well i'm afraid, i love the color on her it's amazing and i like everything else about this dress except one wee small little thing, the NECKLINE or better yet the RUFFLES! like what the hell and what the hell is up with all that clunky fake ass (although i'm sure it's not) jewelrey around her neck?! and does this girl eat?? i know asian's are usually small/petite women but come on i could spit right through her!


moving on yet again, trying to be quick here as i should be working right now........

oh lord, why did i even put her on here? oh yeah because she's fugly! and she has the fugliest hair EVER! like hello helmet head. she needs to let it go and admit to herself that she is not Audrey Hepburn, sure she played her once in a t.v movie but you do not compare AT ALL! and oh god what a god awful dress that hugs you in all the wrong places and makes you look at least 10 pounds heavier than i'm sure you are. wrong color to many sequins to much everything, i can't believe your gay ass show is still on the air either but that's for another day please, please go away Jennifer Love Hewitt, please!!

Debra, Debra, Debra shame on you, you usually look so stunning and glam, this is just an utter mess. what has happend? i know your show wrapped up and your out of work right now, but comon! and white! everytime someone wears white i instantly think wedding, and sadly with your dress i don't think of a wedding dress i think more along the lines of a wedding cake. i still love your hair though and would probably kill someone to have the same "natural" color, and i really hate to put you here but you so deserve it girl

lastly, the worst dress has to go to Keira Sedwick, star of "the Closer and wife of Kevin Bacon. 1st of all from the head up she looks fab and then as you scroll down ever so slowly you happen to notice this god awful hideous thing that surely must have been a hat from the early 1900's that some vengeful person decided to stick on the front of her dress as payback, this has to be the only reason why it's here. take it away and it would be almost, not quite perfect.

i give props to her hair and makeup pps though her hair looks fab!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

vacation recap

just a quick recap of the goings on's whilst i was away on vacation

- several banters/fights/jabs at my mother, which resulted in her sulking and throwing a royal hissy fit but oh how i take such joy setting her off
- to many "silent" minutes to count while sitting 22+ hrs (in total) in a car
- 1 great big hug to my sis upon arrival
- 1st time eating out at Red Lobster and actually trying some fish, don't think it'll become a fav
- 1 nite out with the girls, which turned out to be a major disappointment as every single bar we went to was empty/deserted, but we still had a wicked time
- my new fav purse got peed on by my sister's evil, evil cat Chloe. Chloe your auntie flea is so not impressed with you, luckily though it's a cloth material and it washed out (at least i think so, i may be going around everywhere smelling like cat piss)
- lot's of tears and laughs at cousin lindsey's wedding, was a truly amazing beautiful experience that just felt so right and ment to be, i guess only my family members would understand but it was just one of those moments where your crying but yet your happy wuz awsome
- lot's of truly but gusting moments as i watched my dad dance and parade around the dance floor like never before (i too had a few moments on the floor as well, in particular my cowboy/riding the horse....priceless) good times, good times just wish i would've grabbed the video camera
- a new ultime high/extreme embarassing moment that takes the cake out of all the others i've had, after the wedding i wanted desperately to change out of my dress not only because i was uncomfortable but because some other older wench had on the exact same dress! like so wrong, but that's not the wurst the wurst was when i went to go change i had to get the key from my uncle as most of us all went together in a van, so i get the key and walk to the van which was parked a ways away from the hall/club that we were at. i go to the first silver/grey van i see assuming that it was my uncle dave's van and i put the key in and it doesn't work. hmmm that's funny, so i turn it over and try it the other way...hmm still not working beginning to get frustrated plus did i mention it's raining? didn't think so. anyways i still can't get this damn key to work and now it's wet and i'm really getting annoyed, my feet hurt from my cute little sexy dress shoes and for fuck sakes already why won't the door open, i'm about ready to scream this as i hear a quiet yet angry voice from behind me "what are you doing to my van"? umm what?? who said that? i turn around and i glimpse this small slender little man with grey hair again asking me why i'm trying to get into his van and me being the total stupid ass airhead that i am blurt out the first thing that pops into my head "so that's why the key wouldn't work!" ha ha ha, oh god i want to die! i quickly walk away and guess what, not two cars away is my uncle david's van and it isn't grey, it's like a greenish grey. i want to die. and to make matters worse i see this evil little hobbit of a man back at the wedding reception, and yet again while purchasing a drink at the bar to blur it all away and not only does he smile at me but he has to bring it up, cha thanks like i needed reminder that you thought i was a car theif.......
- found some new styling threads at old navy
- and finished yet another one of my new/used romance novels that my sissy bought me for my b-day

