Wednesday, April 18, 2007


why is it that after such a tragedy like in Virgina the news (in particular CNN) has to continuously flaunt and throw it in our faces? I know it was terrible, horrible, tragic but is it really necessary to talk about it 24/7 and to hound the poor family members and police force who are in shock? this honestly disgusts me...

why is it that they are questioning the gun laws and the individual who sold that crazy mofo his gun?? as if he knew the guy was a psycho....honestly?? wtf

why is it that everytime there are men that are drinking and at first having a grand ole time end up fist fighting with each other and causing a scene, thus runing it for everyone else? this is your classic bar fight scenario and honestly why?? can't everyone just have a good time without the fights? i hate the fights

why is it i can't drink/party it up like i used to without feeling like ass 2 days afterwords??

why is the weather being so difficult? I just want it to be spring already!

why is American Idol still so popular, better yet what is everyone's obession with Sanjaya? i wish they could just fast foward and it would be Melinda, Jordin and Blake in the final 3 instead of delaying the whole process

why are we still hearing about Baby Dannilyn? who cares!

why is it that we care more about celebs and there drama than global warming?

why is it that i can't seem to stop eating?

why do i chew and chew my nails even though there is nothing more to chew?

why can't i just get a break and win the lotto or something..?

why do i have to have serious crampage and bloatedness? can't someone invent something to take this away?

why can't i be back in Jamaica?

why is it that i have so many ideas yet not source of $$ to implement them?



Mo said...

As my grandmother used to say, "Because, that's why."

Still doesn't make it any better though.

flea said...

mo - haha yup that's pretty much all we can say or do

Scottsdale Girl said...

for the cramps?

Might be somethig in your area? I highly recommend this procedure!!

Beth said...

awww Flea, if you go back to Jamaica, please, please, PLEASE take me with you!

Anonymous said...

Hez, people are questioning the gun laws in virginia in particular because they can sell to people without id or anything and there is no wait time - this is something that has to be questioned. Why should anyone and everyone have a weapon? Why should anyone and everyone be permitted to carry a concealed weapon? These things must be addressed. Plus, we can't question and/or analyse the guy who did it 'cause he's dead so there are just more questions and no answers. Sometimes, it's just important that the questions be asked - otherwise, things just continue as if it were normal and okay. Ask lots of questions but do something about the ones you can control, you'll be happier for it. :)