Monday, April 30, 2007

wig out

so ummm it just so happens that the hubs birthday is tomorrow, and well i didn't actually forget it or anything but yet i almost have sort of have

i have no cake...

no gift...

or card


and there is no way i'm doing it tonight after work cuz i've had a shitty ass day and am still hungover from partying it up on saturday night..

which means i'll have to get all this stuff tomorrow and then somehow act like i had it already planned, and i somehow doubt that all this will go smoothly as i seem to be somewhat accident prone or i have a case of what I call the "dropsee's"

it all started when that damn alarm wen't off and I did not want to wash my hair, thus, i now have a greasey pony tail. then what to wear, what to wear...jeans, definetely a top....hmm this one's good, oh wait i need to cut out the you can just guess what happend? yup, cut a hole in my new shirt that i have yet to wear....fuck it i'm wearing it anyways....then it's breakfast (milk was spoiled but i used it anyways..), let the dogs in/out and i'm running late but so what....and the day has progressed from there...and oh yeah i forgot it's his Birthday tomorrow!!!!

must remain calm and have a plan, it will all be ok once i have a plan...

Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Five

haven't done one of these in awhile so here they are:

Akon - Don't Matter (i call this my Jamaica song...)

Nelly - All Good Things (Come to an end)

Ne-Yo - Because of you

Sean Paul - Never Gonna be the same

Linkin Park - What I've Done

Happy Friday all!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

wednesday t.v. recap

quite the night for t.v last night and god knows i'm a t.v. crack whore!

1st up was LOST

*don't read if you haven't watched it yet!!!

some interesting things last night! seems like where finally getting somewhere with the story line, Sun's baby is Jin's and she's probably only got about 2 months to live, creepy guy with the eye patch is Alive, new girl claims that there plane was found with no survivors, and Juliet leaves a msg for Ben....quite a lot to take in.

I particulary enjoy Sun/Jin's backstories, wasn't it interesting that it was her that caused Jin to work for her father and that's what caused there marriage problems? it was also interesting to discover that the women blackmailing her was Jin's mom (i sort of suspected that), this show just keeps us guessing and i can't wait to see where there going with things

next up was American Idol Gives back

even though i'm not an American and I can't vote or donate to this cause I still wanted to watch and support the cause. I think it's great that this show did this, this is the most watched show and to broadcast this sort of thing to so many people is HUGE, so kudos to the pps who though of it and put it in motion. it's a harsh reality that a lot of people don't realize how many people are dying/starving and I'm sure they raised an insanely amount of money which will go to good use

2ndly - what the hell or where the hell were Pink and Gwen Stefani? they kept saying in the promo shows that they would be there and unless i am on crack or something i did not see them? i stayed and watched that for 2 hrs and they weren't there! so should have just gone to bed

jack black is freaking hilarious!

Ellen is freaking hilarious!

kelly clarkson was amazing in her performance but one could also not help but notice that she has god i hate to even say it "gained a little weight" which is perfectly fine and ok, but then to be in such a shoddy sack of a dress that enhances it 10X worse, not cool, i still love her though and can't wait for her new album

did not dig the celine/Elvis performance at all

the staying alive video was pretty cool with all the celebs in it

why couldn't they have just announced at the start that everyone was safe this week instead of dragging it out, that was time wasted in my opinion

also thought we were going to re-live the whole super bowl "nipple" scandal cuz Annie Lennox's boob could've popped out at any second while she was playing the piano, and i so wished she would've sang a different song than what she did

and that's about it

oh and i loved Bono at the end :P

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


i have this ity bitty fetish with lotions/shampoo's/body wash which results in me having an over abundance of the aforementioned....

i currently have at least 8 shampoo's and conditioner's on the go, i have my Ojon (my fav), my John Frieda just for blonde's, my salon stuff (think it's Joico), and lastly my Alberto stuff that smells like flowers....

then there is also my body wash

luckily, I only have the one in my shower right now as I don't think i could squeeze anything else in....but it's almost gone :( ,which means i soon have to make a visit to Sephora or the dreaded local department store isle of hundreds apon hundreds of options. even if i went in knowing i only needed to purchase body wash i would totally come out with new shampoo and lotions too even though i currently have tons of these products (most of which are half full) it wouldn't matter! I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to this stuff, not sure why really either, but i always have to walk quickly thru these isles, chanting to myself that i will not cave, i will not cave!

