Friday, December 29, 2006

tops & flops of 2006

well it's the end (well almost) of 2006 and i'm bored @ work and frankly do not feel like doing another GD thing, thanks the lords there is now only 2 more hrs to burn here, mind u i could actually get quite a lot accomplished as there are only like 4 people actually here today but meh

so instead i would rather rate my tops (aka highs) & flops (lows) of 2006, personally and of course media celeb wise

so starting in no order

my fav NEW t.v. shows : Ugly Betty, Daybreak
wurst T.V. show but yet i can't help but watch: Flavor of Love 2
Best Reality T.V.: So you think u can dance, American Idol and Dancing with the stars 2
some old fav's: Grey's Anatomy, Smallville, LOST, Medium
fav movies: Step Up, The Departed, Casino Royale
top songs: Nelly Furtado "Promiscious girl", Shakira "Hips Don't Lie", Justin Timberlake "SexyBack", Rhianna "SOS", Sean Paul "Temperature", All American Rejects "Move Along",
fav new Band: All American Rejects
fav female celeb: Kate Winslet
fav male celeb: Channing Tatem
wurst/most hated female celeb: Britney Spears
runner up: Paris Hilton
wurst/most hated male celeb: Tom Cruise
runner up: Kevin ahem K-Fed Federline
the births of baby Suri, Shiloh and Kingston James

some personal highlights for me this year:

getting my promotion (SWEET)
getting my OWN office (even sweeter!)
visiting my sissy not once but TWICE
taking in the sights in Toronto
shopping @ the Eaton Centre
the Toronto Zoo
attending Lindsey & Andrew's wedding in Kingston
vacationing in PEI
taking belly dancing lessons
attending brother in laws wedding in St-Andrews (and getting sloshed at the reception)
getting my new precious pink Razor (cell phone) for Christmas!!!!
Miss Jilly moving back home!
purchasing my flat iron, oh how i can't imagine what i ever did before hand
seeing Guns & Roses LIVE!!

some not so personal highlights:

being sick like how many freaking times (i've lost count)
dis-locating my knee & breaking a bone piece off and having to have surgery
having SURGERY people! scared to DEATH!
being locked in a public washroom for like 5+ minutes
losing my uncle Orville in a car accident
having sore ribs for like a month
attack of the killer house flys , so traumatizing

Sunday, December 24, 2006

merry Christmas!!

just wanted to take a quick sec and wish you all a





have a drink, eat some food and spend time with the ones you love, there's no better way to do it folks!


Tuesday, December 19, 2006


omygosh i have way to much info/crap/stuff/lists running thru my brain right now i am in an utter frantic panic and there is no way to possibly contain it any longer



~delivering gifts~

~cooking~ (ha who am i kidding) but i would like too......



it's all rather a bit much and having a lack of $$ in the bank account isn't the nicest feeling either (cursing that GODDAMN bonus yet again, but i'm supposed to have stored that far far away, so i'm sorry for the re-lapse)

so i'm now feeling somewhat guilty as a co-worker got me a lovely present that it just to cute beyond words and honestly i hadn't thought of getting her anything (well i did fleetingly but i thought that surely we wouldn't be doing that here, or perhaps i was wishing we wouldn't as i am a rather selfish person and i don't have the extra cash to spend on yet another gift...) anyways i'm totally rambling, i got a gift and now i should buy her one, but i don't know what, and then i got to thinking that perhaps i should buy cards for everyone in the office as i don't want to exclude anyone or hurt anyone's feelings.......god it's a never ending cycle and i totally should have done this or thought of this weeks ago but sadly i'm not to swift on the up kick and i'm stuck at the last minute trying to scramble for ideas


that was quite the little burst of energy/words that have been pent up ALL day! i sort of feel a little better, but not entirely. is it time to leave yet? i have to get groceries, pick up this and that and i'm sure i'll forget something......

Friday, December 15, 2006

just plain sick

so i've been down and out with a terrible bout of the flu (i will spare you all the traumatic details, and trust me they are traumatic) and today is my first "full day" back at work and i'm freaking exhausted and drained already and it's not even past 10:00 yet.


i guess that's what being out 2 1/2 days in flu hell will do to a person

on the positive side of things i have lost like 8 pounds which i'm sure as soon as my appetite comes back in full force i will put back on in one consumption of sweets, treats and what nots (it is Christmas people) but i'm enjoying being slimmer even if it's only for a few days

other notes, i have been extremely grumpy lately this may be due to my bout of the flu or perhaps i'm just a grinch but i'll be happy, greatful to have this season done and over with, i have several lists in my head that need to be completed yet no idea where to officially start and it stresses me the heck out, thus not making me a happy camper


and also

instead of getting the "christmas cash bonus" that i was oh so ever anticipating this year as i was really hoping to at least pay off one of my evil credit cards, sadly, did not happen. nope. instead i got a $100 gift card to a local grocery store, which by the way i don't even shop at.....anyhoo..... how's that for a slap in the face. totally am not happy about this and not sure if i should break the breach and say something as i don't want to seem ungreatful (when really i am sort of) but frankly i don't think it's fair or right do to give us this without an explanation of some i being wrong here?? i could explain the situation further but frankly i'm sort of tired now and irritated beyond words and yeah. i'm out

happy friday :P

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

latest happenings

not a whole lot really yet i seem to be really busy at the same time......

tis the season


seems like i'm not the only one as other blogs that i frequent have also been slow on the new postings/updates, everone is busy busy busy

has anyone out there actually switched to thew new "betta" blogger yet? they seem to be pushing it extremely hard and yet i'm very hesitant to actually switch as i'm totally lacking the in the computer technology department and i would really hate to lose all my archives as i like to look back and see what/how i was feeling at that time, sort of like your old journal that you just can't throw out, no matter how ratty and beat up it if anyone has switched i would like the down low, is it better, worse?? i'm dying to know!

my office Christmas party is this friday i'm somewhat looking forward to it and i bought a steller new top that i can't wait to wear, now if i can figure out what i want to do with my hair i'll be all set to go

i've also pretty much got my shopping nipped in the butt this year i only have a few more gifts to buy and hubby's stocking stuffers and i'm done

we've got our house all decked out in Christmas trimmings now if only we had our tree......

is anyone else out there tuning into the new show Daybreak on ABC? this is an AWSOME show and if you aren't watching u need too, it's currently filling my LOST void on Wednesday nights and it's got a killer interesting story and Taye Diggs to boot (he's so SEXY!) so i'm anxious for tonights episode as it's just one of those shows you hate to wait for

speaking of t.v shows how freakin awsome is the O.C. this year? it's so much better now without Marissa on it and i'm so lovin Taylor & Ryan! Taylor is really making the show between her and Julie Cooper i dunno who i laugh at more, i give major kudos to the writers and the actors, they are right on performance, keep em comin!

other new: work is well going, exercise not so much and life in general is pretty good

oh and did i mention we are Finished DONE with evil November for another year!! SWEET!

til we meet again, i'm out :P

Monday, November 27, 2006

bringing Whoville to life

so recently my fellow co-workers and myself submitted a float in our local Christmas parade, here are some pics and i'm pretty sure you'll be able to figure out what we were portraying......

