Friday, March 23, 2007

leavin on a jet plane

ok, so i don't technically leave until sunday afternoon for sunny Montego Bay, Jamaica but this will be my last time posting for probably like over a week

so long

Goodbye :P

oh and happy freakin Friday everybody!!! hope everyone has a fantastic weekend

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


god i'm such a knob sometimes...

so i'm leaving for Jamaica like in 4 freakin days!!!!!!! so in preparation i've been going "tanning" so i don't get down there and burn my sorry ass and end up runing my vacation. now i love tanning, i would go year round if we could afford it, yes i know it's bad for you but frankly i don't care, i look forward to it, it relax's me and yeah i'll probably end up with skin cancer, but i.don'

anyways, i lost my train of tought...

oh right, tanning, so i've had like 6 sessions in the same bed, no burns was doing fine and was up to the 20 minutes. last night however a stupid dumb ass biatch was working and i was in a new bed and guess what? she put me in for the full 20 minutes, didn't ask me if i'd been in that bed before, didn't ask or tell me it was a hotter bed, therefore, you guessed it, i'm BURNT, and quite badly too actually, one of my co-workers just said i looked like a red racacoon.....and i'd laugh or cry but frankly i think it would hurt too badly, and it hurts when i bloody smile, sigh. and every freaking part of me hurts, because it's Burnt! my legs, Burnt. my flabby abs, Burnt. my ASS, Burnt!!! you get my now i have to cancel tonights appt, and quite possibly tomorrows as well, but hey on the positive side perhaps it's better to be burnt now than when i'm on vacation, and usually my burns turn into an awsome i guess i'll take the jokes and backhanded comments about my appearance.

also in typical fashion i'm so getting sick. this always, always happens to me i swear! i woke up yesterday with a sore throat and it's still there! and i'm coughing and sneezing, this had so better be gone before sunday

Friday, March 16, 2007

do a little dance

sweet it's finally, finally friday!

not much new to report really, been another crazy ass week fer sure. i've finally been moved (actually on my own request) down to the dungeon here at work, it was just not making any sense for me to be down here all day anyways and not have my stuff from my office here, so i moved. and it's really really different but i think it's going to be good

also i get exercise from running up and down the stairs all the time, so i'll have a firm ass in no time!! haha i wish, but it's got to be to some benefit....

what else is new...

drawing a blank on that one, sorry folks!

happy friday and better yet Happy St. Patty's day!!! hope u all get ur drunk on (i sure intend to)

Monday, March 12, 2007

i did it!!!

sorry for the total blogger neglect ya'll but i've been crazy ass busy, and you'll see why in a minute....


screw it i can't wait

i'm going to Jamaica!!!!!!!!!!!

yes, you heard me right, and from my previous rant from last week you may recall me claiming that i couldn't go, well i found a loop hole, turns out you can go to either Jamaica or the Dominican Republic with just your birth certificate and valaid photo id, from

US and Canadian citizens must show proof of citizenship. A passport is not required but is highly recommended. Photo I.D. and birth certificate are acceptable. U.K. citizens must have a passport.

so now i'm freakin out cuz i have only 2 wks before i go, a million things are running thru my poor little brain, such as tanning sessions, packing, getting a shot so i don't get Hep A., how much money this is costing me and the list goes on...

i still don't really think it's sunk in completely though and it probably won't until i'm boarding the plane

anyways moving onto other news in my world, you thought i forgot all about my little experience last week didn't you??

ok first of all, I love it! i have no regrets what-so-ever of doing it, sure i almost fled from the building at one point before hand as i was practically hyper-ventilating but it was so worth it

2ndly it hurtz, i'm not going to lie, other spots more than other's, but honestly if we can give birth (which i have yet to do) i would consider this barely minimal, and it goes numb, so you can't even feel it after awhile, and sure it's somewhat embarassing to flash your hoo hoo to some stranger (the spa i went to offered disposable undies), but heck they are used to it and i'm sure they see lot's of women and we all have the same thing so what's so wrong with it? if you can get past that then your fine (it also helps having a buddy system, i don't think i could've gone thru with it if i hadn't had my co-worker there). an even bigger bonus is that it's spruced up life in the bedroom if you know what i mean. wink. wink.

that's all i got, what's new with you? i need to catch up with u all

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

shaking in my panties

quite literally too

you see me being such a great friend and all i voulenteered to go with a fellow c0-worker tomorrow to (gasp!) have a brazilian wax done, well down there and at first i was all gung ho and sort of excited i mean what girl hasn't considered having it done? no more shaving, no more lovely razor burns sounds perfect right???

but now a small little factor has come into play



pain and i don't get along very well, in fact i'm more scared of it than showing some complete stranger my hoo hoo

and every time i tell someone i'm getting it done the expression of horror/terror on there face is enough to send me running

and the more i think and dwell on this the more i don't want to do it.....although it's pretty bad down there right now and i don't mean to gross you all out but i think someone could get lost down there in all the "bush", so on that aspect i am eager to see what the results will be and surely it can't be that bad......right?

so i'm curious have any of my fellow readers ever partaken in this?

Monday, March 05, 2007

smackin myself in the head

you know i never would've used to admit to myself that i was a procrastinator but this latest "incident" takes the cake, totally, in fact it almost makes me sick to my stomache.....but first i have to go back to the beginning when all this sort of started rolling

just picture it ok

months and months ago (probably more like a year but you get my drift) my dear sweet cousin and her fiance talked about going away to get married, they set a date and i obtained my passport application for both the hubs and i, began filling it out and several weeks later actually had it completed and my mother was going to submit it along with hers. simple right?

well, no

turns out we had some misstakes and needed to make changes. easy enough?

again, no

then comes to find out that they are putting the wedding off for now and i just mentally (and physically) sort of just stored this away and every now and then i would think "oh i should do that".......well i didn't. then after Christmas it became mandatory for all Canadians flying into the States to have a passport and everyone and there damn dog was filing for a passport and again that little voice pipes up "flea u should send yours in" and again i didn't, even when we sort of thought about possibly going away this spring i didn't

finally that little voice ate at me enough to make the changes and send in my application the 2nd week of February by mail (why i didn't do it in person is beyond me...), knowing it would at least be a month + before getting it back but heck at least i finally sent it right


come to find out my mom and dad are jumping in with another cousins (not the same one mentioned above) wedding in Jamaica, freaking Jamaica!!!!!!! which i was cool with and happy for, yeah i would've liked to go but it just wasn't in the cards this time

wrong again

not only are my mom and dad going but now another aunt and the said cousin who was planning on getting married away are also going, kicking that jealousy notch up even higher

and now i'm really hating myself, why, WHY couldn't i have gotten off my ass and done this like months ago??!!!

and to make it worse everyone keeps saying well if only you had your passport!!!!!!!


guess you could say i learned my lesson :(

Friday, March 02, 2007

at Last!!!

it's Friday!!!!!!!

never in my life have i ever been happier to see today come, it's been a crazy, crazy week and i'm looking forward to the weekend, laying back relaxing and reading a good book (or two)

even though i have been busy this week doing a fellow co-workers work while she's away it's been deadly quiet at the office, in fact there is only like 5 people in today, everyone else is either off for next weeks march break or just not in

so not only was i doing one co-workers work i'm also covering today for another co-worker who took the afternoon off. sigh. i'm so under-appreciated here


were getting a freaking A 1 storm here, heavy, heavy snowfall warning in effect along with "gusting" winds and all that jazz so i think i'm outta here at least an hour early fer sure (possibly sooner, cross your fingers)

so that's all that's happening with me, sad eh

anyways happy friday :P