so my new vow/goal to myself is to not purchase any new product until I've used every last bit of lotion that's half full, every last bit of body wash, every last bit of shampoo (that will be awhile). and by putting it here it just makes it legit/final, so there is no going back...


this is going to be hard

Thursday, April 19, 2007


interesting show last night!!

what's your thoughts/feedback? i've yet to venture over into spoiler territory yet but i wanted to see what everyone made of it first...

who was the girl at the end? and didn't you totally think desmond was going to let charlie die!?

and am i the only one the loves sawyer and kate together??

I love this show!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


why is it that after such a tragedy like in Virgina the news (in particular CNN) has to continuously flaunt and throw it in our faces? I know it was terrible, horrible, tragic but is it really necessary to talk about it 24/7 and to hound the poor family members and police force who are in shock? this honestly disgusts me...

why is it that they are questioning the gun laws and the individual who sold that crazy mofo his gun?? as if he knew the guy was a psycho....honestly?? wtf

why is it that everytime there are men that are drinking and at first having a grand ole time end up fist fighting with each other and causing a scene, thus runing it for everyone else? this is your classic bar fight scenario and honestly why?? can't everyone just have a good time without the fights? i hate the fights

why is it i can't drink/party it up like i used to without feeling like ass 2 days afterwords??

why is the weather being so difficult? I just want it to be spring already!

why is American Idol still so popular, better yet what is everyone's obession with Sanjaya? i wish they could just fast foward and it would be Melinda, Jordin and Blake in the final 3 instead of delaying the whole process

why are we still hearing about Baby Dannilyn? who cares!

why is it that we care more about celebs and there drama than global warming?

why is it that i can't seem to stop eating?

why do i chew and chew my nails even though there is nothing more to chew?

why can't i just get a break and win the lotto or something..?

why do i have to have serious crampage and bloatedness? can't someone invent something to take this away?

why can't i be back in Jamaica?

why is it that i have so many ideas yet not source of $$ to implement them?


Friday, April 13, 2007

snow snow go AWAY!!


somebody up there really, really hates my neck of the woods, honestly what is up with all this GD Snow!!!!!!! it is April isn't it? geesh. i feel like i've been sucked into a time warp and back to 2 months ago. this is just not right and should not be allowed!

my drive in this morning was insane and frighteningly scary, i actually probably could've called and said i wasn't coming in but i felt that i had to cuz i'm filling in a position where i just shouldn't do that cuz i have so much shit to look after/do. on the plus side though work bought us all lunch on them so that was pretty sweet, still though it's now crazy ass quiet and boring and i am not looking forward to going back outside into the snow and driving home in this shit...

anyways, i hope none of u all are affected by this and that everyone has a happy merry weekend and pray that the weather improves


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

having to actually "work" stinks!

you know i work full time, but not really "full" time, usually my days are pretty laid back, i do minimal work and pretty much surf and what not the rest of the time...

well the last few days have been insane!!!!!!! literally

i actually had to make a "to do" list, scary! even scarier it worked! i was at least some what more organized and not so chaotic today, and thankfully that evil phone was not anywhere near as busy as it was on monday. still though, i'm exhausted, i come home from work and i'm brain fried. so.tired. yet at the same time i'm lovin being busy, my day flies by i'm not snacking near as much in fact its hard to even remember oh it's time to eat now, the only downside is i'm so behind on all your blogs it's not even funny, i have no time! & i lost like a week while i was away and i miss u all! i'm having blogger withdrawl, but i just can't seem to find time and catch up with everyone...


Monday, April 09, 2007

miz cranky pants

ok, first of all working Easter Monday suxs ASS

2ndly i hate covering off for pps while they are on vacation (sorry melissa i still luv you), it's more that i'm thrown into something that i cannot possibly seem to prepare or train for, we've tried several times to go over things and i always think it's ok, and well it's not, i want to pull my freakin hair out, honestly, and this is only day 1 of 6...