(Andi-Ann Who, Lissa-Lou Who, Cindy Lou Who (me), and Mandy-Mae Who, and oh yeah the Grinch)

some last minute touches.....

the ginch's mountain/home

and lastly Andi-Ann Who with her cute as a button nephew Aiden

and sadly despite all our efforts we only came in 3rd, we were totally robbed!!!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Friday Freeplay - take 2

5 songs i'm listening too this week

Say it Right - Nelly Furtado

Patience - Guns and Roses

Gods Gonna Cut U Down - Johnny Cash

Hero - Foo Fighters

Tell Me - Diddy feat Christina Aguilera

Thursday, November 23, 2006

GNR Review

one word people, well two really.....


they blew me away, it was unbelieveable and i'm still stunned/amazed and it's now 2 days later. as you know i'm not a huge fan, i'm really more of a tag along fan as my hubby is quite possibly the biggest "Axel" fan out there, honestly, he like worships him or something, so i was going into this thing with my doubts and lot's of headache medication on hand as some of there stuff just plain gives me a headache. i'm proud to say that i didn't need it, i was rocking it out with everyone else and this was a non-stop, loud, fast, furious, ride that i did not want to end. any doubts that these guys could not pull it off are long gone, Axel sounded amazing and was dead on with his performance, and the new guys (i can't remember all there names but check themout here : ) were all top of the game performers. so if you haven't checked out there tour dates i encourage you to do so, and get your tickets now, trust me you have to see it, the electricity/anticpation in the air before they took the stage was just so beyond words, i'm so glad that we wen't and didn't let this pass us by

other performers of the evening were some band i can't remember the name of, but they were pretty good, The Suicide Girls, who were so called "burlesque" dancers but in my opinion they were strippers, and we got to see plenty of titties, which made hubby happy and had me secretly wishing that i could join them and become a member myself (GASP!) mind u i'd have to lose at least 20 pounds to get up there and be half nekid on stage, and the opening act to GNR was none other then a local Canadian band (i consider Nova Scotia local as it's only a province away) The Trews (to check them out go here ), they were freaking awsome too and really put there guts and soul into there performance, true die hard rock musician's fer sure, i loved them and must pick up there album like now!

all in all it was a long night as GNR didn't take the stage until midnight and played well into 2:00AM so we didn't get home (2 hr drive to concert site) until after 4:00 AM i just thank god i had enough sense to take the following day off as i'm stilln ot 100% yet and still really tired and feeling like ASS, guess that's what staying awake for 23hrs will do to a person.....

anyways, happy turkey day to all my U.S. bloggers, stay safe and have a piece of pie or something sweet for me would ya..... :P

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

drunken flea flea take 3....or is it 4...??

you know it really doesn't take much to make me a happy little flea flea

first of all i received my Sephora order (aka Christmas gift to myself, a little early...) which totally lifted me out of my "down in the dumps" phase and i now smell positively delightful as i purchased body wash and lotion that is just scrumpshious and makes me want to lick myself all day long as it's so yummy....



me and miss jilly wen't out (all by our lonessome's as several friends bailed on us but hey i give us major props for still going out as normally we would've just given in and not even bothered...but anyways that's off the topic.....) and man did we ever have a fantastic time!

highlight of the evening had to go to when i was dancing on this stage like area thingy doing my thing and two, count em TWO! super hot, YOUNG! guys jump up on the stage and head for little ole me, thus sandwhiching me between the two of them as we dance, grind, and shake our asses and oh yeah baby it was so FUCKING HOT!!!!! miss jilly almost peeded her pants laughing her ass off at me and when i was finished and came off the stage all she could muster was that they looked like fucking they were Abercromie & Fitch models!! SWEET!!!!

to much fun fer sure and the rest of it's sort of a blur but i recall repeatadly calling some guy dirty dan (his name was Dan) and jill and i snickering over it......asking some guy that i just met last weekend on my last "outing" for a smoke (miss jilly was plain out of) and lot's and lot's of dancing, in fact i can still not walk right today, i feel like the Tin Man from the Wizard of OZ as my legs just won't bend and they hurt so bloody bad! but man it was so worth it and i can't wait until the next time we go out....HEE!!! SO BAD!! i luv it

Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Freeplay

five current songs i can't get enough of

Smack That - Akon ft Eminem

Irreplaceable - Beyonce

Wind It Up - Gwen Stefani

When Your Heart Stops Beating - +44

It Ends Tonight - All American Rejects

happy friday all have a great weekend!

peace out :P

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

down and out

so well all know how much i hate november and honestly i couldn't possibly be any more down in the dumps, i'm feeling terribly sorry for myself and want nothing more than to curl up in my dark bedroom under my cozy, comfy, fuzzy blanket that i love oh so much (purchased at HomeSense, luv that store!), anyways, back to my whining, and lay there and cry and cry and cry some more, i've also been suffering from terribly migrane like headaches lately, although i don't think it's a full fledged migrane but pretty damn close if u ask me

not only is everything reminding me of lisa but work is really stressful lately (year end) and the weather is just down right shitty, and i think i'm sort of going thru some sort of mid twenties crisis or something as i just want to drink and party all the time, or mabye i'm trying to repress other "serious" stuff, i dunno but man i could use a good drink right now

speaking of which i got totally smashed on friday afterwork with a group of fellow co-workers, was an awsome good time and i hope we do it again as it's a major stress reliver

i have nothing else really to report my life is rather blah lately therefore i have no funny nor entertaining stories to report or share with you all

i will note though on a positive spin that i am now 1 week away from seeing GNR live baby! and having a much needed vacation day next wednesday, i'm thinking/hoping that this might just be what the dr. ordered!!


