Friday, February 24, 2006

which muppet are you??

You Are Animal

A complete lunatic, you're operating on 100% animal instincts.
You thrive on uncontrolled energy, and you're downright scary.
But you sure can beat a good drum.
"Kill! Kill!"

you know this doesn't really surprize me and he always was my favorite!

oh, and happy friday! i've never been more happier to see a friday come, so tired and ready for the weekend to be here!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

American Idol - Round Two - the boyz

ok, round two. here are my picks for the b-boyz:

Taylor Hicks - so original, unique and different. i just wish he would have picked a song that suited his type of personality/style, but i guess he was trying to show his versitility. his performance wsa still great and refreashing and i predict he'll be around for awhile

my next boy pick is Elliott Yamin, now he may not be a looker like my next pick but this guy is so relaxed and laid back when he sings it's like it's ment to be for him to do and he's right at home. and his vocals are smooth and right on target. again, he'll be around awhile yet

now i know i said that looks aren't everything (and they aren't) but dang is this guy ever, EVER fine. YUM YUM. ok i'm done. but what actually surprized me last night is that he can actually sing. he picked the right song for his tone and he will appeal to all girls (and some guys) i'm sure. and if he fails at idol i'm sure modelling agencies will be hounding him like crazy....just look at those eyes and features....mmmmmmm



oh yeah, here's my pics for the wurst performances last nite. there were quite a few bad ones last nite but these are the ones (in my opinion) that i least liked.

Gedeon McKinney - like Simon his smile freaks me the hell out. he looks like an alien trying to pass off as human or something. his performance wasn't bad (he performed SHOUT!) but it just didn't impress me vocally and again he CREEPS me out. don't like him and hope he doesn't get that far

next up is Kevin Covais that baby of the men's side. i'm sorry but i have no sympathy for this guy, he's got somewhat of a voice but his geekiness and fugly clothes just aren't enough for me to even remotely like him. he just irritates me with is little round dorky glasses and i'm sure he'll probably get the sympathy vote tonight and be safe but in my boat he should be sent home. just not good enough

and lastly saving the wurst for last.

oh, where to begin to describe Bobbie Bennett. his facial expressions, the dark eyebrows and the mustache make me think of that muppett character the German chef who ran around with a butcher knife chasing gonzo's chickens and walked around clapping his hands all the time and when Bobbie claps i just about die laughing. just picture a chef's hat on him and you'll see what i mean.

oh god, why ??? why would you pick to sing copacabana. are you trying to torture us or something. just plain bad, and it's like your trying to be funny and charismatic but it just comes of so wrong. for that my friend you deserve to be sent home. awful, awful awful

so my two pics to go home are Bobbie and Kevin although i'm sure Kevin is safe for another week

~that's a wrap~

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

it's back!! time for my American Idol predictions

so it's that time again where i can be a nit pick and rip apart at someone else besides myself

here are my pics from last nite's american idol show starting with the best of course:

my fave performance of the nite was Katherine McPhee singing a song titled "since i fell for you" - luv her voice and her quirky/funny personality. i hope she gets far in this as i really like her

another strong favorite by me (and the judges) is Lisa Tucker. this girl is only 16! totally blew the show away singing a Jennifer Holliday classic. absoutely amazing. *put your money on this girl as i predict her to be either the winner or top 4

another young girl stood out last nite and that's Paris Bennett singing Glady's Knight's "midnight train to Georgia". wow, what a show stopper and entertainer! another one to watch in my eyes

and now the wurst performances of the nite:

