Thursday, April 26, 2007

wednesday t.v. recap

quite the night for t.v last night and god knows i'm a t.v. crack whore!

1st up was LOST

*don't read if you haven't watched it yet!!!

some interesting things last night! seems like where finally getting somewhere with the story line, Sun's baby is Jin's and she's probably only got about 2 months to live, creepy guy with the eye patch is Alive, new girl claims that there plane was found with no survivors, and Juliet leaves a msg for Ben....quite a lot to take in.

I particulary enjoy Sun/Jin's backstories, wasn't it interesting that it was her that caused Jin to work for her father and that's what caused there marriage problems? it was also interesting to discover that the women blackmailing her was Jin's mom (i sort of suspected that), this show just keeps us guessing and i can't wait to see where there going with things

next up was American Idol Gives back

even though i'm not an American and I can't vote or donate to this cause I still wanted to watch and support the cause. I think it's great that this show did this, this is the most watched show and to broadcast this sort of thing to so many people is HUGE, so kudos to the pps who though of it and put it in motion. it's a harsh reality that a lot of people don't realize how many people are dying/starving and I'm sure they raised an insanely amount of money which will go to good use

2ndly - what the hell or where the hell were Pink and Gwen Stefani? they kept saying in the promo shows that they would be there and unless i am on crack or something i did not see them? i stayed and watched that for 2 hrs and they weren't there! so should have just gone to bed

jack black is freaking hilarious!

Ellen is freaking hilarious!

kelly clarkson was amazing in her performance but one could also not help but notice that she has god i hate to even say it "gained a little weight" which is perfectly fine and ok, but then to be in such a shoddy sack of a dress that enhances it 10X worse, not cool, i still love her though and can't wait for her new album

did not dig the celine/Elvis performance at all

the staying alive video was pretty cool with all the celebs in it

why couldn't they have just announced at the start that everyone was safe this week instead of dragging it out, that was time wasted in my opinion

also thought we were going to re-live the whole super bowl "nipple" scandal cuz Annie Lennox's boob could've popped out at any second while she was playing the piano, and i so wished she would've sang a different song than what she did

and that's about it

oh and i loved Bono at the end :P


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Amreican Idol last night, for


When i watch it, i dont wanna be sad..I wanna be happy...and i was not happy watching it.

but jack black was pretty damn funny.

and I thought the same thing about Kelly..At first I had no idea who it was..I was out of the room when she came on. I asked ole hubby " who is that chub singing"

he said she is not a chub and its kelly clarkson..NO F-ING way is that her..and she looks much better with lighter hair..

I dont watch Lost, so I cant comment on that..haha

Wandering Coyote said...

I enjoyed the LOST episode, too. Too bad the season is winding down...

As for AI, I also remember Seacrest saying something about Pink and Gwen and I kept waiting for them, too. I think it was a great idea to raise this money, and I'm so glad someone is admitting publicly that there is dire poverty in the US that needs to be addressed. And I agree: if everyone was safe, why draw it out like that? I nearly died when I thought Jordan was about to go!

flea said...

bossy - haha i'm sure lot's of pps are thinking the exact same thing!

wc - can't be that many shows left now....:( but it is getting good, i know eh! clever tactic on there part, but i knew that nobody was going home, jordin is my fav and i hope she wins over melinda i'm sorry to say i just can't watch her..she has no neck!!! no neck!!!! gah!

Scottsdale Girl said...

I cried the entire show. CRIED! gah.

LOST OMG! OMG! What the HELL is up with Ol One Eye being alive? And Sun/Jin's backstories bore the everloving shit out of me, but I was happy it was Jin's baby for Sun's sake.

Hails said...

unfortunately i cant really give an opinion on these shows. Aus tv will do that to you. We will probably get it 12 months later, so ill comment then!!!

Gotta love kelly clarkson. bring on her new album!!

Swishy said...

Yeah, that dress didn't do Kelly any favors, huh?

And Ellen is sooo funny!

Wandering Coyote said...

I am rooting for LaKisha, but she isn't doing as well as she once was.