Thursday, November 09, 2006

stop. pause. reflect. rewind.

5 years ago today my life as i knew it changed in an instant

therefore ever since on November 9th i stop, pause, reflect and rewind to remember my dear friend Lisa Marie Nicole Sharpe, who was on her way to work, just like any other day, when her car spun out of control and into an on-coming lane of traffic, she wasn't killed instantly and hung on for another day before leaving all of us and moving on for bigger and better things

it blows my mind to think that 5 years have gone by in an instant faster than a blink of an eye, when in fact i still feel like i'm 21 (and super skinny), that my group of friends and i were going to live forever and concur the world....

it's raining here today, just like it was on that dreaded god awful day, almost feels like deja vu except so many things are different now.....where to begin really? if i could sit with you now and tell you what you missed i don't even know where i would begin?

you wouldn't know about text messaging
you wouldn't know what America's next top model was a t.v. show or that Tyra Banks hosted it
you wouldn't know who Kevin Federline was
or who Paris Hilton is
you wouldn't know about Hurricane Katrina and the devastation it caused
you wouldn't know that the Boston Red Soxs won the World Series thus ending there curse
you wouldn't know that the Crocodile Hunter is dead
you wouldn't know who the hell TomKat was and probably wouldn't believe me when i told you that Tom Cruise has lost his marbles.....
you've missed so many good movies and awsome songs

more importantly you've missed the changes in all our lives
"J" is now with another women and happy and they just recently bought a house
Sandy is well Sandy, she hasn't been the same since you left us
Marsha & Jason now have two beautiful little girls
Shelly & Jamie now have a son
Jilly & "M" are engaged and living together
and hubby and I have been married for 3 years! imagine that!

i like to think that you watch out for all of us though, and i'm sure you do, sort of a guardian angel for "the circle"

i miss you terribly and i think of you all the time

Monday, November 06, 2006


we had our first "official" snow today and driving to work was hell, why is it we always forget how to drive in snow?

i tried my first ever Twix bar last week (i know, i know, i've been in the dark way to long when it comes to some chocolate bars), anyways, omg! i died and wen't to heaven, they are now one of my fav's (almost up there with snickers)

i've also had my first ever mcsteamy dream with another man (not my hubby) and it sort of left me, ah, umm breathless.....and thinking nasty thoughts, which has also led to more fantazing on my part

i'm also having my "first" social event @ my home, i'm rather nervous about it all and i hope to god at least 5 people show up

i oh so badly wanted to go out this weekend, get drunk and party it up, but sadly becuz miss jilly is away and i have only 1 other friend to call to do so, and she turned me down........ so i was left to suffer @ home, how BORING! thank god miss jilly is back this weekend and i sure as hell hope she's up to doing something, so jilly you have been warned :P

i bought my first CD in like a year, wondering whose? miss Xtina herself in Back to Basic's and it's a kick ass album if i do say so myself, i'm hooked on her new single "hurt" as i was in a downright depressive mood last week

i'm also dying for miss gwennie gwen's new album which is due out before Chriastmas

and well that's it, can't think of any more firsts at the moment........

peace out :P

Thursday, November 02, 2006

tra la la la la

so i had no title, and i really have no pupose of being here today really but i had a minute, and here i be

random muslings/rants

is anyone else having a difficult time adjusting to the time change? like honestly, i am freaking exhausted this week and pulling my sorry ass out of bed every morning is becomming more and more difficult as the week progresses

so far today we have had rain, snow and sunshine, how's that for a fall day?

LOST is still as good as ever, finally glad that the story has picked up some, who the heck was the guy with the eye patch? and what's up with them trying to introduce 2 new pps? hello! i can barely keep up now, let alone to add another two.....although the guy is sorta hot

major drama happening in the work environment, can't really explain, nor do i want to but some major shit is going to fly come tomorrow (thankfully does not involve me)

we are now entering miss flea flea's dreaded least favorite month. blah. how i hate november

lot's of stuff to plan for and do though, like christmas shopping, another chore i dispise

in fact if it wasn't for all this damn left over halloween candy that everyone keeps bringing in, i probably wouldn't be happy, but, due to all the sugar i have consumed i can't stop grinning, last count i have had 5 blow pop's, at least 20-30 mini snickers bars and my stomache now hurts, but do u think i can stop eating candy, hell no!

bugger, i have to get groceries tonight and i totally forgot, man that suxs

anyways, i'm out too tired to write today, just had to get that halloween post outta the way, take care all! :P

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat


keepin it short & sweet today, just wanted to wish everyone a safe & spooktacular night
and be sure to eat lots, and lot, and LOTS of CANDY!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Guns and freaking Roses!!!!

like holy shit

holy. fucking. shit. i'm, well a little overwhelmed at the moment


two words baby Guns & Roses

my hubby owes me BIG TIME, like majorlly big and seeings how Christmas is right around the corner, miss flea flea is going to have a steller Christmas this year. i'm thinking purses, and shoes, and clothes, oh my!! heeee!

you see i just scored us 2 tickets to G&R's world tour, which is selling out like crazy, and you know how evil and coniving i am, i think i will continue to let on that i haven't scored tickets, and that they are all sold out just to rub it in and make him pout & whine

oh yeah baby!

this is sooooooooo worth it


Monday, October 23, 2006

when i grow up

my first recollection of ever even thinking about what i wanted to be when i grew up was probably in elementary school, and i wanted nothing more than to be a nurse (RN) just like my mom

well, that didn't last long

by junior high i was destined to be an author, or at least that was my dream. i was hooked on Christopher Pike's young adult books and, Stephen King wasn't far behind. i was sold, this is what i wanted to do

i also went thru a phase where i wanted to be Angela Bowers from "who's the Boss" anyone remember this show? she was an advertising executive or someting and i thought that was just the coolest thing ever getting to wear business suits, go to big fancy meetings, travel, ah yes this was my ticket to success

and then high school hit

i sort of hit a brick wall and i still haven't awakened from my coma as i still have no clue as to what i want or desire to be when i grow up.

