Tuesday, August 08, 2006

it's my b-day

B - Bloated beyond belief as i just started my lovely monthly flow

I - Irritated, with this godamn cold

R - really anxious for the (work) day to be over

T - Thoroughly amused with myself as nobody here at work knows it's my birthday

H - Hella Good, as in feelin hella good cuz it's my b-day

D - duh, cake, as in ice cream cake, mmmmmm

A - anger, although slight at a) having to work and b) having to cover off at the front desk

Y - yet another year gone by, not so sure this is a good thing

G - Giddy, beyond belief

I - Impatient, god will this (work) day ever be over? geez

R - Ready to blow this joint

L - Lovin every minute & second of this day


Wandering Coyote said...

Happy birthday, Flea! Enjoy the ice cream cake. I had one, too; you can't beat, 'em! Hope the cold is at least improving somewhat...

flea said...

aww thanks WC, oh trust me i will! i luv, luv luv luv ice cream cake and can't wait to gorge myself silly, ice cream is about the only thing that tastes good to me lately

the cold is getting somewhat better, it's moved on/into my chest, not sure if this is a good thing or not, so i'm coughing up lots of lovely gunky crap, i'm feeling somewhat better and not quite as in a fog as i was

Sadie Lou said...

Happy Birthday Flea-Girl! You deserve a relaxing evening--do you have plans?

Nancy Drew said...

Happy Birthday Flea!!!!! Have tons of wine too!!! Birthday cake is THE BEST!!!!

so how old are we???

Hope your cold is better. I still have mine. It's been a frickin' month!!

Could strangle the idjit who gave it to me....

Here's hoping this is your best year EVAH!!

(((((((hugs and best wishes always))))))))))ND

Wandering Coyote said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend, though having it settle in the chest is THE WORST.

I'm doing this thing today called 20 Comments Wednesday, started by my blogfriend Candy Minx. You are my #4.

flea said...

sadie - didn't have much for plans, just had some family over, cake, a few drinks and some laughs, it was really nice though

ND - i'm ~gasp~ 26! and sadly i still have this godamn cold been over a week now

wc - yeah, chest cold sux ass! luv the comment idea too by the way

Candy Minx said...

Happy birthday, hope you have a good one. I laughed at this post it was pretty cute.


flea said...

candy minx - thanks for stopping on by and leaving a comment, i always love meeting new pps! i'll have to stop over and check out your site sometime :)

ppps - my word verification on this comment is nbrip...i just thought that was cool for some reason, prob cause i'm from NB and it rips! ha ha ha ha...inside joke i guess.....

mcBlogger said...

Well a hearty Happy Birthday to you girl. Bday's are all about the cake..mmmmm cake. It's my mom's birthday today too.