Wednesday, February 22, 2006

it's back!! time for my American Idol predictions

so it's that time again where i can be a nit pick and rip apart at someone else besides myself

here are my pics from last nite's american idol show starting with the best of course:

my fave performance of the nite was Katherine McPhee singing a song titled "since i fell for you" - luv her voice and her quirky/funny personality. i hope she gets far in this as i really like her

another strong favorite by me (and the judges) is Lisa Tucker. this girl is only 16! totally blew the show away singing a Jennifer Holliday classic. absoutely amazing. *put your money on this girl as i predict her to be either the winner or top 4

another young girl stood out last nite and that's Paris Bennett singing Glady's Knight's "midnight train to Georgia". wow, what a show stopper and entertainer! another one to watch in my eyes

and now the wurst performances of the nite:

Becky O'Donohue - she's got the looks that's fer sure but that's about where her package ends. did not like her performance of "Because the Night", her mouth freaked me the hell out and you can tell that she really, really, loves herself

next up is Heather Cox aka barbie in a box as that's what she looks like a barbie doll. should prove to everyone that looks are not everything as she totally sucked ass singing "when you tell me that you love me", was so painful and sooooooo boring. i think the judges were really dissappointed by her as they expected better

and lastly the wurst of the nite has to be Stevie Scott again i expected more from this girl as she is supposed to be vocally trained in classical music and she's just different from the cookie cutter blonde britney wannabe's. what the hell was she trying to portray? her voice was so high, soft and just wtf? totally did not get her song at all and it really just blew goats and was very akward afterwords as the judges just didn't know quite what to say. and not to mention her sharp looking, bony shoulders really freaked me the hell out

so out of my bottom three pics, my 2 pics to be sen- a-packing tonight are Heather Cox and Stevie Scott.

that's my two cents worth


Wandering Coyote said...

You know what? For the first time EVER, I watched American Idol last night. I was blown away by little Paris - she was great. Becky - yick. Pretty but cannot sing. I don't think I'll get hooked on this show; Simon is to slimy even though last night from what I saw he seemed to behave himself.

flea said...

wc - really? i luv simon and i always agree with his comments (mind u he is a little harsh but it reality t.v. so what do you expect - they want/need the ratings)

angel said...

flea, thanx 4 stopping by... And with idol I couldn't agree with you more. Those girls all 3 of them need to go. "J" (the bf) likes the becky chick and I think he's letting his penis talk there cause I think she's got no talent and she's freaky. Pretty but she's obviously not all there. Her or her sister...she's the twin right?

flea said...

angel - yup, she's the skanky twin and apparantly i just read on msn that these two have a sexy photo in maxium that they posed for a few years ago with barely there clothes....doesn't really surprize me though