Sunday, January 31, 2010

so long January...SUCKA!

man I hate the month of January, it's right up there with November (which I now can't hate so much as my lil baby was born in this month) and March, I would throw in February as well but you blink and that month is over

surprisingly this month has gone very fast for me

I have survived another month of breastfeeding, diaper changes, baths, changing of clothes, cleaning up of spit ups, waking up at 3 am for a feed barely functioning (this is where just whipping out a boob comes in really handy) and on and on it goes

we have also survived Lily's first batch of immunization needles (now that was a traumatic experience and I have been scared for life) oh how she cried! and then I wanted to cry but I'm sure she forgot about it shortly thereafter but still SO CRUEL! and yes I know in the long run it's best for her as I so wouldn't want her to get polio, or the measles but comon 3 needles in one little babies leg (2 in one leg, 1 in the other) is a bit much. it broke my heart

we also had Lily's 1st playdate with two other babies a couple of months older than her, which is nice a) because I can talk with other moms b)I get out of the house and c) they will eventually be going to school together so why not get them friends before then? I initially was hesitant to do this but I'm so glad that I did and I think we will continue to meet once a month or at least while we are all off on Mat leave

also believe it or not it has been warm enough to go on a couple of walks outside with her which has been really enjoyable

we also had our 1st "day" trip as I had to go to see a specialist 2 hrs away regarding my SVT, went to the mall successfully without incident and we have sense made trip #2 which went a little more smoothly - practice does make perfect...

so the month just blew bye

funny how time really can fly, I just want to hit pause and enjoy every moment. she's growing way to fast...sniff sniff

n'ways good riddance January


from what I have seen of the Grammy's (which is very little snippets) they sooo SUCK. Taylor Swifts performance was horrible and really akward who the hell had the idea to pair her with Stevie Nicks? and who were the bearded cowboy men singing with Guitars? bad, bad bad

Friday, January 29, 2010

cranky pants

and no it's no my precious baby, its ME

i'm so irritable and tired and just plain old cranky that nobody is safe, well, ok Lily makes me happy most of the time but even I have moments with her


i think i'm in a funk or just plain old tired

or maybe i'm pre-menstrual as I am almost done my 1st batch of birth control pills and the 1st period post pregnancy is looming (that aught to be a whopper)

i'm so angry or better yet resentful of the hubs as he can come and go as he pleases and doesn't seem to be as effected of things to do with the baby. he's sooo laid back about it all it makes me sick

i'm really annoyed with my pets too, they have so been demoted in the household...they want in they want out, they bark, there's hair everywhere and I have no time to vacuum. the damn cat was sleeping in the baby's crib (no worries she is still sleeping in her bassinet)

and it goes on and on

tomorrow is another day I sure hope it's better than today cuz I could rip someones face off today

Sunday, January 24, 2010


in honor of my baby girl being two months old today, here are a few pictures from the last few days
8 weeks old, sporting my pink camo outfit that daddy bought special just for me!

just had a bath, all clean!

Lily and I on January 19th, just got my hair all cut off & colored (too dark, not sure I like..)

cuddle time with Mommy, she loves to hold my fingers

Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Golden Globe Fashion Run Down - The BAD

Ok, while I took a break from this last year...let's see if we can dust ourselves off and take a gander at the 2010 awards (which I failed to watch yet again)

now i'm doing this very rushed and hurried and used the 1st site that I came across for pics, and only now discovered that it's showing 2 in 1 so a few of these dresses do not apply

ok here we go

disregard the dress on the left, I love, LOVE Olivia Wilde and she rocked her dress so ignore her... The dress on the right however...meh. I love the color and she is sort of trying to go for the whole peaches and cream thing but I hate the extra fabric across the front (would you call that frilling?) and she's totally almost popping out up top. I mean I can understand as my boobs are huge right now too but keep those things in check!

next we have Amy Pohler who again I love and really her dress isn't that bad, but I must comment on her hair, not liking it that blond, in fact nobody except Gwen Stefani should have hair that blond...Girl on the right - Marion Cotillard however not so lucky. the dress from the waist up is beautiful, love the color but what is up with the whole peak-a-boo slit with the slip showing? strange, very strange

next up we have a girl I don't know and don't want to take time to google again as I can't remember what site I pulled these from. anyways she's a pepto bismal mess. bleh. again with the frilling and wtf is up with the white bow? FUGLY and hello what the hell were you thinking Tina Fey? you make me think of Mary Poppins and that you will float away if the wind was to pick up, and the shoes??!! nasty

oh Rita Wilson, where to begin with you? while I love that you are actually probably the only woman on the red carpet that represents the rest of us actual "real world" women you don't need to make it worse for yourself by wearing a dress that resembles drapery or an area rug. and Anna Paquin are you trying to audition for a new role as a stripper? cuz this is what you make me think you are in this dress, and hello stripper shoes!

and lastly who better to close with than Cher and Mimi?

can I first say that both of these photo's look like they are of wax figures? I should not be surprized as Cher has had more plastic surgery then anyone else in tinsel town. and really we have learned to accept Cher for wacky outfits on the red carpets and she once again does not fail us. I don't even know what to say about this dress really other than it's ugly, and strange and weird. now Mimi however, I do like the dress except for one small detail...there is no fabric in the front AT ALL. like hello titties. and can someone please inform miss mimi that she is no longer 20 some years old and to dress age appropriately?
anyways that's all I have time for for now
peace out

Friday, January 15, 2010

latest and greatest

so with a new year comes the typical "weight" loss/diet mode plans, and needing to shed those extra 25 pounds of baby fat I purchased this:

I have been wanting it for quite awhile, even pre-pregnancy

so it arrived the other day

and it's official I am definitely, DEFINITELY way out of shape

course I did just have a baby and a c-section so I have backup (ahem excuses I know) but anyways this shit is hard, I can still hardly walk 2 days later.

n'ways movin on don't have much time

also took in this movie the other night

now i'm a scary movie fan or I used to be, now i'm just a 29 year old wimp who is scared of the dark (probably from watching one to many scary movies).

this movie was very much like the Blair Witch project, filmed with a hand held camera and making it feel like it was "real" t.v. a bit slow in parts but man it was freaky as hell when it needed to be

and while I don't want to ruin it for anyone who wants to see it

i'll just warn you to watch it with the lights on

and that's all I got

exciting eh

lil flea is doing so well, still breastfeeding and growing like a weed. not looking forward to taking her for her two month needles in a couple of

over and out for now

Friday, January 08, 2010

it's Friday, i'm in love

i'm doing much, much better

and more importantly

i'm sooooo in love with my little flea flea

she's got me hook, line and sinker now

the reason

her smiles

they light up her face

oh and she actually looks at you now which just steals my heart away

it's just so amazing to me the changes in her every day

like how on one day she just all of a sudden had eyelashes

i didn't even realize that she didn't have them until they were just there

it's so hard for me to imagine my life before all of this, I know people say that all the time but it is so true. it's even harder for me to believe it's been six, yes six weeks already. and she's growing we had a Dr. appt yesterday and she is now 10 pounds! and the legs on her, holy (she sure doesn't get it from me) they just go on and on.

so yeah, i'm in love

and i'll try to blog about other stuff besides "baby" as i'm sure you are bound to get sick of hearing it but it's hard as that is my life now

over and out for now