Friday, September 15, 2006

Goodbye Summer

even though technically fall doesn't begin til next thursday (the 21st), here's a little diddy from me to you,

Goodbye Summer,
Goodbye my friend,
Goodbye sandals,
Goodbye capris,
Goodbye flirty summer skirts,
Goodbye tank tops,
Goodbye strawberry shortcake,
Goodbye corn on the cob,
Goodbye BBQ,
Goodbye blackflies i'll even miss you too,
Goodbye painted toes,
Goodbye hot, muggy, humid days,
Goodbye thunderstorms,
Goodbye reality t.v.,
Goodbye Summer,
Goodbye my friend,
I will miss you,
I will miss you til we meet again,

Hello Fall,
You are not my friend,
Hello red, yellow, and orange leaves,
Hello cold damp mornings and evenings,
Hello fog,
Hello rainy days,
Hello hunting season,
Hello everything "camo",
Hello thanksgiving,
Hello halloween,
Hello sweaters,
Hello socks and coats,
Hello wood heat,
Hello dry skin,
Hello must see t.v.,
Hello fall,
You are not my friend,
How i loathe thee,
How i loathe thee til the bitter end,


Wandering Coyote said...

You can still have strawberry shortcake in seasons other than summer. Trust me, I've done it.

I love fall. I'm not a summer person at all. Cannot take the heat, not a sun worshipper. I see, though, that you've found some positives in fall, like must see TV. It's not all bad!

luckysevn said...

Awww!!! I like fall, too!!! I think I just like the varity in the change of the seasons... that is, until winter starts to really get to me at some point in February every year. I hate cold weather and lack of daylight...

Sadie Lou said...

I love being all cozy by the fire, watching movies and leaving the window open at night while I snuggle into flannel sheets and down blankets.
I love the pretty leaves and how they crunch under my feet.
See Ya Summer!

Nancy Drew said...

What those guys said! I love fall too.

Not what comes AFTER it, but hey...

Have you read Simple Abundance? Recommend it highly. It helps, trust me....

flea said...

wc- yeah but it's just never quite the same, not sure why but i think it's just the summer vibe

lucky - i don't mind fall i just hate what follows afterwords, and just that "depressing" feeling that comes along with it that and i much prefer summer over any other season

sadie - lol! can't say i agree with you but that's what makes this world so great ~ everyone is different!

nd - i'll definetely look into it thatnks for the referal!

Barry said...

Fall isn't so bad - at least it's not too hot to breath in the fall. :D

Kuan Gung said...

Bring em all on...I guess we have no choice, however they all have their beauty

mcBlogger said...

you can still have reality tv, it's not going anywhere. A shame really. you can also still paint your toes, just no one will see them.

There is some good things to fall too.
pretty scarves
funky coats
total wild boots with skirts
list goes on my friend.. :)

flea said...

barry - true, and good point

kuan gung- thanks for stoppin by! and yes, i'm afraid we can't really do nothin about the seasons, but appreicate them for the natural beauty they reveal to us

mcB - i agree with your list, and honestly i'm amazed that i'm out numbered regarding this post. i luv summer, it's my favorite month and i hate to see it end. my main reason for disliking fall is because it usually triggers off ~gasp~ my depression and or anxiety for several reasons i won't get into at this moment. yes it's truly beautiful, and there are awsome things that i could post about it, but i didn't, perhaps another day :P

Jenni said...

I'm a huge fall fan as well. The smell is clean and crisp, campfires, sweatshirts, being bundled up under my down comforter.


Welcome fall!

PS: Your last post cracked my up.
And don't feel bad...I passed out on my bathroom floor last saturday night at the tail end of a party I had at my house.

My best friends drew all over my leg to before they helped me to bed.

I love them.