Thursday, February 23, 2006

American Idol - Round Two - the boyz

ok, round two. here are my picks for the b-boyz:

Taylor Hicks - so original, unique and different. i just wish he would have picked a song that suited his type of personality/style, but i guess he was trying to show his versitility. his performance wsa still great and refreashing and i predict he'll be around for awhile

my next boy pick is Elliott Yamin, now he may not be a looker like my next pick but this guy is so relaxed and laid back when he sings it's like it's ment to be for him to do and he's right at home. and his vocals are smooth and right on target. again, he'll be around awhile yet

now i know i said that looks aren't everything (and they aren't) but dang is this guy ever, EVER fine. YUM YUM. ok i'm done. but what actually surprized me last night is that he can actually sing. he picked the right song for his tone and he will appeal to all girls (and some guys) i'm sure. and if he fails at idol i'm sure modelling agencies will be hounding him like crazy....just look at those eyes and features....mmmmmmm



oh yeah, here's my pics for the wurst performances last nite. there were quite a few bad ones last nite but these are the ones (in my opinion) that i least liked.

Gedeon McKinney - like Simon his smile freaks me the hell out. he looks like an alien trying to pass off as human or something. his performance wasn't bad (he performed SHOUT!) but it just didn't impress me vocally and again he CREEPS me out. don't like him and hope he doesn't get that far

next up is Kevin Covais that baby of the men's side. i'm sorry but i have no sympathy for this guy, he's got somewhat of a voice but his geekiness and fugly clothes just aren't enough for me to even remotely like him. he just irritates me with is little round dorky glasses and i'm sure he'll probably get the sympathy vote tonight and be safe but in my boat he should be sent home. just not good enough

and lastly saving the wurst for last.

oh, where to begin to describe Bobbie Bennett. his facial expressions, the dark eyebrows and the mustache make me think of that muppett character the German chef who ran around with a butcher knife chasing gonzo's chickens and walked around clapping his hands all the time and when Bobbie claps i just about die laughing. just picture a chef's hat on him and you'll see what i mean.

oh god, why ??? why would you pick to sing copacabana. are you trying to torture us or something. just plain bad, and it's like your trying to be funny and charismatic but it just comes of so wrong. for that my friend you deserve to be sent home. awful, awful awful

so my two pics to go home are Bobbie and Kevin although i'm sure Kevin is safe for another week

~that's a wrap~


tbd said...

Fun site! My wife and I watched and voted for the first time this week! Good show.

flea said...

so i guess i got 3 out of the 4 correct from last nite's results show

the offical people voted off were

becky, bobbie (thank god), patrick and stevie

oh yeah and tbd

flea said...

i ment to add thanks for commenting tbd to the other post....not awake yet this morning i'm afraid