Becky O'Donohue - she's got the looks that's fer sure but that's about where her package ends. did not like her performance of "Because the Night", her mouth freaked me the hell out and you can tell that she really, really, loves herself

next up is Heather Cox aka barbie in a box as that's what she looks like a barbie doll. should prove to everyone that looks are not everything as she totally sucked ass singing "when you tell me that you love me", was so painful and sooooooo boring. i think the judges were really dissappointed by her as they expected better

and lastly the wurst of the nite has to be Stevie Scott again i expected more from this girl as she is supposed to be vocally trained in classical music and she's just different from the cookie cutter blonde britney wannabe's. what the hell was she trying to portray? her voice was so high, soft and just wtf? totally did not get her song at all and it really just blew goats and was very akward afterwords as the judges just didn't know quite what to say. and not to mention her sharp looking, bony shoulders really freaked me the hell out

so out of my bottom three pics, my 2 pics to be sen- a-packing tonight are Heather Cox and Stevie Scott.

that's my two cents worth

Monday, February 20, 2006

the good, the bad, and the ugly

good news - i'm back to work after having my knee arthroscopy, and two bone fragments removed from my left knee on the 8th. at first i was hesitant to come back (with a little over a week off who wants to go back to work?? but bills are a calling....) so here i sit. back in the same old job with not too much to do. oh well, i'm still glad to be back and out and about socializing again.

more good news - recently found out that a close friend of mine who went through a tough break-up and has been out own her own (man free for a year i think) and she has finally met a nice, tall, dark handsome older man and she couldn't be happier (and i couldn't be happier for her!). so the saying is true. good things come to those who wait!

bad news - i have to start physio tomorrow. ouch. and i'm dreading the pain (i here they really make u work, which is a good thing in a way but i'm a total baby when it comes to pain) so i'm not looking forward to tomorrow afternoon.

and finally the ugly - ontop of hearing the good news about one friend i found out some horrible news about another friend. i overheard some of my co-workers talking about a guy who had passed away from a heart attack over the weekend and found out that it was my friends dad. i felt like i had been hit with a ton of bricks. and i instantly flashed to when i was in her wedding party and how he was so happy and just buzzing around, making jokes and just so proud of her. she was definetely a daddy's girl. and then i thought of my own dad who is about the same age and that i could be me going thru the hell of having just lost him. i can't imagine what she is going thru. and i can't imagine facing her tomorrow in the receiving line and giving her my condolances.

anyways, that's the latest and greatest ~ i'm out ~

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

gag me with a spoon

so it's Saints Valentines day ~ whoop-i-dididy-do ~

i so dislike Valentines day. makes me want to vomit. all this romantic lovey dovey crap. and no i'm not a disgruntled single either. i just don't like this "made" up holiday and i really don't buy into the whole swept off your feet romance sort of thing anyways. relationships take work. a lot of it. and for someone to pick February 14th as the day of love. ick. i personally feel that someone (from a card/chocolate/jewelry company) came up with this idea to rack up the $$ between x-mas and easter. there never would have been a holiday and really who gets the gifts?? women! i shouldn't really be complaining as i love to get stuff (what girl doesn't) but to make my husband go thru at least of month of "what do you want for valentines..." and i always reply "nothing" but deep down we always want something is just down right devious (really this year i wanted nothing as we have no funds to waste on such needless things) so it's an endless cycle that needs to stop!

you know i think it all goes back to when i was the shy kid in grade school that never got any valentines....... nah, i'm kidding but it whould make sense wouldn't it??

anyways Happy V-day

Friday, February 10, 2006

2006 Grammy fashion run down

so it's another big award show fashion run down by me flea.

who better to start off with than the fabulous Beyonce. this girl is smokin in this dress (sorry i didn't dig into who actully designed dresses this time as it's hard to sit in one spot for to long so your guess is as good as mine....)

everything is perfect. hair. makeup. earrings and other accessories. i should point out that i could never ever wear this color but Beyonce is just glowing. luv it, luv it!!

i may just point out though that she is looking super sleek and i hope she doesn't shead any more pounds as us curver folks like to tend to look up to her for this but still she is a 10!

onto my idol gwen s. oh how i envy thee for snagging that hottie Gavin from Bush and doesn't he just make such a smashing arm accessory?? this picture isn't really doing any justice to either one of them as Gwen was glowing (probably due to her expanding belly) and Gavin was just so damn hot with his hair pulled back into that pony tail....yum........