and what's even scarier is that i am now considered, GASP! a grown up

i've always envied those people that knew from early on as to what they wanted to be, they knew what college to go to, what sort of job they would be doing, they had it made. and well there i sat in my high school class siging up for my college "prep" classes and not having the sweetest clue, and 7 years later i still don't

there are times when i wish i would've stuck with the writing, i loved to write at one time, i almost feel that if i would've been in a larger, city/school i may have pursued this but coming from a very small community and an even smaller school i wasn't able to expand my horizons, or perhaps i just liked the "idea" of it all, actually writing a book or coming up with an original story now a days is, well, all most impossible. i've contemplated becomming a journalist, but seeing how everyone is so obsessed (including me) with celebrities, i think that's a no go as i feel they have a right to their own privacay and there are some things that not everyone needs to know

i even went back to my early roots and really considered nursing again, but lacking the drive, motovation and "math" skills, i quickly backed out of that option

watching CSI every week also intrigues me, how i would love to be able to assess a crime scene and get the bad guy. they mystery of it all, very much appeals to me. or even being a police dectective solving crimes, putting the bad guy behind bars would be really cool and up my alley, but again, me being from a small community, this is sort of a no go. mind you i shouldn't be restricting myself as to where i live, i think i'm just making excuses as i have no drive or ambition to do anything

mind u nothing is as it is on t.v. or in the movies but one can dream

my current job is just "ok" and i have it pretty good by any means, my supervisor, boss and everyone here is great but 10 years ago this is the last place or thing i would have envisioned myself doing. which is sort of sad. where did i go wrong? or better yet why am i settling for this mediocre crap? some days i'm happy and other days, well , not so much. i just feel like my life is pointless and that it's going no where fast, and i don't really know what to do to change it. i. just. don't. know. and some days this really gets me down as i don't feel that i'm living my life to it's fullest, to what purpose do i serve?


to many fucking questions that are un-answered that i'm sure someone up above (man i hope so) is testing me for, i'll leave it at that

pease out :P

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

trying to jump on the "happy" bandwagon

instead of me coming here to bitch, whine and complain about my ailments, or how i think i'm coming down with the plague because other co-workers refuse to stay home and recover, they have to come in here and spread it to everyone else......anyhoo i'm trying a different approach for a change.

here goes

i am grateful for my two amazing parents, who are still together after 30 years together. they are always there for me (no matter what, where, when) and words can't really express or do justice as to just how much they mean to me

i am also grateful that they are both in good health

i am grateful for my ever wise and wonderful sister, who always listens, evaluates, and lays it out like it is

i am also grateful that she has a killer fashion, home decor, crafty style about her and i only wish that she lived closer to me so that she could help me out in that dept

i am grateful that i have a full time job, despite the fact that half the time i don't know what i do exactly but i receive a paycheck every week, i have health coverage and i am able to pay into a pension plan

i'm grateful that both hubby and i are also in good health and able to work

i'm grateful for having a roof over my head, food to eat and clothes to wear on my back

i'm grateful to be able to spend time with my remaining grandmother and i savor every moment with her and cherish her stories and her memories of my grandfather

i'm grateful and proud to be Canadian

i'm grateful that i am able to walk down a street, go to the mall, get my mail without having to worry about suicide bombers, getting shot, or being caught in a crossfire/ambush

i'm grateful for the fact that i don't have to hide my face in shame just because i am a women. i can express myself openly and be treated as equal and not looked upon as being stupid/useless

i'm grateful that i can see, hear and smell all the life around me

but most of all, i'm grateful for being alive and living another day, even though it's really not panning out in my favor, i'm still grateful to be living it.

Monday, October 16, 2006


not only is it monday, evil dreadful monday but i quite possibly had the wurst morning ever, and it's still morning people. it's not even 10:00 yet and i've had the following happen to me:

- couldn't wear the outfit that i initally wanted as there was some weird funky stain on my said pants that i have no idea where it came from, or what it was on them, do not have time to deal with and just grab outfit #2

- was out of my favorite cereal and had to replace with toast & peanut butter :(

- received call from hubby on his cell stating that he forgot to take the garbage out. great.

- already running late at this point and i still haven't got makeup and hair flat ironed

- dogs are barking and driving me insane as they will. not. shut. up. or quit barking at the neighbors evil, fucking dogs

- as i am sitting eating my crap ass toast (i really wanted my cereal), and drinking a horrible fruit juice, my cat decides that she wants to "cuddle" and gets cat hair all over my 2nd pick outfit and i don't have time to lint roll it off as i forgot the FUCKING garbage again. FUCK!

- so i hurry and eat my toast, brush my teeth, grab my coat, purse, lunch, and i'm out of the house but guess what. it frosted last night, therefore my car is covered in a layer of frost that will at least take 5 minutes to de-fog. nice.

- thinking to save myself time, i decided to walk the said fucking garbage down to the road. and as i pick up the 3, count em 3 bags (who knew we threw out so much crap), water proceeds to spill all over my said 2nd pick outfit. at least i hope it was water. it may have been dog piss as our neighbors dogs have a habit of "marking there territory" and tearing our bags to shit, but i'm getting ahead of myself here........

continuing on

- so i disregard the water or ahem piss and proceed to half carry and drag the garbage down our very long driveway and about midway point just guess what happens. just guess. take a wild guess

- yup, you got it, the bag or one of the bags busted wide open. so not only am i now 5 minutes late i have to pick up garbage, nasty vile smelling garbage, and haha we have no more bags left for me to dump this crap over into so i manage somehow to stuff it all back in the bag that ripped apart, and ewwwwww, omg was so utterly disgusting sorting thru half eaten food. yuck. and do you know why my bag ripped? becuase my fucking neighbors dogs had tore a hole in it. cha. they are so going to pay

- meanwhile i am now over 10+ minutes late, i have no time to change my wet pants, i barely have time to wash my garbage smelly hands and then i'm on my merry way driving like a mad women to get to work on time, and surprizingly i still made it in here 5 minutes early. dunno how i managed that, just praise jebus that no cops were out this morning

- so now here i sit in dress pants covered in hair and what's probably dried dog pee on my pant leg, and i think i smell like garbage which is also giving me a really bad headache. can i go home now????

