Monday, August 14, 2006

you know your going to have a great day when

~you wake up several times in the night having to urinate along with feeling nauseous (like where the hell did that come from?)
~you can't find a damn thing to wear to work
~your hair just won't style the way you want it to, and you look like you have electrucuted yourself
~not only are you nauseous while at work, you have also vomitted not once but twice and feel the urge to do so again at any moment of time
~you are whiter than the white shirt you are wearing
~your head is pounding like no tomorrow
~your wishing you were back home in bed
~your hands are cold and clamy
~you've got splatters of (purple, yes purple due to me eating grapes prior to vomitting, i'm hoping if anyone asks i'll just say it's purple kool-aid) vomit on your white shirt and are praying that nobody notices that or your skanky ass vomit breath
~and guess what it's not even noon yet

*update - 2 hrs later
not only am i still feelin all sicky and nauseous i think i just Shat my pants, as i now seem to have the runs. yeah. nice. and while some of you may be finding humour in this i'm not laughing (well mabye part of me is chuckling) but still! so, whomever out there put this god awful curse on me to be sick like every day or every other day. i hate you. i put this curse back on you 10 fold.


Sadie Lou said...

poor baby.
I almost accused you of being pregnant until I got to the part about you having the runs.
You need to call your mommy and have her take care of you.

flea said...

sadie lou - trust me i so thought of that and panicked, breifly, as thankfully i just got down my period, and my boobies aren't sore, at least that is what everyone tells me is a dead give-away. i'm praying to god that this is just a 24 hr bug

Sadie Lou said...

I hope you feel better soon--it could also be food poisoning. I had a wretched case of food poisoning while I was preggers with this last baby and I thought I would die.
Drink lots of fluids and rent some chick flicks. I can't wait until Friends with Money comes out on the 29th