Friday, March 02, 2007

at Last!!!

it's Friday!!!!!!!

never in my life have i ever been happier to see today come, it's been a crazy, crazy week and i'm looking forward to the weekend, laying back relaxing and reading a good book (or two)

even though i have been busy this week doing a fellow co-workers work while she's away it's been deadly quiet at the office, in fact there is only like 5 people in today, everyone else is either off for next weeks march break or just not in

so not only was i doing one co-workers work i'm also covering today for another co-worker who took the afternoon off. sigh. i'm so under-appreciated here


were getting a freaking A 1 storm here, heavy, heavy snowfall warning in effect along with "gusting" winds and all that jazz so i think i'm outta here at least an hour early fer sure (possibly sooner, cross your fingers)

so that's all that's happening with me, sad eh

anyways happy friday :P


Wandering Coyote said...

Heard about your storm. We just had one, too. Hope you have a great weekend, though.

Bridget Jones said...

We had that storm too. Yeesh will it ever end??? STay warm, Flea!!

Miss 1999 said...

I'm hoping you made it home safely! Snow and storms aren't anything to mess around with! Be careful! *hugs*

Swishy said...

Hope you had a good weekend! ;)

flea said...

wc - thankfully it wasn't too bad, made even better by the fact that i just stayed home after getting there :)

bridg - ugh! tell me about it spring is just around the corner though

miss 1999 - i did and thanks, hope you had a great weekend too

swishy - i did, very relaxing and nice