Friday, September 29, 2006

it's HERE!!

my Ojon has arrived people!!

i want you all to do a happy dance for me as i'm totally un-able to at this time

and sadly not even this could snap me out of my funk, i didn't go to work today, x-rays are done and now i'm just waiting to see if they call me stating that they "found" anything, and drugs that they gave me still don't take all the pain away.


still though, i'm remaining positive, HAPPY FRIDAY BIATCHES!

luv you all! :P

Thursday, September 28, 2006

let the whining begin

are u ready for it? lord i hope so as i'm in a "pity me" mood today

you know that song "every breath you take", i think it's by Sting or the Police or something, but that about sums it up. or better yet every time i take a breath and have it hurt like a son of a bitch, this song runs through my head. not sure which is worse at this point

i literally crawled, hauled my ass out of bed this morning (getting out of bed with sore ribs is the wurst). did. not. want. to. get. up. or move. grabbed the 1st comfy thing i saw (jeans & baggy sweater), pulled hair into pony tail, slapped on some foundation and mascara and came to work. i don't even think i combed my hair.

so tired, words cannot express or do justice

called an made another dr appt for this afternoon, i'm demanding x-rays this time. i'm just scared i'm going to cry as the pain is that bad and i'm also super emotional lately, course it's my dr he already knows how mentally fucked up i am, so i shouldn't be concerened but still it would be embarassing

i so considered calling in sick again today, is that wrong?

in fact i'm working thru lunch and leaving after said dr appt this afternoon and not coming back, noramlly this would have me extactic, but i have no MOJO today and i'm more releaved than anything to leave early and crawl back in my bed

the only bra that i can wear and be "comfortable" in is my sports bra, all my other ones cut into my sore spot right along my ribs. luckily i am not well endowed in the "breast" department

omg sneezing is the absolte worst, worst pain i have ever experienced

super cold today too, despite the fact that i'm wearing a tee-shirt & sweater

think i just need to have a good cry and get it over with. anyone have any good suggestions of a sad, sad movie to watch? open to ideas

i've gained the 5 pounds i lost back in a week and a half. how depressing is that. oh, and i can't exercise cause it hurts

i don't get paid til next thursday, a week from today and were flat broke

why, why did they have to move Grey's Anatomy to thursdays' the same time that CSI is on? WHY!?

and where the hell is Medium? i sure hope they didn't scrap this show, will be really pissed

i'm home alone the next few days as hubby is away for the Big Moose hunt 2006. so exciting (rolling eyes), i'm actually secretly hoping they don't get one this year, god i'm evil

poor poor pitiful me, eh? god i shouldn't be this way, there are way more worse things that are happening in the world, but i just can't seem to snap out of it. perhaps i will get smashed tonight all by my lonesome with my dogs and cats.

peace out! :P

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

upset stomache, indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, HEY! Pepto-Bismal!

no, not all of these currently apply to me. no. uh ah, the only one that applies is, dare i say it out loud, as i'm afraid of yet another washroom run, diarrhea. quite possibly the worst thing ever, but i'll spare u the grose details.

and do you know why i'm suffering from this god awful bout of the ruins? because i was put on a "stronger" dose of meds because of my still, STILL! aching, fucking, injured side! and this said medication is making me pay. oh yes indeed! i have lost count how many times i have gone to the bathroom, i now have an extremely sore ass to go along with my sore ribs. nice huh. not only is it nice, everything is just fucking GREAT! great i say. you know how last week i started off with killer news to begin the week. CHA! like where the hell is that this week? that's what i would like to know. can't a person have more than one happy week in her poor pathetic life? pffff.guess not.

so not only do i have the fucking ruins, my side is still in agony! like almost crying in tears agony, and dr's have still not requested a chest x-ray, and still tell me if it's not gone in 2 wks to contact my dr yet again. i am no going on week 3 with this. and the pain is still very intense and not lessening at all. like what the fuck do i have to do or say to get my point across? it hurts to breathe, it hurts to sit, it basically hurts all the fucking time. i'm not sleeping, therefore i have major baggage under my eyes. i wanted so badly to post a pic of my new fab "rockstar" hair but sadly my face isn't so rockstar these days. sigh. i'm so frustrated and just plain tired. i missed work yesterday, did not want to come today (almost wished i hadn't as it's majorlly dead here today) and i want to oh so badly to my new work out tape but i can't, because I'M INJURED!


i think i'm gonig to grab yet another piece of cake from the evil kitchen here at work and sit here and cry for the next hour. i don't think anyone will notice.

and yes i'm fucking pre-menstrual too on top of all this other shit

Thursday, September 21, 2006

T-Minus 15 hrs and counting

until my new ultime fav hair product (it truly works wonders) goes on sale on the Shopping Channel

am i embarassed and ashmed of admitting that i'm addticted to the shopping channel?