all in all it was a much better vacation than the last time we were out there in June, it wasn't so hectic and rushed and i think it was due to me being more relaxed this time. it was great to see my sissy and spend time with my dad's family, many memories were made and i will cherish them forever

anyways peace out i've got housework, wash and all that good stuff to do :P

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

off to never never land

i'm off again or should say "on the road" again, i'm headed back out to the promise land of Kingston, Ontario to visit once again with my sissy, attend my cousin lindsey's wedding on saturday (hoping to tie one on) and visit with tons and tons of family. good times are sure to be had. oh and did i mention that i'm hubbyless for like a week (sweet!), no i'm kidding (really i'm not) i will miss him dearly (snickers) well mabye a little bit.......

therefore, i will not be blogging the next week or so

luv you all though


Monday, August 14, 2006

you know your going to have a great day when

~you wake up several times in the night having to urinate along with feeling nauseous (like where the hell did that come from?)
~you can't find a damn thing to wear to work
~your hair just won't style the way you want it to, and you look like you have electrucuted yourself
~not only are you nauseous while at work, you have also vomitted not once but twice and feel the urge to do so again at any moment of time
~you are whiter than the white shirt you are wearing
~your head is pounding like no tomorrow
~your wishing you were back home in bed
~your hands are cold and clamy
~you've got splatters of (purple, yes purple due to me eating grapes prior to vomitting, i'm hoping if anyone asks i'll just say it's purple kool-aid) vomit on your white shirt and are praying that nobody notices that or your skanky ass vomit breath
~and guess what it's not even noon yet

*update - 2 hrs later
not only am i still feelin all sicky and nauseous i think i just Shat my pants, as i now seem to have the runs. yeah. nice. and while some of you may be finding humour in this i'm not laughing (well mabye part of me is chuckling) but still! so, whomever out there put this god awful curse on me to be sick like every day or every other day. i hate you. i put this curse back on you 10 fold.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

it's PICTURE time!!!

i just luv sharing pictures so here are a few of our recent trip to P.E.I (aka Prince Edward Island)

here's a pic of our fab campsite:

here's a shot of Cabot Beach:

here's a shot of the sunset from our view from our deep sea fishing boat:
me and my hubby (yes, i actually fished, i'm not just holding the pole for the picture...):

me again....(nicole ritchie eat your heart out! :P) :

me in the car, packed up and ready to leave:

and i had to post a pic from my birthday, this is me opening my gift from my sissy and i almost peed my pants after i opened it (i actually squeeled like a pig) as she had gotten me a collection of Miss Julie Garwoods romance novels that i've been dying to have now for months.....thank god for sister's is all i can say. thanks sissy you really made my b-day!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

it's my b-day

B - Bloated beyond belief as i just started my lovely monthly flow

I - Irritated, with this godamn cold

R - really anxious for the (work) day to be over

T - Thoroughly amused with myself as nobody here at work knows it's my birthday

H - Hella Good, as in feelin hella good cuz it's my b-day

D - duh, cake, as in ice cream cake, mmmmmm

A - anger, although slight at a) having to work and b) having to cover off at the front desk

Y - yet another year gone by, not so sure this is a good thing

G - Giddy, beyond belief

I - Impatient, god will this (work) day ever be over? geez

R - Ready to blow this joint

L - Lovin every minute & second of this day

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

sicker than a dog

who the heck gets sick in the dead ass middle of summer and it being like hotter than hell out? while you may be thinking of either a)a sickly elderly person or perhaps b) a small child, guess what your wrong it's me! the one and i'm sure only person that has a "head" cold on the 1st day of August.

and to make matters worse hubby and i were planning to go to Prince Edward Island for the long weekend coming up. which means that this bloody cold that hit me yesterday had better be gone and pronto. i look like i've been on a week long bender and then some, my eyes are all puffed up and running (yeah like eww) along with my runny nose, which thankfully hasn't hit it's "red" phase yet but i'm sure it will be by tomorrow. and tired. omg i don't think i've ever, EVER been this tired

this so suxs right now

i should be happy and frolicking about cause it's summer time and not only that it's August and my birthday's next week and it's the bestest month out of the whole year and i'm totally whining right now but i'm sick! and it's so not FAIR

so now i'm trying to pin point the evil doer/carrier that gave me this god-for-saken cold, and of course my paranoid mind thinks that i'm in SK's (stephen kings) book "the Stand" (awsome book by the way and you should totally check it out if you haven't yet) and that i'm dying of captin trips, sigh, why!?


i'm going to blow my nose now ~sniff~ and mabye cry a little