Thursday, October 12, 2006


holy god i've suffered several pound your head against the key board moments today, and on top of my supeberb wonderful day i'm getting a headache and a real dousey of one too by the feel of it

work is well frustrating, espically when nobody will train me or tell me what i should be doing. i've asked my "supervisor" like 4 times for stuff to do and nothing. i should almost feel a bit hurt as it seems like he's ignoring me but i know he is extremely busy i just don't know why he won't let me in to help, as that is at least what i thought i was supposed to do

fat bastard in the office next to me is another one of my irritance (is that even a word, hell i don't care i just made it one), he's overly loud and way to fucking friendly for my liking

not only that buy i'm dieting and what does someone bring into the office a fucking cake, fuckers, and it's a marble cake with real "butter" frosting. like this stuff is to.die.for. honestly. i've had not one but 2 pieces today, talk about restraint

speaking of my said diet, which isn't going so well i was able to do one of my workout video's last night, so that's one good thing right? i should make it 2 in a row, but with this pounding headache i think it's a no go

dare i say it i'm somewhat disappointed in LOST, seems sort of slow and yet i'm still dying for next weeks show. for instance why haven't they shown anyone back at the beach? what the hell happend to Locke, Desmond and Charlie and Eko? and how the hell do they know so much about everyone on the plane. it's just plain weird

what is wrong with people that they are still voting for Sarah Evans on DWS (dancing w/the Stars), shes the wurst dancer there and it's a crying shame that Willa was sent home when she was a much better dancer

it's raining here today a cold, cold bitter rain with "gusty" winds, which is so fucking depressing and blah, no wonder my head hurts

hubby lost an expensive watch that i think i bought for his b-day a year or so ago, like a fancy "woodsworker" watch that was waterproof, had a compass and everything, this thing was not cheap, and because he can't go without had to purchase another one on ebay, thankfully somewhat cheaper but still, as per my previous post we are poor and in debt and totally do not need any extra expenses. so frustrating.

and to top it all off this stuff about North Korea is truly bothering & upsetting me, i have a gut feeling that this is not a good thing, and we have yet to see or hear the last of this issue. i can totally see them teaming up with the taliban and Al Quida or whomever to attack the U.S., not cool and my anxiety and panic steps up a notch and i just want to scream at the top of my lungs that were all going to die, and the world is going to end!!!

really though, all these nuclear weapons that are out there floating around scare the shit out of me

thank god it's almost quitting time!

time to go home, eat supper and de-stress

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

bills, bills, bills

you just know that this is so going to be a major bitch rant, cuz the word bills is in the title, so hold onto your hats as i've had this one pent in for awhile............

i hate, hate this time of year, not only is hubby laid off from work for the entire winter (thus meaning we pull in half the income) but dare i say it, Christmas is only gasp, 3 months away. and despite the fact that we have been living together for five years, we never seem to prepare for the hard financial struggle that we battle all winter long. in fact, in the last month i have been on a major spending spree. even though i knew, in the back of my mind come a month from now i would be hurtin, but did i care. no. god i'm stupid sometimes.

and on top of that

were like $16,000 in debt to our lines of credits

from what? god only knows, it all started when we built our house and well it's grown quite a lot since then.

rack up a visa bill, pff pay it off with our line of credit, that has been our motto for the past 2 years, and well frankly i'm sick of it. not only do we struggle to make a monthly payment on the GD things, but they ding us at least a total of $100 (between the 2, we each have one, which is somehow worse), just for fucking interest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and everytime i realize how much we have to pay back, i feel this wall closing in on me and it's just too much, panic sets in, and honestly it almost makes me sick and i vow to stop spending and well that only usually lasts for a week and then were right back into the swing of things.

and did i also mention we also have a gorgeous house that we kinda sorta got when we shouldn't have cuz the mtg. is well, i won't go there

and i should note to you all that i'm just a wee bit spoiled and thus i think this is where the problem results from. i want the best of the best and expect nothing less. and not only that but i seem to have expensive taste. like for example a fellow employee recently brought in one of those home and gift catalogues and is also having a party which i'm going to and soooo shouldn't be, but anyways, anything i look at or like even just a little is like the most expensive thing on the page. same thing goes with furniture or clothes even. doesn't matter if i like it it's expensive. perhaps i have way to high of a standard, and i can't expect to have everything right away, were just starting out, this is our 2nd year in our home and i still don't have curtains for godsakes and most of our furniture is 2nd hand, and so we've only painted 3 rooms in our house. so what. why is everything so materialistic?! who cares if you drive a piece of shit car or not? well ok i sort of do care, but why should i? as long as i have a roof over my head and food to eat then what else really matters besides a kick ass pair of shoes, and a killer wardrobe........ok, ok, i am kidding (sort of).

we in north america take so much for granted,

and i totally just lost my train of thought on that one.......

ok i'm so done on that one


Friday, October 06, 2006

fall "it" list

so i was totally busy yesterday and didn't have a chance to follow up on LOST, whops!

oh well, you'll live right?

anyways, i'm uber hyper today and it's friday!! woot woot

so what better way to celebrate a friday than a list of what i think is "hot" or "it" at the moment ( preferably things that i luv at this moment in time, but i thought "it" was cooler, ok?), shall we begin??

favorite new food - mozza sticks, ok i know i'm a total lame ass for never trying these before, but OMG these things are to die for, i could quite easily eat like 20 no problem, like really i could, and i so can't believe that i have gone this long with out trying one

favorite new t.v. show - mind u it's still early yet but i'm totally hooked on ABC's Ugly Betty, if you aren't watching this u should be, esp if you are a women, it's witty and funny and well you just need to watch it ok. trust me

favorite new song - JoJo's - it's too little to late, don't ask ok i just do

favorite new cleaning product - scrubbing bubbles one touch shower cleaner thingy, mind u this isn't the correct name but all u need to know is that scrubbing bubbles makes it. it hangs in your shower and u push a button and it sprays and cleans your shower. no more scrubbing on my knees or no more water spots my shower walls. i. luv. this. thing. fer real ya'll. oh how i hated cleaning my stand up shower but now i don't have too. this little thing does it for me, what more could you ask for. now if only i could get ones of these for the rest of the house......

favorite new hairstyling product (as in tool) - my brand spankin new flat iron, again i can't believe i have gone this long without one, like what the hell was i doing before?

favorite new shampoo - duh, i think no explaination is due here, 1 word people, Ojon

favorite new blog - i've stumbled across some pretty good ones lately but the one that started me off again on new searches for cool blogs was the one and only Miss 1999

i'm sure i've got more but that's all i can come up with for now, i may or not be back

peace out :P

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


that's all i need to say and my heart starts racing, i was trying to think of an appropriate title but nothing really does it justice.

i've done well really up until a week ago when they started showing promo's for tonight's show, and well that sealed it, the countdown was on (were now down to 6 1/2 hrs and counting..)

