Tuesday, February 14, 2006

gag me with a spoon

so it's Saints Valentines day ~ whoop-i-dididy-do ~

i so dislike Valentines day. makes me want to vomit. all this romantic lovey dovey crap. and no i'm not a disgruntled single either. i just don't like this "made" up holiday and i really don't buy into the whole swept off your feet romance sort of thing anyways. relationships take work. a lot of it. and for someone to pick February 14th as the day of love. ick. i personally feel that someone (from a card/chocolate/jewelry company) came up with this idea to rack up the $$ between x-mas and easter. there never would have been a holiday and really who gets the gifts?? women! i shouldn't really be complaining as i love to get stuff (what girl doesn't) but to make my husband go thru at least of month of "what do you want for valentines..." and i always reply "nothing" but deep down we always want something is just down right devious (really this year i wanted nothing as we have no funds to waste on such needless things) so it's an endless cycle that needs to stop!

you know i think it all goes back to when i was the shy kid in grade school that never got any valentines....... nah, i'm kidding but it whould make sense wouldn't it??

anyways Happy V-day


Bridget Jones said...

Of all the phony holidays, this one really puts everyone in a bind. Do us females really want that crap? The guys probably feel guilted into it.

At least other holidays have ties into symbolism, meaning...yeesh.

Felt that way as a couple too.

Is there ever gonna be a holiday when people give each other eggplant? Pay each other's taxes?

Just wondering.

Kleokatra said...

One of my friends was saying that to show that her boyfriend really loves her he should fill her car up with gas, and/or pay her bills. I thought it was really funny because I know that she was joking, but when you think about it, that would be so much nicer than buying flowers that die within a week and wasting $60 on them. Or getting candy that will make you fat and have to go to the gym for an extra few days.
Flea~ I know how you feel with funds, we are still recouping from Christmas, and fixing our cars, so it has been really tight.

Wandering Coyote said...

Not a fan of V-day, either. And I am a disgruntled single! It is just a money-maker, no doubt about it.

But all the chocolate should be 50% off today - and that's a good thing.