Saturday, June 26, 2010

hello sunshine my old friend

well now you know that I'm not dead at least. geesh.

I have been a bad, bad, very bad blogger

or just to busy and caught up into other stuff I guess. but I have missed you, somehow I don't think you have missed me quite so much....

so what the hell have I been doing you may be asking (or not), living each day to the fullest and savoring every moment (blah blah blah). ok I have my good days and then the occasionally bad one too. baby girl is getting so BIG! it just makes me want to cry as she is growing up so fast. she now has TWO teeth (teething = stressful mommy) and the hair, is well still not so much there but it is growing (just very slowly..)

I still have 20 pounds to lose...nothing new there (can you say lazy!)

it is officially SUMMER!!!!! ah bring on the sun, bbq's, pool time, god life doesn't get any sweeter

we celebrate Alexander's 1st birthday tomorrow (27th), that is just so crazy and mindblowing to believe, I remember waiting up all night just waiting to hear the call that he was born safe and sound...miss lily was still just a small peanut in my belly.....just unbelieveable. so happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY little manny!!!