i can't even work today i am that excited, or it could be the fact that i am still not sleeping but i refuse to talk about that today as it just drags me down

so moving on

i can't wait to find out what's going to happen now, what will the other's do with Jack, Sawyer and kate? what about Michael and Walt, how could they just leave like that? and where does Desmond fit into all of this?


more importantly i just cannot wait to see Sawyer shirtless again................ahhhh what bliss, how i love him so

i'm so stoked i can barely contain myself!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

drunken crackwhore - take 2

oh good lord, what a wild weekend miss flea flea had, i'm not even sure where to begin honestly it was that much of a whirlwind. i do recall that i was being such a good girl, staying home, resting trying to get better but something occured late saturday night (ahem Sandy, my bestest friend called me at 10:00) and it all went down hill from there.

she begged and pleaded for me to go to our cousins (by marriage) staggette party, and you know i just can't say no my friends and or drinking even though i knew, knew i shouldn't go i totally caved and wen't. i never, ever do anything so spur of the moment like this and honestly i can't believe that my hubby didn't pitch a fit at a)me going out clubbing b)my skanky ass outfit (duh had to compete with girls like 4 years younger than me) or c)my rockstar hair, nothingless he said nothing, which alone was quite shocking.

so off i go just like cinderella off to the ball, only it was a club, same thing only different right? well, will pretend that. i wen't with the intentions of having one drink and i did, you know what got me don't cha, the mr. happy weed. aha. yes. i haven't associated with my long lost buddy mr. happy in quite some time, and frankly he hit my like a ton of bricks, now any time i'm stoned i cannot function, or talk to anyone, i sort of just stare off with a smile on my face and you get the point, i should just have stayed at the house by my self and so not have gone to the bar, but again i was just flying on a whim this night and off i go. and honestly the rest of the night is a blur, besides some guy that sandy knew trying to kiss me, and then pretend that he was only being like the "french" as that's the sort of thing they do. yeah right i'm just hot baby!!!! haha i wish, or how bout when one of sandy's friends was talking to me and i'm just smiling and nodding and i thought she asked me what my name was as she had her hand out, so i go to shake her hand and say my name's flea and she's like ummm i asked to see your ring......i think i may have snorted as i was hit with a sudden laughing fit. ah. good times.

and you know what the best part is, mr. happy took away my rib pain for like 2 hrs! and i had a permi grin on for at least 4 hours. honestly i think this shit should be legalized without getting into all the political mambo jumbo, really it should and it's no wonder they give it to cancer patients, not that i'm comparing myself to one, but it's the cat's ass, and oh how i missed it. so i didn't arrive back home til like 3:30, slept like the dead (finally) til 10 or so and then hubby's buddy calls us to go wheelin, it's amazing what a little fresh air can do to a person. was such a beautiful fall day, so nice to be outside and it was just relaxing and perfect, just what i needed. so all in all i must say i had a fantastic weekend.

how bout you?

Friday, September 29, 2006

it's HERE!!

my Ojon has arrived people!!

i want you all to do a happy dance for me as i'm totally un-able to at this time

and sadly not even this could snap me out of my funk, i didn't go to work today, x-rays are done and now i'm just waiting to see if they call me stating that they "found" anything, and drugs that they gave me still don't take all the pain away.


still though, i'm remaining positive, HAPPY FRIDAY BIATCHES!

luv you all! :P

Thursday, September 28, 2006

let the whining begin

are u ready for it? lord i hope so as i'm in a "pity me" mood today

you know that song "every breath you take", i think it's by Sting or the Police or something, but that about sums it up. or better yet every time i take a breath and have it hurt like a son of a bitch, this song runs through my head. not sure which is worse at this point

i literally crawled, hauled my ass out of bed this morning (getting out of bed with sore ribs is the wurst). did. not. want. to. get. up. or move. grabbed the 1st comfy thing i saw (jeans & baggy sweater), pulled hair into pony tail, slapped on some foundation and mascara and came to work. i don't even think i combed my hair.

so tired, words cannot express or do justice

called an made another dr appt for this afternoon, i'm demanding x-rays this time. i'm just scared i'm going to cry as the pain is that bad and i'm also super emotional lately, course it's my dr he already knows how mentally fucked up i am, so i shouldn't be concerened but still it would be embarassing

i so considered calling in sick again today, is that wrong?

in fact i'm working thru lunch and leaving after said dr appt this afternoon and not coming back, noramlly this would have me extactic, but i have no MOJO today and i'm more releaved than anything to leave early and crawl back in my bed

the only bra that i can wear and be "comfortable" in is my sports bra, all my other ones cut into my sore spot right along my ribs. luckily i am not well endowed in the "breast" department

omg sneezing is the absolte worst, worst pain i have ever experienced

super cold today too, despite the fact that i'm wearing a tee-shirt & sweater

think i just need to have a good cry and get it over with. anyone have any good suggestions of a sad, sad movie to watch? open to ideas

i've gained the 5 pounds i lost back in a week and a half. how depressing is that. oh, and i can't exercise cause it hurts

i don't get paid til next thursday, a week from today and were flat broke

why, why did they have to move Grey's Anatomy to thursdays' the same time that CSI is on? WHY!?

and where the hell is Medium? i sure hope they didn't scrap this show, will be really pissed

i'm home alone the next few days as hubby is away for the Big Moose hunt 2006. so exciting (rolling eyes), i'm actually secretly hoping they don't get one this year, god i'm evil

poor poor pitiful me, eh? god i shouldn't be this way, there are way more worse things that are happening in the world, but i just can't seem to snap out of it. perhaps i will get smashed tonight all by my lonesome with my dogs and cats.

peace out! :P

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

upset stomache, indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, HEY! Pepto-Bismal!

no, not all of these currently apply to me. no. uh ah, the only one that applies is, dare i say it out loud, as i'm afraid of yet another washroom run, diarrhea. quite possibly the worst thing ever, but i'll spare u the grose details.

and do you know why i'm suffering from this god awful bout of the ruins? because i was put on a "stronger" dose of meds because of my still, STILL! aching, fucking, injured side! and this said medication is making me pay. oh yes indeed! i have lost count how many times i have gone to the bathroom, i now have an extremely sore ass to go along with my sore ribs. nice huh. not only is it nice, everything is just fucking GREAT! great i say. you know how last week i started off with killer news to begin the week. CHA! like where the hell is that this week? that's what i would like to know. can't a person have more than one happy week in her poor pathetic life? pffff.guess not.

