Friday, January 08, 2010

it's Friday, i'm in love

i'm doing much, much better

and more importantly

i'm sooooo in love with my little flea flea

she's got me hook, line and sinker now

the reason

her smiles

they light up her face

oh and she actually looks at you now which just steals my heart away

it's just so amazing to me the changes in her every day

like how on one day she just all of a sudden had eyelashes

i didn't even realize that she didn't have them until they were just there

it's so hard for me to imagine my life before all of this, I know people say that all the time but it is so true. it's even harder for me to believe it's been six, yes six weeks already. and she's growing we had a Dr. appt yesterday and she is now 10 pounds! and the legs on her, holy (she sure doesn't get it from me) they just go on and on.

so yeah, i'm in love

and i'll try to blog about other stuff besides "baby" as i'm sure you are bound to get sick of hearing it but it's hard as that is my life now

over and out for now


Wandering Coyote said...

Happy, happy post, Flea! I am so thrilled to hear this! I told you you'd be great!!!

Bina said...

How sweet! She's smiling at you!!! And I remember oh so well how heart-melting that is. And honestly, how can you NOT talk about her all time???

flea said...

wc - oh well i wouldn't say that i'm great...but i'm getting better! one day at a time :)

bina - i know, nothing like a big ole toothless grin to make your day

Swishy said...

Don't worry, the Golden Globes are next week ... you'll have lots to talk about when you see the dresses! :)

One day at a time is right ... isn't a cute, smiling baby great though?

Beth said...

a New Mama in love with her baby never gets old keep on with the Baby Flea stories!!!

Jenni said...

I wasn't worried one bit!