Friday, November 20, 2009

light at the end of the tunnel

there is an end in sight!

I had my 39 week prenatal appointment today and I finally got a good, kindhearted Dr. who has swooped in and saved the day. This is the first Dr. that I have had since I was initially transferred from one hospital to another that I have actually liked, or better yet who actually seemed to care about me, my condition that I have and actually listened/seemed interested in what I had to say, my last few appointments were horrible experiences so it was nice to finally get some answers.

Of course he didn't stand a chance as I practically burst into tears when he asked how I was coping/holding up and I may have over exaggerated my SVT symptoms (sort of, but not really as I have been having more "episodes") but it's all for a good reason AND better yet I have already started the process on my own (sort of). My cervix is 2 cm dilated and has started to soften so really I could go into labour on my own this weekend but if I don't I'm scheduled to be induced on Monday!!!


Thank god I won't have to go past my due date, or even until 42 weeks

thank you
Thank You

now if you are really there god, please get the wheels turning and tell my baby to come out this weekend as that super nice Dr. (who I could've kissed) is on call this weekend and it would be really great if I could have him deliver my baby...pretty please??

so the end is near my friends ~ 3 more (possible) days!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

killing time

as I have a lot of free time on my hands (for the moment) my days are pretty long and extremely boring. I mostly mindlessly surf the Internet, checking crackbook every half hour hoping for something to change (nothing ever does), visit Perez Hilton & TMZ and I even frequent the shopping channel website (thankfully, I have so far been able to resist purchasing anything although I came really close the other day to buying a new laptop...).

I am now hooked to HGTV and love the shows - Property Virgins, House Hunters & Restaurant Makeover

I also watch quite a bit of the Slice network - Til Debt do us Part & Wedding SOS

pretty much the only show left on TLC that I want to watch is - Say Yes to the Dress, I cannot get enough of this show! like how much I love Randy and ALL the dresses! I also still cannot believe that people pay as much as they do for the "perfect dress" - CRAZY but I love it!

and because I've lost interest in a lot of shows that I used to love (ahem Gossip Girl, So You Think You Can Dance) I've finally joined the club of watching t.v shows on DVD

I can't forget about Ellen & Oprah gotta watch those two shows too every day or at least if Oprah has something non depressing/serious I'll watch it

the hubs and I are also getting caught up on Dexter (Season 2 & 3), I borrowed the DVD's from my hairdresser and OMG we both LOVE this show! we wrapped up season 2 last week and are on about episode 4 of season 3, it's just so good and I so didn't know that Jimmy Smits was on this show! Love him too! course now I swear even more than I did (which I didn't think was possible) but whatever

moving on..

ok, I have always loved General Hospital and have watched it since the early 90's but how freakin cool is it that James Franco will be joining the cast for 10 - yes TEN episodes starting this Friday - November 20th (how much you want to bet that baby flea will probably pick this day to make her arrival?)

can you say HOTTIE


oh and the storyline actually sounds pretty interesting too...

cannot wait to watch

oh and I actually read a book that wasn't about breastfeeding, going into labour or about babies for a change, miz jilly lent me the latest Sophia Kinsella novel and I read it in a day. it was light fluff and a fun read, nice to get away from my reality and step into another one

and the other 12 + hrs of the day consist of eating, sleeping and frequent trips to the bathroom. I think I may take up permanent residence in my bathroom as I spend most of my time there

One more week til D-day (aka Due Date) but I have a feeling i'm totally going to be overdue and that this will be a December baby. I hope to god i'm wrong

over and out

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I've been benched, sidelined put out of the game

this waiting thing really, really, REALLY SUCKS!

I'm beyond uncomfortable

to all the people that have been saying all along that I will go "early" I HATE you, way to get a pregnant women's hopes up all for nothing. I'm beginning to think that she will never come out! I cannot fathom 10, TEN more days of this!!!!

so in case you are wondering - no least not yet

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

in loving memory

for those of you who have been with me over the years you may know that I usually do up a post or write up about a dear friend of mine - Lisa - who was tragically killed in a car accident on this day, so I always hate November 9/10th (the car crash happened on the 9th, she was taken off life support on the 10th).

this year i'm keeping it short and sweet

I can't believe it has been eight years, so much has changed, sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday as I can remember everything in such vivid detail and then days like today it feels like a whole other life ago

I miss you so much sometimes and I think of you often

you will never be forgotten

I leave you with a fav pic of mine of all us girlfriends at Marsha's wedding dance, I think this was the year before she died

left to right
Sandy, me, Marsha, Jilly and Lisa
Friends Forever

Thursday, November 05, 2009


*WARNING* major pregnancy rant ahead, you may want to skip this post. remember you have been warned

18 days ppl

or less depending on if I "go early" or not which every single person I know seems to think that I will. so then of course I get excited and think ok today is the day, and then, nothing. this does not include the tips that people just have to tell you to "bring on labour".

like for example having lot's of sex (which the hubs is ALL over, cuz frankly he hasn't gotten much through this pregnancy) but honestly there is nothing more un-appealing or sexy about getting nekid when you are 9 months pregnant and feeling like a whale but heck i'm willing to try just about anything at this point to get this over with. and well, let's just say so far this hasn't worked yet either

then there's the good old faithful of tweaking of ones nipples, or take a drive over a bumpy road. I haven't become desperate enough (at this point) to try either of these i'm still recuperating from the traumatic sex experiences mentioned above.

when I do leave my house (which is not often) I am constantly asked, "how much longer" or "must be any day now dear" which is all well and good and nice of people to ask or care, but frankly I just want to rip there faces off

in fact I want to rip a lot of people's faces off

irritable and cranky doesn't even come close to the rage I have been feeling lately

nobody is safe

then on top of that I discover that my now sausage like legs have become stretch mark heaven, they have become my very own road map. I discovered this yesterday and had a good cry. the hubs didn't even ask as he knows better by now to just keep his mouth shut. but really, why on my legs? why! I can handle the ones on my belly at least they can be covered but the ones on my legs.....sigh i'm ruined!!!!

this old girl ain't what she used to be

I also have to deal daily with the babies feet or bum sticking waaaayyy out of my belly leaving me wondering if it will poke right through the skin as the skin does not look like it can stretch any more, but it always does. it's the weirdest, grossest yet coolest thing ever

and then there are my feet

yes, I know I've complained about them before but guess what they still are hurting like a mofo, and the swelling!! UGH! they puff all up and do not look like they belong to me at all, in fact they seem so far away at times I think that they aren't mine

another thing that I've just noticed within the past couple of weeks is that it is now even difficult to wipe my own ass

and gassy

holy hell I thought that was just something funny they made up for movies

I hadn't really had much of an issue with gas until a few weeks ago (then again most of my pregnancy up until a few weeks ago was a piece of cake!) now I could be a methane gas producer, it's that bad

and the heartburn. OMFG the heartburn/indigestion is killing me!

i keep trying to tell myself it's almost over, only a little bit left but it isn't working

fun times

fun times