so not only do i have the fucking ruins, my side is still in agony! like almost crying in tears agony, and dr's have still not requested a chest x-ray, and still tell me if it's not gone in 2 wks to contact my dr yet again. i am no going on week 3 with this. and the pain is still very intense and not lessening at all. like what the fuck do i have to do or say to get my point across? it hurts to breathe, it hurts to sit, it basically hurts all the fucking time. i'm not sleeping, therefore i have major baggage under my eyes. i wanted so badly to post a pic of my new fab "rockstar" hair but sadly my face isn't so rockstar these days. sigh. i'm so frustrated and just plain tired. i missed work yesterday, did not want to come today (almost wished i hadn't as it's majorlly dead here today) and i want to oh so badly to my new work out tape but i can't, because I'M INJURED!


i think i'm gonig to grab yet another piece of cake from the evil kitchen here at work and sit here and cry for the next hour. i don't think anyone will notice.

and yes i'm fucking pre-menstrual too on top of all this other shit

Thursday, September 21, 2006

T-Minus 15 hrs and counting

until my new ultime fav hair product (it truly works wonders) goes on sale on the Shopping Channel

am i embarassed and ashmed of admitting that i'm addticted to the shopping channel?

Hell no!

their website is like CRACK, there is EVERYTHING u can imagine on their but more importantly my Ojon is on there, and i will be buying like mad tomorrow as their new line is coming out!

i'm so excited i can barely contain myself right now

let the shopping begin!!!

in case you are a total shampoo/conditioner crackwhore like me and you may want to check this out for yourself tomorrow tune into the Shopping Channel all day tomorrow or go online @, you can thank me later

Monday, September 18, 2006

the bestest news EVER!!!

miss jilly is coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, sorry had to get that bubble of energy out of my system, like pronto. and in case you are wondering or wish for me to further elaborate, my fav cousin miss jilly (she used to blog but lately not so much) has recently just discovered that she has obtained a full time position back home (woodstock) and she will be raking in major dough as she will now be a "management" position!! i'm so jealous i'm sure i've turned green. not only is this steller news all in itself but she can move back home from her current residence that she's been living in for the past year (3+hrs away). to say i've missed her around home is an understatement, and i can't wait to have her back here, so we can do lunch and go shopping and all that fun stuff that we used to do on our lunch hours. sooo exciting! and i can't wait to go home and celebrate with her tonight! weeeee i haven't been this happy/excited in well, let's not go there..........

in other "flea" news, i have somehow injured myself and have no clue how, or what has caused this excruciating pain, but i have now had it for a week (must've occured during last weekend's drunken stupor) now and frankly i'm a little concerned as it could be a)a pulled muscle , b)a fractured rib or c)lung cancer or a tumor and i have 3 weeks to live! ok so that's a bit drastic, but i totally think it's a) or b) just not sure which, but every time i move the wrong way or take a deep breath a sharp pain shoots right under neath my right boob/rib cage. like wtf. now i'm not one to normally whine (ha!) or complain (double HA HA) but it really, really HURTZ! and because i know you all care so much, i just had to come here and whine some more about it cuz anybody i seem to start telling at home or here at work totally ignore me and just walk away or bring up another topic. which by the way is sooooooo rude! anyways, i'm dying i know it! no, not really but i think it's a legit enough reason to skip work........don't you? at least like a day or 2......oh yeah i can't as i'm trying to make a good impression while in this new "position". dammit! scratch that idea

did i also mention that i finally got my new desk/setup! didn't think so! it's SWEET! and everyone in the office has a total hate on for me now, i luv it! perhaps i shall take a pic and show you all someday in the near future. it's totally awsome, a little bare at the moment as they still have yet to throw me in full force to the new position, but i'm sure that'll change soon. i'm still really nervous about the transition and having more responsibilities but i'm lovin havin my own space and privacy, and thus far i like what work they have given me, so keep your fingers crossed

i so should not be this happy on a monday, i dunno what has gotten into me, this is so not like me on a typical monday, i must say i'm kinda digging starting out my week on a positive note though i only hope it continues

peace out biatches! :P

Friday, September 15, 2006

Goodbye Summer

even though technically fall doesn't begin til next thursday (the 21st), here's a little diddy from me to you,

Goodbye Summer,
Goodbye my friend,
Goodbye sandals,
Goodbye capris,
Goodbye flirty summer skirts,
Goodbye tank tops,
Goodbye strawberry shortcake,
Goodbye corn on the cob,
Goodbye BBQ,
Goodbye blackflies i'll even miss you too,
Goodbye painted toes,
Goodbye hot, muggy, humid days,
Goodbye thunderstorms,
Goodbye reality t.v.,
Goodbye Summer,
Goodbye my friend,
I will miss you,
I will miss you til we meet again,

Hello Fall,
You are not my friend,
Hello red, yellow, and orange leaves,
Hello cold damp mornings and evenings,
Hello fog,
Hello rainy days,
Hello hunting season,
Hello everything "camo",
Hello thanksgiving,
Hello halloween,
Hello sweaters,
Hello socks and coats,
Hello wood heat,
Hello dry skin,
Hello must see t.v.,
Hello fall,
You are not my friend,
How i loathe thee,
How i loathe thee til the bitter end,

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

drunken crackwhore

now normally i only drink (aka get drunk) like say mabye 4-6 times over a full year (,Halloween, Christmas, New Year's, July 1st, and the odd camping trip or corn boil), but this past year i seem to have broken from the trend as i think i'm way past my "normal" restrictions. i've lost count. now not only have i lost count but i've also done something i've never done before. what you may ask? well, i got piss ass drunk with hubby's family and a bunch of strange people i've never ever met before. yes. it's true.

