Friday, February 10, 2006

2006 Grammy fashion run down

so it's another big award show fashion run down by me flea.

who better to start off with than the fabulous Beyonce. this girl is smokin in this dress (sorry i didn't dig into who actully designed dresses this time as it's hard to sit in one spot for to long so your guess is as good as mine....)

everything is perfect. hair. makeup. earrings and other accessories. i should point out that i could never ever wear this color but Beyonce is just glowing. luv it, luv it!!

i may just point out though that she is looking super sleek and i hope she doesn't shead any more pounds as us curver folks like to tend to look up to her for this but still she is a 10!

onto my idol gwen s. oh how i envy thee for snagging that hottie Gavin from Bush and doesn't he just make such a smashing arm accessory?? this picture isn't really doing any justice to either one of them as Gwen was glowing (probably due to her expanding belly) and Gavin was just so damn hot with his hair pulled back into that pony tail....yum........

sorry i am drooling a little

back to gwen's outfit. not sure if i dig the animail print or not but i'm totally digging the whole greek godess thing and like always she manages to pull anything off....except mabye snagging an award (which i think is so not fair) but anyways

two thumbs up for me

next on the list is the surprize winner of the evening. now i love kelly clarkson, really i do and i really dig her music (she's the best idol winner hands down) but really kelly with all your fame and fortunes now could you not find better help? i mean seriousily. what is up with that bleach blonde faded hair thing you got going on (preferred you a brunette myself) and it looks like you just jumped out of the pool and shook it out and thought ok i'm ready. get a hair stylist pronto. your hair should have been pulled back to show off this strapless gown along with your dangling earrings. which i love the dress at least that is until it hits all this ucky ruffly crap. and what's with the feather like thing on your wrist??

anyways kudos for upsetting the one and only Mimi and i'm so glad you one not one but TWO Grammy's!!

now i may be one of the rare people out there that will actually admit that they/me are a Christina fan and i was surprized that i actually came across a pic (i didn't watch the show...hello LOST was on) with her performing a song with some other guy. she needs to put out a new album asap thus my surprize to see her here & to see that she's actually looking half decent for a change. her hair looks good, makeup isn't clown like as normal and i even like the gown (although not the color)

so i was impressed it's a step in the right direction anyways

onto miss alicia keys and faith hill. now again miss a. keys is or has been known to wear some hideous and atrocious gowns but here she is just looking so stunning and toned in this black lace gown that i at first was speechless. she's put together and wow i just can't believe it's her. well done and you need a new album out too by the way.....

onto faith hill. oh where to start with this. i dislike your hair, i dislike the turquise, and i espically dislike the little black belt that should not be there. overall just ick and totally not flattering to you at all, you deserve much much better faith, shame on your stylists

ah, the Black Eyed Peas (aka BEP), these guys are known for standing out with their wild get-ups but what i'm mor focused on here is the Fergie is actually wearing a normal gown and dare i say she actually looks good for a change.

terri, terri, terri why were you even at these awards?? they are for music and the last time i checked you didn't/don't have an album out so what are you doing?? or better yet i should ask what are wearing? or lack of wearing. is this a cry for attention? well it sure doesn't leave much to the imagniation now does it. but i love the hair and the smokey eyed makeup look and i totally dig and luv the shoes. sadly though it just doesn't make up for it all in the end.

and lastly the diva herself miss mimi. she wen't into these grammy's with 8 nominations. most thought she would clean house but they were wrong. she only walked away with 3 awards and not much else. although this dress is a step up (it's not 4 sizes to small) it just still isn't very flattering and pretty. and what is up with all those icky hair extenstions. uck. you need a new doo and pronto girl. but i guess your performance woed and wowed the audience so in a way you still got it, just not in the fasion sense


Bridget Jones said...

Flea what're the odds? I agree with every flippin one of your comments!!!

Downright cool, lady!!

flea said...

bridg you are just too funny!

Wandering Coyote said...

Flea, I was so waiting for you to do this post because I enjoyed the last one so much. Can't remember what awards show it was, but it was great. I heard about Terri Hatcher's dress on the news but hadn't seen it till now. Yuck. And good Lord. And I didn't like Mariah Carey's dress, either.

Great post! I don't have to go buy People now!

Jessica Rabbit said...

Christina was hot!

Blondie said...

Did you see that Fegie spilled fake tan spray, or makeup all over the front of her dress? Eww!

I loved Beyonce and Christina. They looked so good.

flea said...

wc - thanks, i just love to be oh so catty and tear apart the celebs!

jessica rabbit - wasn't she though! dang the girl needs a new album asap

blondie - poor fergie she just can't win can she?