Hell no!

their website is like CRACK, there is EVERYTHING u can imagine on their but more importantly my Ojon is on there, and i will be buying like mad tomorrow as their new line is coming out!

i'm so excited i can barely contain myself right now

let the shopping begin!!!

in case you are a total shampoo/conditioner crackwhore like me and you may want to check this out for yourself tomorrow tune into the Shopping Channel all day tomorrow or go online @, you can thank me later

Monday, September 18, 2006

the bestest news EVER!!!

miss jilly is coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, sorry had to get that bubble of energy out of my system, like pronto. and in case you are wondering or wish for me to further elaborate, my fav cousin miss jilly (she used to blog but lately not so much) has recently just discovered that she has obtained a full time position back home (woodstock) and she will be raking in major dough as she will now be a "management" position!! i'm so jealous i'm sure i've turned green. not only is this steller news all in itself but she can move back home from her current residence that she's been living in for the past year (3+hrs away). to say i've missed her around home is an understatement, and i can't wait to have her back here, so we can do lunch and go shopping and all that fun stuff that we used to do on our lunch hours. sooo exciting! and i can't wait to go home and celebrate with her tonight! weeeee i haven't been this happy/excited in well, let's not go there..........

in other "flea" news, i have somehow injured myself and have no clue how, or what has caused this excruciating pain, but i have now had it for a week (must've occured during last weekend's drunken stupor) now and frankly i'm a little concerned as it could be a)a pulled muscle , b)a fractured rib or c)lung cancer or a tumor and i have 3 weeks to live! ok so that's a bit drastic, but i totally think it's a) or b) just not sure which, but every time i move the wrong way or take a deep breath a sharp pain shoots right under neath my right boob/rib cage. like wtf. now i'm not one to normally whine (ha!) or complain (double HA HA) but it really, really HURTZ! and because i know you all care so much, i just had to come here and whine some more about it cuz anybody i seem to start telling at home or here at work totally ignore me and just walk away or bring up another topic. which by the way is sooooooo rude! anyways, i'm dying i know it! no, not really but i think it's a legit enough reason to skip work........don't you? at least like a day or 2......oh yeah i can't as i'm trying to make a good impression while in this new "position". dammit! scratch that idea

did i also mention that i finally got my new desk/setup! didn't think so! it's SWEET! and everyone in the office has a total hate on for me now, i luv it! perhaps i shall take a pic and show you all someday in the near future. it's totally awsome, a little bare at the moment as they still have yet to throw me in full force to the new position, but i'm sure that'll change soon. i'm still really nervous about the transition and having more responsibilities but i'm lovin havin my own space and privacy, and thus far i like what work they have given me, so keep your fingers crossed

i so should not be this happy on a monday, i dunno what has gotten into me, this is so not like me on a typical monday, i must say i'm kinda digging starting out my week on a positive note though i only hope it continues

peace out biatches! :P

Friday, September 15, 2006

Goodbye Summer

even though technically fall doesn't begin til next thursday (the 21st), here's a little diddy from me to you,

Goodbye Summer,
Goodbye my friend,
Goodbye sandals,
Goodbye capris,
Goodbye flirty summer skirts,
Goodbye tank tops,
Goodbye strawberry shortcake,
Goodbye corn on the cob,
Goodbye BBQ,
Goodbye blackflies i'll even miss you too,
Goodbye painted toes,
Goodbye hot, muggy, humid days,
Goodbye thunderstorms,
Goodbye reality t.v.,
Goodbye Summer,
Goodbye my friend,
I will miss you,
I will miss you til we meet again,

Hello Fall,
You are not my friend,
Hello red, yellow, and orange leaves,
Hello cold damp mornings and evenings,
Hello fog,
Hello rainy days,
Hello hunting season,
Hello everything "camo",
Hello thanksgiving,
Hello halloween,
Hello sweaters,
Hello socks and coats,
Hello wood heat,
Hello dry skin,
Hello must see t.v.,
Hello fall,
You are not my friend,
How i loathe thee,
How i loathe thee til the bitter end,

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

drunken crackwhore

now normally i only drink (aka get drunk) like say mabye 4-6 times over a full year (,Halloween, Christmas, New Year's, July 1st, and the odd camping trip or corn boil), but this past year i seem to have broken from the trend as i think i'm way past my "normal" restrictions. i've lost count. now not only have i lost count but i've also done something i've never done before. what you may ask? well, i got piss ass drunk with hubby's family and a bunch of strange people i've never ever met before. yes. it's true.

