Friday, February 03, 2006

Laughter is the best medicine

this story tugged at my heart and i hope it tugs at yours too

a fellow co-worker of mine recently brought my attention to a story/life of a close friend of hers little girl (Zoe) who is suffering a relapse of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with PH+ALL and Ostiopenia. A bone marrow transplant was done one year ago with hopes that she wouldn't relapse but unfortunately she has and she only has a few (hopefully) weeks to live.

The Children's Wish Foundation is apparantly in the works to send Zoe to Disneyland as her wish is to sit and drink tea witht he princesses and Cinderalla. For more information on Zoe and her story please check out her website at

Zoe truly believes that "laughter is the best medicine" and what i would like of you my fellow bloggers is for you to either:

a) donate something to the Big Brown Eye fund, anything big or small would be benefical to this family to help them pay for expenses and inventibly Zoe's funeral expenses

or option

b) if you are financially unable to donate (like me) please take the following under consideration. Zoe's parents want the rest of Zoe's life to be full of hapiness and laughter and therefore are asking everyone, whether it's family, friends or complete strangers (again like me and YOU) to send Zoe a postcard with jokes or funny stories (go to a dollar store you can get postcards dirt cheap). This small gesture will bring giggles and laughter from a beautilful and amazing little girl. This will also show Zoe's family the HUGE chain of support throughout Canada (and you too in the U.S. or world...) and it will show them that strangers DO CARE. And what 7 year old kid does not like to get something in the mail??

so here's what you do

send a postcard to:

Zoe Guimond
C/O IWK Children's Hospital
6 North 5850/5980 University Avenue
P.O. Box 9700
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
B3K 6R8

- please write a funny joke or story (appropriate for a 7 year old) on the post card
- please sign your name along with where you are from at the end (if you have kids you can have them sign their names and leave their age)
-please refrain from putting anything negative or depressing on the postcards as the idea is for this to make her laugh ("get well soon" or "speedy recovery" or anything implying to get better is also not appropriate as she isn't going to get better)

that's my speal and good deed of the day. i hope you will do the same

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in other news today.......

an update on the knee

well the offical verdict from the wizard (aka the Dr./specialist) is that i dislocated my knee and it popped back in on it's own but when it did this pieces of bone/cartlidge were left i have to go under the knife. i'm terrified. i don't know what to expect but if it makes it all better than i'm happy i guess. i've been back to work most of this week trying to get caught up on stuff as i'm bound to be out again for at least a week after the surgery (hopefully no longer than that as i can't afford to lose so much of a paycheck but that's a whole other worry that i don't feel like digging into right now).

so D-day is next wednesday morning

and i'm dreading it

anyways, so sorry to be so depressing today but that's just the way my life is right now i guess so it's hard to stay positive and happy, hence the reason for no blog there for about a week or so. but i thought i would update you all and wish you all a very merry happy friday!!

take care i'm out for now


Bridget Jones said...

Know it's easy to say but don't fret the surgery they do this one a lot. Glad your knee's done so much on its own.

Hoping your surgeon's swift and sure.....Bridg

flea said...

thanks bridg! i know this is what everyone has been telling me and it's very reassuring but it's hard to settle my nerves all the same. i'm sure everything will be ok though (at least i hope so!)

thanks for the support!