sorry i am drooling a little

back to gwen's outfit. not sure if i dig the animail print or not but i'm totally digging the whole greek godess thing and like always she manages to pull anything off....except mabye snagging an award (which i think is so not fair) but anyways

two thumbs up for me

next on the list is the surprize winner of the evening. now i love kelly clarkson, really i do and i really dig her music (she's the best idol winner hands down) but really kelly with all your fame and fortunes now could you not find better help? i mean seriousily. what is up with that bleach blonde faded hair thing you got going on (preferred you a brunette myself) and it looks like you just jumped out of the pool and shook it out and thought ok i'm ready. get a hair stylist pronto. your hair should have been pulled back to show off this strapless gown along with your dangling earrings. which i love the dress at least that is until it hits all this ucky ruffly crap. and what's with the feather like thing on your wrist??

anyways kudos for upsetting the one and only Mimi and i'm so glad you one not one but TWO Grammy's!!

now i may be one of the rare people out there that will actually admit that they/me are a Christina fan and i was surprized that i actually came across a pic (i didn't watch the show...hello LOST was on) with her performing a song with some other guy. she needs to put out a new album asap thus my surprize to see her here & to see that she's actually looking half decent for a change. her hair looks good, makeup isn't clown like as normal and i even like the gown (although not the color)

so i was impressed it's a step in the right direction anyways

onto miss alicia keys and faith hill. now again miss a. keys is or has been known to wear some hideous and atrocious gowns but here she is just looking so stunning and toned in this black lace gown that i at first was speechless. she's put together and wow i just can't believe it's her. well done and you need a new album out too by the way.....

onto faith hill. oh where to start with this. i dislike your hair, i dislike the turquise, and i espically dislike the little black belt that should not be there. overall just ick and totally not flattering to you at all, you deserve much much better faith, shame on your stylists

ah, the Black Eyed Peas (aka BEP), these guys are known for standing out with their wild get-ups but what i'm mor focused on here is the Fergie is actually wearing a normal gown and dare i say she actually looks good for a change.

terri, terri, terri why were you even at these awards?? they are for music and the last time i checked you didn't/don't have an album out so what are you doing?? or better yet i should ask what are wearing? or lack of wearing. is this a cry for attention? well it sure doesn't leave much to the imagniation now does it. but i love the hair and the smokey eyed makeup look and i totally dig and luv the shoes. sadly though it just doesn't make up for it all in the end.

and lastly the diva herself miss mimi. she wen't into these grammy's with 8 nominations. most thought she would clean house but they were wrong. she only walked away with 3 awards and not much else. although this dress is a step up (it's not 4 sizes to small) it just still isn't very flattering and pretty. and what is up with all those icky hair extenstions. uck. you need a new doo and pronto girl. but i guess your performance woed and wowed the audience so in a way you still got it, just not in the fasion sense

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

knee surgery, money woes and one cat in heat

that about sums up my top priorities of late

priority number 1 - knee surgery

d-day is one day away and no matter how often i tell myself it's a "simple" procedure i just cannot get past the nerves and that something is going to go horribly wrong. i think i'm more scared of being put "under" and being "out of it" more than anything, although most people tell me that this is the best part.....hmmm i will let you know in a few days i guess!

priority number 2 - money woes

oh, what pains money and bills cause me. i'm way to stressed out about this and there really isn't anything else i can do (except mabye start selling some stuff on ebay, which i'm seriousily beginning to consider) to earn extra $$. we just can't seem to get ahead at all like i mean seriousily. where the f@#! does our money go?? i will tell you where it all goes! it goes to pay frickin interest charges on our lines of credits!! grrr and where money is tight we can't put money on them and it's just such a nasty little cycle i could just scream and cry. i'm freaking out and i just can't see the light at the end of the tunnel....oh wait i can if my hubby would just get back to work and raking in the dough but sadly this is probably at least 3 months away. so what can i cut back? i've cut back the cell phone and t.v bills i really don't know what else to do i just thank GOD that we do not have any children right now as the situation would be 10 times worse. deep breaths. breathe in. breath out. i don't even know how much they have docked me yet for missing work. god this is just to much to handle. i've even contemplated on making a "pity me" fund for me i think it would work don't you?? (lmfao) so i need yall to help me come up with a slogan or something, i really think it would work!

