Tuesday, April 03, 2007

back to reality....

dang it all to hell I'm back, and it's freezing, and to top that off it's snowing! god hates me i know it...


i had a super fantastic time, so did not want to come home (well OK maybe a little, i did miss the hubs and my pets..), i LOVE, LOVE love JAMAICA and there people. there so laid back and easy going i wish i could be more like that the first few days i was obsessed with Bob Marley music and now i cannot stand to listen to one song....

so in my typical fashion here's a break down of my trip (pics to follow), I'll start with the lows:


- 6 of us in a van packed full of our luggage (we way over packed, so stupid, will know better for next time) and only 1 hr or so on the road we break down...
- me sicker than a dog during drive to Halifax and the flight to Jamaica, i also probably spread the plague to everyone on the plane
- discovering that the resort we were staying at included kids
- the beach, very disappointing at our resort, very rocky w/seaweed not what i had imagined but still a beach nothing less
- the room was OK, i know you shouldn't expect much but other rooms had bugs and Mold, not nice, thankfully we didn't spend much time there and at least the sheets were clean and fresh everyday
- flip flopping on what to do for "excursions"
- not enough beach chairs, or better yet being pissed off at pps that marked there chairs with towels and then either a)not coming back or b)come back 4 hours later....should be 1st come 1st served, this really ticked me off
- upbraiding my hair, so should not have done this, i only did the front portion thinking i would like it and frankly i hated it and it only stayed in a day and a half, was not fun taking out the beads AT ALL, do not recommend anyone to do this
- Rick's Cafe, did. not.enjoy, way to many people for my liking, could've just been that i was over tired and cranky but i wasn't digging it
- bus ride from hell, on our return trip from Negril late at night, driving on the wrong side of the road (which is there right..) on windy, twisty roads, thought i was going to die, or puke and throw in some nasty, nasty reggae music which i have never heard of i wanted to punch someone in the face
- having to come home and having to wait at the Jamaica airport for an hour + in no air conditioning, i seriously thought i was melting, so freakin hot
- having to sit by a smelly, shady man on the way home who reaked of alcohol and smelled like stinky cigars, he totally was trying to make conversation and i just ignored him...


- Jamaica people!
- sunshine, and hot hot hot
- rum punch and lot's of it
- my discovery of Jamaica Delight's (pineapple juice, lime juice, apricot brandy and rum of course!) so YUMMY!
- our tubing excursion where we discovered that Harry Connick Junior was on our tour. seriously. Harry Connick Junior! 1st celeb siting for me, pretty cool i must say
- having a big sexy black man hit on me while on tubing excursion and having the whole crew of our tour guides call me beyonce, not sure why, but i loved it
- swinging from a rope and droping into the river
- purchasing goods from pps (aka Rasta men which is what i call them cuz i like it) out in the water
- our trip to Negril, the beach there is Amazing! wish i would've been there all week
- all the sexy black men, everywhere
- laying on the beach all day catching the "rays"
- the food, omg the food, was so good
- me loaning mom $2 and her winning like $15+ from a slot machine, too funny, coins were flying out everywhere
- the entertainment, most nights i didn't enjoy but 1 night it was just amazing, it was dancing and drums from Africa, unbelievable, i loved every second and didn't want it to end
- my cousin Pete's wedding was beautiful
- more rum drinks
- lot's of laughs


Mo said...

Still hating you.

But glad you had a good time.

I'm thinking you should post the pic of you with braids.

flea said...

mo - ha! i would hate me too, glad u are honest...and i hate a great time..not sure if i have a close up or not but i'm sure someone else in the group will and i'm sure it's nasty...

Swishy said...

Ohhhh good for you. It sucks to come back from vacation, huh??

Miss 1999 said...

Even with all of the let-downs, I'm still jealous! And glad in spite of everything, ya had a good time! *hugs*

Beth said...

I'm glad you made it back in one piece!! And i need some beach pix to make me jealous!

Jamaican Summer said...

Thanks for an honest vacation review... Glad to know I'm not the only one who hits a few bumps in the road when traveling! At any rate, sounds like you had a great time - but watch out for those bus rides, it'll happen every time!