Thursday, November 15, 2007

while the boy is away...a girl must play!! mwhaaa

ok, that's a bit much

but i'm FREE

totally alone

just me and the dogs.....

and the cat...

ok mabye not entirely alone but you get my drift

it's the hubs "annual end of the hunting season drunk fest weekend" that he attends every year, with the same friends at the same stupid camp...blah blah...tradition....whatever

i used to hate/dread these weekends

now however i somewhat look forward to them


i can do whatever i want (not like i don't usually but you know) just stupid stuff

like eating cookie dough that i had stashed away, until my belly hurts and i want to vomit....but it was soooo yummy!

watching all the t.v. shows THAT I WANT TO stupid survivor, or the discovery channel!!!!

sit in my "fat" jogging pants with paint on them, no makeup, hair not done, etc, etc

perhaps lay in bed ALL day on saturday


go shopping and spend money i don't have

or crank up the christmas tunes and decorate the house....mabye not, cuz i'm not THAT ambitious

either way the possibilities are endless

i'm almost so excited i could squeal like a wee little pig


mabye not like a pig.....

HEE!! i'm free!!

1 comment:

Swishy said...

Fun!!! Yes, the girl MUST play!