Thursday, September 28, 2006

let the whining begin

are u ready for it? lord i hope so as i'm in a "pity me" mood today

you know that song "every breath you take", i think it's by Sting or the Police or something, but that about sums it up. or better yet every time i take a breath and have it hurt like a son of a bitch, this song runs through my head. not sure which is worse at this point

i literally crawled, hauled my ass out of bed this morning (getting out of bed with sore ribs is the wurst). did. not. want. to. get. up. or move. grabbed the 1st comfy thing i saw (jeans & baggy sweater), pulled hair into pony tail, slapped on some foundation and mascara and came to work. i don't even think i combed my hair.

so tired, words cannot express or do justice

called an made another dr appt for this afternoon, i'm demanding x-rays this time. i'm just scared i'm going to cry as the pain is that bad and i'm also super emotional lately, course it's my dr he already knows how mentally fucked up i am, so i shouldn't be concerened but still it would be embarassing

i so considered calling in sick again today, is that wrong?

in fact i'm working thru lunch and leaving after said dr appt this afternoon and not coming back, noramlly this would have me extactic, but i have no MOJO today and i'm more releaved than anything to leave early and crawl back in my bed

the only bra that i can wear and be "comfortable" in is my sports bra, all my other ones cut into my sore spot right along my ribs. luckily i am not well endowed in the "breast" department

omg sneezing is the absolte worst, worst pain i have ever experienced

super cold today too, despite the fact that i'm wearing a tee-shirt & sweater

think i just need to have a good cry and get it over with. anyone have any good suggestions of a sad, sad movie to watch? open to ideas

i've gained the 5 pounds i lost back in a week and a half. how depressing is that. oh, and i can't exercise cause it hurts

i don't get paid til next thursday, a week from today and were flat broke

why, why did they have to move Grey's Anatomy to thursdays' the same time that CSI is on? WHY!?

and where the hell is Medium? i sure hope they didn't scrap this show, will be really pissed

i'm home alone the next few days as hubby is away for the Big Moose hunt 2006. so exciting (rolling eyes), i'm actually secretly hoping they don't get one this year, god i'm evil

poor poor pitiful me, eh? god i shouldn't be this way, there are way more worse things that are happening in the world, but i just can't seem to snap out of it. perhaps i will get smashed tonight all by my lonesome with my dogs and cats.

peace out! :P


Dawn said...

I get a strong urge to come over and mother you and shower you with some good food and lots of tender loving care. I hope your ribs feel better!!! If you want a great sobbing movie, watch THE NOTEBOOK. The best sobber I have sobbed to in a long time. I found my way over here from Miss1999 - I laughed so much at your reaction to her cat! I'll be back and hope you will be feeling better.

flea said...

dawn - awwww and Welcome! i luv meeting new people, the more the merrier! finally am getting a chest and rib x-ray done tomorrow thank god, mabye, just mabye will find out if it's a fractured rib. i too thought of the notebook, i may just go there.......again thanks for stopping by i'll drop by yours when i get a second :0)

Miss 1999 said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon- being sick SUCKS- get in the bed, and get some rest! *hugs*

PS: Glad ya liked Morris ;0)

Wandering Coyote said...

Hey, you get sick a lot it seems to me. I wonder if there's something else going on in your body with you immune system or something. DON'T WORRY ABOUT TAKING TIME OFF WORK. It's not good to spread the germs around no matter what people say.

BTW, my blogfriend Lala apparently lives close to you. She's on my blogroll under Lala. Go say hi.

Sadie Lou said...

It sounds like you have what I had. Did you recently have pnemonia or some other lung/chest cold? You might have what they call 'pluracie'. That's how it's pronounced PLUR-A-SEE.
Tell your doc you suspect that.
I had pnemonia and the complication is when your lung gets dried out and sticks the inner lining of your chest cavaity.
It hurts like nobody's business. I totally know.
I'd be surprised if your symptoms were not from this. It takes weeks to get over it. Do not do ANY heavy lifting or strain yourself and see a DOC right away.
Poor baby.

mcBlogger said...

Oh dear, I think you should definitely deman xrays if they hurt that much. Hope your feeling better soon. Chin up, ol-girl, you'll pull through, and a good pitty party is good for you once in a while. Renting some sad movies should help get that cry out too. How did this happen anyways?

Nancy Drew said...

WC is freakin' right GET the hell well missy or I am gonna come over there and make ya!!!!!

tshsmom said...

Medium was picked up by one of the cable networks. Don't ask me which one; I keep finding it by accident. :( Maybe I'll figure it out by the time the reruns start?