Sunday, January 31, 2010

so long January...SUCKA!

man I hate the month of January, it's right up there with November (which I now can't hate so much as my lil baby was born in this month) and March, I would throw in February as well but you blink and that month is over

surprisingly this month has gone very fast for me

I have survived another month of breastfeeding, diaper changes, baths, changing of clothes, cleaning up of spit ups, waking up at 3 am for a feed barely functioning (this is where just whipping out a boob comes in really handy) and on and on it goes

we have also survived Lily's first batch of immunization needles (now that was a traumatic experience and I have been scared for life) oh how she cried! and then I wanted to cry but I'm sure she forgot about it shortly thereafter but still SO CRUEL! and yes I know in the long run it's best for her as I so wouldn't want her to get polio, or the measles but comon 3 needles in one little babies leg (2 in one leg, 1 in the other) is a bit much. it broke my heart

we also had Lily's 1st playdate with two other babies a couple of months older than her, which is nice a) because I can talk with other moms b)I get out of the house and c) they will eventually be going to school together so why not get them friends before then? I initially was hesitant to do this but I'm so glad that I did and I think we will continue to meet once a month or at least while we are all off on Mat leave

also believe it or not it has been warm enough to go on a couple of walks outside with her which has been really enjoyable

we also had our 1st "day" trip as I had to go to see a specialist 2 hrs away regarding my SVT, went to the mall successfully without incident and we have sense made trip #2 which went a little more smoothly - practice does make perfect...

so the month just blew bye

funny how time really can fly, I just want to hit pause and enjoy every moment. she's growing way to fast...sniff sniff

n'ways good riddance January


from what I have seen of the Grammy's (which is very little snippets) they sooo SUCK. Taylor Swifts performance was horrible and really akward who the hell had the idea to pair her with Stevie Nicks? and who were the bearded cowboy men singing with Guitars? bad, bad bad


Wandering Coyote said...

You are doing great, Flea! I am really enjoying your updates because they are honest and balanced and they give me a lot of hope! Keep it up!

Swishy said...


I thought Taylor Swift's performance was really bad. I was like, was she nervous or what?

flea said...

thanks wc! I find that blogging is helping me cope and deal with it all..

swishy - I KNOW! I dunno what was wrong with it, but then again I usually don't like her, or perhaps I am just SICK TO DEATH of her as she has been everywhere and they played that song into the ground (aka way, WAY to much) and she so did not deserve to win album of the year. UGH!

Beth said...

All I saw of the gRammy's was Pink's performance...WOWOWOWOW! and while I KINDA like Taylor Swift...she doesn't sound very good "live"....

and I HATE January too...and February and March..and April......