Friday, August 22, 2008

totally just jacking off

so it's Friday

and lo and behold it is finally like 30+ degrees here and i'm stuck at work

well as you can see i'm not actually working, sure I have tons of stuff to do but do you think I can make myself do anything productive today. hell no! instead i'm mindlessly surfing and staring out the window at traffic going by, wishing I was poolside.

but no

2 more hours of this people! this has to be the slowest freakin day EVER!!! all I want is to go home, head to the pool (@ my mommie's) and sip on a cold wine cooler or something. sigh and just cuz I want the day to be over it is dragging on and on and on...


on a positive note though I went to watch Mama Mia last night and let me tell you I freakin loved loved this movie. it was soooo good. I laughed, I cried and I laughed some more. and meryl streep, all I can say is WOW she blew me away, i've never really been a huge fan of her's but I am now. and yes I am a big ABBA fan/lover as I grew up on there music as my mom always listened to there tunes. i have several fond memories of us going on vacay to P.E.I and listening/signing along to ABBA, so this movie truly hit me on a personal level as well. so i'd give it a 5 out of 5 but I am biased.

anyways guess i should pretend to be working again

peace the spork out

and happy friday biatches!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

the weirdest thing just happend...

so I was just sitting here reading blogs when my nose just started bleeding, like, for no apparent reason.

chah, how dare it


most times it's cuz i picked it (admit it we all pick our noses) and scratched it or something but today not the case.

it just started gushing out like a freakin tap, everywhere and I could totally feel it running out, so I sort of panicked and started screaming "WHY THE HELL AM I BLEEDING!" and "I'M BLEEDING TO DEATH!!" whilst searching for some GD Kleenex (which seems to be missing, so I opted for TP instead, and I may mention, why the hell is that stuff so hard to get off the roll when you are in a hurry??)


it was all over my hands and still gushing after I found Kleenex and applied the proper "pinching technique" that the hubs instructed I do, which, well, obviously worked cuz i'm not bleeding to death

but still

how traumatic was that??

i'm not usually grossed out by blood but to see my own coming out so freaking fast....

not cool

anyways, I had to get that out of the system and now I have to go get the hubs who has decided to take my yoga ball (which I never use) and make it a play toy for the dogs. so I must get it back

peace out

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

still here?

yup, i'm still kicking (albeit not that enthusiastically), and i have been reading/visiting everyone's blogs

I haven't felt like much of anything of late

the weather has been crap for about 4 weeks now, pretty much rain, rain and oh yeah, more rain

which makes me sleepy, irritable and a whole lot of crankiness - and also asking where the hell did my summer go??

and I thought you wouldn't want to read all that here

i've got nothing, everything is just "meh"

not even the Olympics can get me excited

so i may or may not post again for awhile