priority number 3 - one cat in heat

my poor lil kitty witty is in heat BIG TIME and i have no clue what to do for her.....well that's not entirely true i could do something but i just plain refuse to do it as i'm so repulsed by it but if she continues to howl and cry i just might resort to doing just that (i'll spare you the details but it involves a Q-tip, i'll let your imagination run with that and i'm sure you can't put it together....). really though she hasn't been all that bad just super duper friendly and rubbing against EVERYTHING and the odd ocasional howl or two, and the odd time that she gets into "position" when the dog or fellow cat sniffs her ass. and sadly this is my fault as i'm such a procrastionator that i just kept putting off getting her fixed and again having NO MONEY doesn't really help either. so now were faced with one really, really horny kitty. and it's not really all that funny yet it is at the same time

everything will be alright right......right???

Friday, February 03, 2006

Laughter is the best medicine

this story tugged at my heart and i hope it tugs at yours too

a fellow co-worker of mine recently brought my attention to a story/life of a close friend of hers little girl (Zoe) who is suffering a relapse of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with PH+ALL and Ostiopenia. A bone marrow transplant was done one year ago with hopes that she wouldn't relapse but unfortunately she has and she only has a few (hopefully) weeks to live.

The Children's Wish Foundation is apparantly in the works to send Zoe to Disneyland as her wish is to sit and drink tea witht he princesses and Cinderalla. For more information on Zoe and her story please check out her website at

Zoe truly believes that "laughter is the best medicine" and what i would like of you my fellow bloggers is for you to either:

a) donate something to the Big Brown Eye fund, anything big or small would be benefical to this family to help them pay for expenses and inventibly Zoe's funeral expenses

or option

b) if you are financially unable to donate (like me) please take the following under consideration. Zoe's parents want the rest of Zoe's life to be full of hapiness and laughter and therefore are asking everyone, whether it's family, friends or complete strangers (again like me and YOU) to send Zoe a postcard with jokes or funny stories (go to a dollar store you can get postcards dirt cheap). This small gesture will bring giggles and laughter from a beautilful and amazing little girl. This will also show Zoe's family the HUGE chain of support throughout Canada (and you too in the U.S. or world...) and it will show them that strangers DO CARE. And what 7 year old kid does not like to get something in the mail??

so here's what you do

send a postcard to:

Zoe Guimond
C/O IWK Children's Hospital
6 North 5850/5980 University Avenue
P.O. Box 9700
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
B3K 6R8

- please write a funny joke or story (appropriate for a 7 year old) on the post card
- please sign your name along with where you are from at the end (if you have kids you can have them sign their names and leave their age)
-please refrain from putting anything negative or depressing on the postcards as the idea is for this to make her laugh ("get well soon" or "speedy recovery" or anything implying to get better is also not appropriate as she isn't going to get better)

that's my speal and good deed of the day. i hope you will do the same

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

in other news today.......

an update on the knee

well the offical verdict from the wizard (aka the Dr./specialist) is that i dislocated my knee and it popped back in on it's own but when it did this pieces of bone/cartlidge were left i have to go under the knife. i'm terrified. i don't know what to expect but if it makes it all better than i'm happy i guess. i've been back to work most of this week trying to get caught up on stuff as i'm bound to be out again for at least a week after the surgery (hopefully no longer than that as i can't afford to lose so much of a paycheck but that's a whole other worry that i don't feel like digging into right now).

so D-day is next wednesday morning

and i'm dreading it

anyways, so sorry to be so depressing today but that's just the way my life is right now i guess so it's hard to stay positive and happy, hence the reason for no blog there for about a week or so. but i thought i would update you all and wish you all a very merry happy friday!!

take care i'm out for now