so in my typical run down/play by play here is a run down of my evening

- attended party @ my brother-in-law's house in St. Andrews, NB, to celebrate his marriage (wedding was earlier in the day) with a BBQ (they didn't have a dance, not really sure why), that ended up being rained out as it down poured, but that didn't phase any of us at all. i should note that i didn't even want to go to this said gathering, but it ended up with me being the one having such a steller time
- spent the 1st hour or so in a corner with hubby and his sister & hubby. not really drinking at this point, and already plotting when we could make our escape
- an hour later and 1 1/2 cooler's later i was beginning to somewhat enjoy myself
- another hour later and several shooters later i had a new best friend. my shooter buddy, that i've never met before in my life. told her several times how much i loved her and thought she was soooo cool.
- appointed Hugh (another brother-in-law) as our "Leader" to get us all back to our hotel in one piece, even though he was the drunkest out of all of us at this point
- continued doing shooters and drank another 1 1/2 cooler, i am now socializing like crazy and talking to everyone. my little space in the corner has long been forgotten
- everyone (including me) had a good laugh at my expense as the cooler's i was drinking made my mouth like a bright vibrant red. like ronald mcdonald red.
- danced around the living room with brother-in-law, and proceeded to take several crazy/dirty/raunchy pictures with him (oh god!)
- am still doing shooters, and have totally lost count. hubby is now warning me to slack off and is giving me "his look". i just ignore him
- i either broke the toilet or was just unable to function enough to run it as it had some sort of fancy lever thingy on it
- flirted with the best man right in front of hubby, just to show him i still "got it"
- more dancing
- consumed my last cooler, and totally forgot where i sat it down, didn't really matter as i'm so gone by this point
- made yet another "new" best friend, whom i yet again professed my love and new found friendship too
- there may have been some more dancing and singing it's all a little blurry at this point
- one of the living room chairs got broken by like 4-5 people piling on it, i don't think i was involved in this, but i'm not 100% sure. resulted in a 10-15 minute laughing fit by everyone
- shortly there after we dance to one last song and headed for the hotel by foot as it was now 3:00 AM and none of us were in any shape to drive
- was the longest walk of my life. several stops as i thought i was going to puke and or die on the side of the road along with several laughing fits
- passed out blissfully and laughing in my bed and believe it or not i was not sick! ha!

what have i learned:

- shooters are not your friend, although they will make you new ones in no time, they always come back to bite you in the ass
- do not take raunchy photo's with brother-in-law, espically when it's not my camera and i have no control over deleting it
- do not flirt with said brother-in-law, even though he is really, really cute.......
- always pack advil in my over night bag - so regretted not packing drugs my head still hurts

ah, the joys of drinking!

Congrats Jonathan & Tammy it was a beautiful wedding and an even better party

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

ATTACK of the KILLER house flys

like fer real, i'm so not even kidding i wish to hell i was, and sadly no it wasn't just one fly, no oh no, my house was full, FULL of at least well over 100 fucking house flys. i. kid. you not.

now we have had like 1 or 2 or mabye even 3 in our house at one time before and i always comment to hubby like how do they get in, or better yet i thought that buy "building" a brand spakin new house we wouldn't have this issue as i usually consider or connect them to an older house. don't ask me why i just did. well i don't any more, because we have a problem, or better yet I have a problem as i hate, loathe, disgust any type of insect and once you get a "herd" of them all you can hear is this constant buzzing sound which just makes me shudder just recalling the horror.

so the story goes a little something like this.

i come home from work yesterday just like any other day, only it's really warm, like almost summer weather warm, so it's nice, really nice and sunny, hence the reason these houseflys are out like a banshee and all over the outside of my home. me thinking nothing of it, just enter my house again like any other day (ha) only as i walk through the door, not one or two but (thousands) not sure of the number here but anyways, they all hit me in the face and i hear buzzing, like everywhere and as i slowly turn around, i see them. in fact i almost, almost can't even see my door, that's how many there were. and as i begin to whimper and scream in horror and am now staggering/stumbling futher into my house i see more of them on my other 2 doors. i'm almost now crying at this point and the thought that this is some sort of practical joke that my hubby has played on me crosses my mind but i cross that out as he just wouldn't be that cruel (one would hope)

so with tears in my eyes and a scream captured in my throat i grab my weapon of choice. well really two. i first tried my piece of crapola of a vacuum cleaner, it did well but was just lacking the suction power i desired. so my weapon was........WINDEX and it's sidekick PAPERTOWEL, i think these two would rivel BATMAN and ROBIN as they kicked ASS. still. the fuckers got on me though. like . eww. but it worked. and when hubby got home he thought i made the whole thing up as there were only like 1 or 2 still floating around on the ceiling.

would i make this shit up?

like, no

and sadly, i tried to take a picture to capture all this drama so that i would have proof but the light from the door ruined it all to hell