3rdly i'm tired, i know i was just on vacation but i'm freakin tired, like can hardly keep my eyes open tired

4thly i gained like 6 pounds over the weekend i swear, damn you Easter Bunny!

5thly i have a headache which i think has resulted in my talking on the phone all GD day, repeating the same damn thing like 100 times, i swear if it rings again i'm going to scream


i hate mondays

Thursday, April 05, 2007

as promised

miz flea flea @ dinner one night

striking a pose

yeah i know the dates mucked up, my camera went all snakey on me...anyways, this is a pic of the cliff's @ Rick's Cafe, the water was Amazing here..

the sandy beach of Negril, man i wish i could've been here all week..

pretty mural in the lobby @ the hotel


me and my "bubba" mug, i highly recommend everyone have one of these if you go away

Rasta man sellin his "wares", this is my fav pic

view from mom & dad's room

miz jilly striking a pose (she does it much better than i)

and lastly me workin my cowboy hat (well at least tryin..)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

back to reality....

dang it all to hell I'm back, and it's freezing, and to top that off it's snowing! god hates me i know it...


i had a super fantastic time, so did not want to come home (well OK maybe a little, i did miss the hubs and my pets..), i LOVE, LOVE love JAMAICA and there people. there so laid back and easy going i wish i could be more like that the first few days i was obsessed with Bob Marley music and now i cannot stand to listen to one song....

so in my typical fashion here's a break down of my trip (pics to follow), I'll start with the lows:


- 6 of us in a van packed full of our luggage (we way over packed, so stupid, will know better for next time) and only 1 hr or so on the road we break down...
- me sicker than a dog during drive to Halifax and the flight to Jamaica, i also probably spread the plague to everyone on the plane
- discovering that the resort we were staying at included kids
- the beach, very disappointing at our resort, very rocky w/seaweed not what i had imagined but still a beach nothing less
- the room was OK, i know you shouldn't expect much but other rooms had bugs and Mold, not nice, thankfully we didn't spend much time there and at least the sheets were clean and fresh everyday
- flip flopping on what to do for "excursions"
- not enough beach chairs, or better yet being pissed off at pps that marked there chairs with towels and then either a)not coming back or b)come back 4 hours later....should be 1st come 1st served, this really ticked me off
- upbraiding my hair, so should not have done this, i only did the front portion thinking i would like it and frankly i hated it and it only stayed in a day and a half, was not fun taking out the beads AT ALL, do not recommend anyone to do this
- Rick's Cafe, did. not.enjoy, way to many people for my liking, could've just been that i was over tired and cranky but i wasn't digging it
- bus ride from hell, on our return trip from Negril late at night, driving on the wrong side of the road (which is there right..) on windy, twisty roads, thought i was going to die, or puke and throw in some nasty, nasty reggae music which i have never heard of i wanted to punch someone in the face
- having to come home and having to wait at the Jamaica airport for an hour + in no air conditioning, i seriously thought i was melting, so freakin hot
- having to sit by a smelly, shady man on the way home who reaked of alcohol and smelled like stinky cigars, he totally was trying to make conversation and i just ignored him...


- Jamaica people!
- sunshine, and hot hot hot
- rum punch and lot's of it
- my discovery of Jamaica Delight's (pineapple juice, lime juice, apricot brandy and rum of course!) so YUMMY!
- our tubing excursion where we discovered that Harry Connick Junior was on our tour. seriously. Harry Connick Junior! 1st celeb siting for me, pretty cool i must say
- having a big sexy black man hit on me while on tubing excursion and having the whole crew of our tour guides call me beyonce, not sure why, but i loved it
- swinging from a rope and droping into the river
- purchasing goods from pps (aka Rasta men which is what i call them cuz i like it) out in the water
- our trip to Negril, the beach there is Amazing! wish i would've been there all week
- all the sexy black men, everywhere
- laying on the beach all day catching the "rays"
- the food, omg the food, was so good
- me loaning mom $2 and her winning like $15+ from a slot machine, too funny, coins were flying out everywhere
- the entertainment, most nights i didn't enjoy but 1 night it was just amazing, it was dancing and drums from Africa, unbelievable, i loved every second and didn't want it to end
- my cousin Pete's wedding was beautiful
- more rum drinks
- lot's of laughs