Sunday, November 25, 2007

sleepy or grumpy...or both

so i've been majorly tired for the past few weeks, can't seem to sleep when i want to which thus makes me grumpy. so i guess i'm both dwarves from snow white.

can anyone else remember the names of the rest of them?

cuz i only remember these two & sneezy or is there a sneezy?

and am i the only grownup that wants to watch the new disney flick "enchanted"? for some reason i really want to see this movie....

so due to my severe tiredness i haven't been doing much. i pretty much just lounge ALL day on my days off and then head back to the grind of the workforce on monday, even more tired than i was on friday.

well i due manage to take the dogs for a walk but that's about it

pretty boring life i must say but that's all i got for now (i just got really tired again....think i may go have a nap)

peace out

Friday, November 23, 2007

gone and done it now

like an idiot that i am, i succumed to the now "infamous" video online 2 girls 1 cup.

2 days ago i'd never heard tell of this website and frankly i wished that i had never googled the damn thing in the 1st place. and i'm not really sure why i'm venting this here as the last thing i want is for other people to be as traumatized as i still am. but i'm getting ahead of myself. like all good stories it needs a beginning....

so i'm doing my random checks on the blogs i like to frequent and while visiting Mo's site it leads me to watch a video of a man watching yet another video that we can't see and he's gagging/vomiting what not. frankly i wasn't amused but yet i still watched and just had to investigate further (which is so like me), come to find out that the said video in question is quite poplar on youtube of people watching it and gagging and what not by now my curiosity is peaked, what the hell is this video and it cannot possibly be that disgusting.

hahaha oh man what a fool i am i soooo should've known better


so i do more research

and lo and behold i find the website (which i'm not sharing as i do not recommend anyone to watch this EVER! but if you are like me you are bound to find it anyways...just be forewarned)

i watch it once, and honestly i thought to myself ok eww, and somehow convinced myself it was like watching a fake movie. i wasn't that repulsed.

then i watch it again (like a dumbass) and now i'm gagging, omg did she just do what i think she just did and *insert vomiting sounds here several in fact*

then i go out to the hubs violated beyond words and made him come and watch it cuz i just couldn't believe my eyes. i couldn't even get through the last time and now i cannot get this freaking video out of my head and i want to gag/vomit every time i think of it

like how the hell could anyone, ANYONE eat poo, and then vomit on the poo and eat it too

i don't care how high you are on crack you would never, EVER do anything like that if you were in your right mind


not only is that bad enough but to then tape it, and sadly have people like me sit and watch it and now talk about it on their blog.

what a sad sad world we live in today

i think i may go huddle under my bed covers and never come out again

Thursday, November 15, 2007

while the boy is away...a girl must play!! mwhaaa

ok, that's a bit much

but i'm FREE

totally alone

just me and the dogs.....

and the cat...

ok mabye not entirely alone but you get my drift

it's the hubs "annual end of the hunting season drunk fest weekend" that he attends every year, with the same friends at the same stupid camp...blah blah...tradition....whatever

i used to hate/dread these weekends

now however i somewhat look forward to them


i can do whatever i want (not like i don't usually but you know) just stupid stuff

like eating cookie dough that i had stashed away, until my belly hurts and i want to vomit....but it was soooo yummy!

watching all the t.v. shows THAT I WANT TO stupid survivor, or the discovery channel!!!!

sit in my "fat" jogging pants with paint on them, no makeup, hair not done, etc, etc

perhaps lay in bed ALL day on saturday


go shopping and spend money i don't have

or crank up the christmas tunes and decorate the house....mabye not, cuz i'm not THAT ambitious

either way the possibilities are endless

i'm almost so excited i could squeal like a wee little pig


mabye not like a pig.....

HEE!! i'm free!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

blurb it's


man what a long, rough go the last four weeks, but it's OVER and the bestest part is I have officially worked my last day at the evil call center and I start yet another new job tomorrow. here's to hoping that 3rd time is the charm and that i can finally get back to a somewhat normal life as i won't have to work anymore weekends or have people yell and scream at me all day!


it's my dad's b-day today!! happy birthday daddy!!!

you know i've been so busy/self evolved i hadn't even noticed that we are into November, my least favorite month. man where have the last few weeks gone? oh, right..we won't go there again...stupid call center


what else is new?

not much really

i'm still poor/broke

still 20 pounds over weight

and i almost suffered from a mental breakdown...ok, mabye that's dramatic but yet not, cuz it was just that bad. truly, i wasn't happy and was in a very dark place the last few months, i hope this new job brings new change/light to my life. i feel so much better already just knowing that i don't have to go back there and sit and say mindless things over and over, and did i mention the people yelling/screaming at me.....sigh...i wonder if i can get hyponotized to forget it all.....

my new puppy, isn't really a puppy anymore. well he's only 6 months but man he is already as big as zoey and STILL growing. all he does is eat. he is going to be freakin huge. have to soon make his appointment to get his "boys" cut off. poor bastard.

still have yet to start christmas shopping, and dreading every second of it

and i had my 1st ever flat tire a couple weeks ago. so. not. cool. thankfully, the hubs was home and came to my rescue. could've been much worse.

anyways.....i must get to my housework it's been 4 weeks of the hubs doing some of the cleaning, so you can just imagine what my house looks like

i've missed all of you and can't wait to catch up

peace out :P