Wednesday, March 07, 2007

shaking in my panties

quite literally too

you see me being such a great friend and all i voulenteered to go with a fellow c0-worker tomorrow to (gasp!) have a brazilian wax done, well down there and at first i was all gung ho and sort of excited i mean what girl hasn't considered having it done? no more shaving, no more lovely razor burns sounds perfect right???

but now a small little factor has come into play



pain and i don't get along very well, in fact i'm more scared of it than showing some complete stranger my hoo hoo

and every time i tell someone i'm getting it done the expression of horror/terror on there face is enough to send me running

and the more i think and dwell on this the more i don't want to do it.....although it's pretty bad down there right now and i don't mean to gross you all out but i think someone could get lost down there in all the "bush", so on that aspect i am eager to see what the results will be and surely it can't be that bad......right?

so i'm curious have any of my fellow readers ever partaken in this?


Mo said...

I've never had it done but I used to have a co-worker that would get it done religiously. She said it was slightly uncomfortable at first but then it goes kind of numb. There is something you can buy at Sephora or Ulta that is basically a numbing agent. I also strongly suggest taking some sort of muscle relaxer before hand. ;o)

John said...

Just had it done, the results are terrific and it really doesn't hurt very much. Go for it!

Beth said...

ooh god, I've wanted to have it done, but the pain!!!! No way! And how do you lay on a table with your feet up around your head and have a conversation with that person who is inflicting so much pain on? They know more about your body than you do! I just don't want anyone that near my cooter with tweezers or anything else.....well, unless.....;)

but if you get it done, you HAVE to tell us all about it!

flea said...

mo - oh, i plan to believe me

john - uh, ok if you say so....there's no going back now anyways

beth - i have been wanting to do it forever too, trust me, and then oprah had it on her show and yeah...and trust me i'll write all about it whether it's good or bad!

Miss 1999 said...

Me and razor are best friends, but I've never had a Brazilian done-- although I'm thinking about it, if I can ever bring myself to let it "grow out" ;0)

Scottsdale Girl said...

I'm too chicken shit...

Nelly said...

No f'ing way I would ever have that done. I never let mine get out of control because it is too much work to trim it up again. Very nicely manicured I say! Don't do it!!!

Miss 1999 said...

*Hoping you survived the waxing*

Blazer1234 said...

I'm curious to know how it goes! I've never done it, but sometimes thought about it.

Swishy said...

OK, a wax is one thing, but a BRAZILIAN is another! You know they go into your CRACK with that, right?!?!?

OK, well, you've probably already gone, but I get bikini waxes from time to time and they hurt like hell. I went last year for the first time and totally blogged about it. I would say it's definitely more painful than "slightly uncomfortable" ... I mean, it HURTS! Every time! The top hurts the worst. Take Advil like a half hour before you go, try not to go in the morning, don't go right before or right after your period, and don't let the hair be TOO long or it'll hurt more. I guess that's it. It'll be red and sore for a couple days, too.

Men have no idea what we have to go through. For real.