Monday, March 12, 2007

i did it!!!

sorry for the total blogger neglect ya'll but i've been crazy ass busy, and you'll see why in a minute....


screw it i can't wait

i'm going to Jamaica!!!!!!!!!!!

yes, you heard me right, and from my previous rant from last week you may recall me claiming that i couldn't go, well i found a loop hole, turns out you can go to either Jamaica or the Dominican Republic with just your birth certificate and valaid photo id, from

US and Canadian citizens must show proof of citizenship. A passport is not required but is highly recommended. Photo I.D. and birth certificate are acceptable. U.K. citizens must have a passport.

so now i'm freakin out cuz i have only 2 wks before i go, a million things are running thru my poor little brain, such as tanning sessions, packing, getting a shot so i don't get Hep A., how much money this is costing me and the list goes on...

i still don't really think it's sunk in completely though and it probably won't until i'm boarding the plane

anyways moving onto other news in my world, you thought i forgot all about my little experience last week didn't you??

ok first of all, I love it! i have no regrets what-so-ever of doing it, sure i almost fled from the building at one point before hand as i was practically hyper-ventilating but it was so worth it

2ndly it hurtz, i'm not going to lie, other spots more than other's, but honestly if we can give birth (which i have yet to do) i would consider this barely minimal, and it goes numb, so you can't even feel it after awhile, and sure it's somewhat embarassing to flash your hoo hoo to some stranger (the spa i went to offered disposable undies), but heck they are used to it and i'm sure they see lot's of women and we all have the same thing so what's so wrong with it? if you can get past that then your fine (it also helps having a buddy system, i don't think i could've gone thru with it if i hadn't had my co-worker there). an even bigger bonus is that it's spruced up life in the bedroom if you know what i mean. wink. wink.

that's all i got, what's new with you? i need to catch up with u all


Mo said...

Yea for you on both accounts! And I'm insanely jealous. Not about the waxing though. ;o)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I am so jelous right now...

have a good time mon!


and OUCH on the other..dman woman.

flea said...

mo - haha it's all sureal

bossy - lmao mon!

Nelly said...

OMG!!! I've been to Jamaica twice and I would go back in a heartbeat!!!!! I'm totally jealous!

Hails said...

man i wish i wasnt a wimp coz id so go and do it to but low and behold, im a wimp! I hated getting my ears pierced! Good on you for going and doing it though!!! Kudos for that!

YAY about going away, thats heaps cool there was a loophole!

Miss 1999 said...

You go girl! I'm envious!!! :0)