Friday, January 29, 2010

cranky pants

and no it's no my precious baby, its ME

i'm so irritable and tired and just plain old cranky that nobody is safe, well, ok Lily makes me happy most of the time but even I have moments with her


i think i'm in a funk or just plain old tired

or maybe i'm pre-menstrual as I am almost done my 1st batch of birth control pills and the 1st period post pregnancy is looming (that aught to be a whopper)

i'm so angry or better yet resentful of the hubs as he can come and go as he pleases and doesn't seem to be as effected of things to do with the baby. he's sooo laid back about it all it makes me sick

i'm really annoyed with my pets too, they have so been demoted in the household...they want in they want out, they bark, there's hair everywhere and I have no time to vacuum. the damn cat was sleeping in the baby's crib (no worries she is still sleeping in her bassinet)

and it goes on and on

tomorrow is another day I sure hope it's better than today cuz I could rip someones face off today


Wandering Coyote said...

I have often observed that life changes the least for the father of the house, and no, it doesn't seem fair. This is one thing that frightens me most about motherhood, because it seems to me that it can be very isolating.

I hope you feel better tomorrow, too!

Swishy said...

AHHHHH. I can TOTALLY understand everything you're saying (as much as possible anyway, because you describe it so well) and UGH. I'm sorry! Hang in there Miss Flea (and scream into a pillow if you want, that's what my friend does :) )

flea said...

wc - i know eh! i mean he has been amazing but still it just isn't the same for them..weird and totally frustrating! perhaps it's worse due to the breastfeeding?? I dunno but I do feel isolated..and today is a little better only now I want to cry!

swishy - that is my next step!