Friday, September 29, 2006

it's HERE!!

my Ojon has arrived people!!

i want you all to do a happy dance for me as i'm totally un-able to at this time

and sadly not even this could snap me out of my funk, i didn't go to work today, x-rays are done and now i'm just waiting to see if they call me stating that they "found" anything, and drugs that they gave me still don't take all the pain away.


still though, i'm remaining positive, HAPPY FRIDAY BIATCHES!

luv you all! :P


Miss 1999 said...

Yay!!! I'm glad it finally got there- but sad to hear you're still hurting :0( I hope you get to feeling better soon, and you get some rest *hugs*

flea said...

miss1999-aww shucks your so nice and bubbly how could anyone not love you! planning to take it easy all weekend, and thanks for the hugs i needed it :0)

Barry said...

flea - I hope you feel much better, I hope it isnt anything big! well...bad!!! U know what I mean

Nancy Drew said...

Flea, so glad that you at least got X rays but am so sure it was appendix. So you did see a doc? Sorry about the threat the other day, only did that because am really truly worried about you.

You're really going from bad to worse and that ain't good.

The only thing I can think of that hurts that bad is ribs but was so sure it was an appendix not that I know anything. Sheesh. The only thing left is to go to emerg.

Anonymous said...

Yup, I'm doin' a happy dance for you...of course I look like an epileptic and a fool, but what the's too windy to pick rocks.

Seriously hope everything's OK for you though!

tshsmom said...

Unfortunately, pain is a necessity. Pain is the body's way of telling us that something's wrong.

Dawn said...

Pleased to hear that although you are still in paing, you felt like doing the happy dance - HAPPY is the best healer. Will be back to see what the rays revealed. Did you do that sobbing movie, by the way? Feel better every day. xox

Jackson said...

Hey flea thanks for stopping by my blog :)Another Monique and Louis fan!Come back and see me sometime and I do hope you get to feeling better ;)

flea said...

barry - chanks! and i totally get what you mean

nd - aww, you always just have to go that extra step don't you, such a mother hen and i appreicate your concern though, but i'm hanging in and takin it one day at a time, they say it takes 6 wks for rib recovery and i'm at 3, halfway there!! :P

scrunch - you always make me laugh, and i'm glad someone did a happy dance for me

tshsmom - so true, and you couldn't have said it better

dawn - didn't do the sappy movie, but wen't for 2 comedies instead and even though it hurt to laugh am feeling much better (mood wise)

jackson - thanks for stoppin by and i will be sure to as Dancing with the Stars continues, glad that i've found another fan!