so in my typical run down/play by play here is a run down of my evening

- attended party @ my brother-in-law's house in St. Andrews, NB, to celebrate his marriage (wedding was earlier in the day) with a BBQ (they didn't have a dance, not really sure why), that ended up being rained out as it down poured, but that didn't phase any of us at all. i should note that i didn't even want to go to this said gathering, but it ended up with me being the one having such a steller time
- spent the 1st hour or so in a corner with hubby and his sister & hubby. not really drinking at this point, and already plotting when we could make our escape
- an hour later and 1 1/2 cooler's later i was beginning to somewhat enjoy myself
- another hour later and several shooters later i had a new best friend. my shooter buddy, that i've never met before in my life. told her several times how much i loved her and thought she was soooo cool.
- appointed Hugh (another brother-in-law) as our "Leader" to get us all back to our hotel in one piece, even though he was the drunkest out of all of us at this point
- continued doing shooters and drank another 1 1/2 cooler, i am now socializing like crazy and talking to everyone. my little space in the corner has long been forgotten
- everyone (including me) had a good laugh at my expense as the cooler's i was drinking made my mouth like a bright vibrant red. like ronald mcdonald red.
- danced around the living room with brother-in-law, and proceeded to take several crazy/dirty/raunchy pictures with him (oh god!)
- am still doing shooters, and have totally lost count. hubby is now warning me to slack off and is giving me "his look". i just ignore him
- i either broke the toilet or was just unable to function enough to run it as it had some sort of fancy lever thingy on it
- flirted with the best man right in front of hubby, just to show him i still "got it"
- more dancing
- consumed my last cooler, and totally forgot where i sat it down, didn't really matter as i'm so gone by this point
- made yet another "new" best friend, whom i yet again professed my love and new found friendship too
- there may have been some more dancing and singing it's all a little blurry at this point
- one of the living room chairs got broken by like 4-5 people piling on it, i don't think i was involved in this, but i'm not 100% sure. resulted in a 10-15 minute laughing fit by everyone
- shortly there after we dance to one last song and headed for the hotel by foot as it was now 3:00 AM and none of us were in any shape to drive
- was the longest walk of my life. several stops as i thought i was going to puke and or die on the side of the road along with several laughing fits
- passed out blissfully and laughing in my bed and believe it or not i was not sick! ha!

what have i learned:

- shooters are not your friend, although they will make you new ones in no time, they always come back to bite you in the ass
- do not take raunchy photo's with brother-in-law, espically when it's not my camera and i have no control over deleting it
- do not flirt with said brother-in-law, even though he is really, really cute.......
- always pack advil in my over night bag - so regretted not packing drugs my head still hurts

ah, the joys of drinking!

Congrats Jonathan & Tammy it was a beautiful wedding and an even better party

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

ATTACK of the KILLER house flys

like fer real, i'm so not even kidding i wish to hell i was, and sadly no it wasn't just one fly, no oh no, my house was full, FULL of at least well over 100 fucking house flys. i. kid. you not.

now we have had like 1 or 2 or mabye even 3 in our house at one time before and i always comment to hubby like how do they get in, or better yet i thought that buy "building" a brand spakin new house we wouldn't have this issue as i usually consider or connect them to an older house. don't ask me why i just did. well i don't any more, because we have a problem, or better yet I have a problem as i hate, loathe, disgust any type of insect and once you get a "herd" of them all you can hear is this constant buzzing sound which just makes me shudder just recalling the horror.

so the story goes a little something like this.

i come home from work yesterday just like any other day, only it's really warm, like almost summer weather warm, so it's nice, really nice and sunny, hence the reason these houseflys are out like a banshee and all over the outside of my home. me thinking nothing of it, just enter my house again like any other day (ha) only as i walk through the door, not one or two but (thousands) not sure of the number here but anyways, they all hit me in the face and i hear buzzing, like everywhere and as i slowly turn around, i see them. in fact i almost, almost can't even see my door, that's how many there were. and as i begin to whimper and scream in horror and am now staggering/stumbling futher into my house i see more of them on my other 2 doors. i'm almost now crying at this point and the thought that this is some sort of practical joke that my hubby has played on me crosses my mind but i cross that out as he just wouldn't be that cruel (one would hope)

so with tears in my eyes and a scream captured in my throat i grab my weapon of choice. well really two. i first tried my piece of crapola of a vacuum cleaner, it did well but was just lacking the suction power i desired. so my weapon was........WINDEX and it's sidekick PAPERTOWEL, i think these two would rivel BATMAN and ROBIN as they kicked ASS. still. the fuckers got on me though. like . eww. but it worked. and when hubby got home he thought i made the whole thing up as there were only like 1 or 2 still floating around on the ceiling.

would i make this shit up?

like, no

and sadly, i tried to take a picture to capture all this drama so that i would have proof but the light from the door ruined it all to hell

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Movie Review: Step Up

so a girlfriend recently asked me to view this flick, and i being the total dancing queen that i am (ha!) just could not refuse, and it did not let me down or dissapoint.

first of all let me introduce you to my new favorite boytoy:


yeah, say hello to the lead in this movie, mr. channing tatum. couldn't you just eat him right up? and if that picture doesn't do it for you than perhaps this one will...........


ahem. yeah. nough said bout that

moving on......

ok, what was i talking about here.....oh yeah the movie, right.

so the lead character (above, i know you all just want to scroll back up there for one more look) is Tyler Gage (how sexy/manly eh) who is a rebel from the wrong side of Baltimore's tracks ­ and the only thing that stands between him and an unfulfilled life are his dreams of one day making it out of there. Nora (JENNA DEWAN) is a privileged ballet dancer attending Baltimore's ultra-elite Maryland School of the Arts and the only thing standing in the way of her obviously brilliant future is finding a great dance partner for her senior showcase. When trouble with the law lands Tyler with a community service gig at Maryland School of the Arts, he arrives as an angry outsider, until his skills as a gifted street dancer draw Nora's attention. Now, as sparks fly between them, both on and off stage, Tyler realizes he has just one performance to prove that he can step up to a life far larger than he ever imagined.

sure the storyline is a tad predictable, but i loved all of the characters in this movie and more importantly the dancing was sick and off the hook. my boytoy channing can really freakin move and i had a permanent smile on thru this whole movie. so going to have to own it when it comes out on dvd.

i give it 4 stars out of 5

* * * *

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

rant and rave rampage

so i was going to do a follow up post tying in with my emmy mcnasty fashion post and do a flip version of that and show the dresses that i liked but sorry blogger not co-operating and i'm to damn busy at work, and frankly the emmy's sucked so why bother anyways right? i will mention though that i loved Katherine Heigl's dress and she was my fav pic of the night just so you know or care to know

the last time i checked the calendar it still said August am i not right? well, here in my neck of the woods it is freezing, as in like fall weather type of freezing, i've been wearing sweaters and gasp! socks for the past few days. imagine.

and to make matters worse my office is freezing and i have a fat ass fucker beside me who insists to have the air conditionier on as he's hot, and sweating, and frankly he's really quite disgusting and i wish his office wasn't next to mine but when every single person that comes down this hallway and states "brrr" something has to be wrong don't you think? or when the person beside you (me) has not 1 but 2 sweaters on and her little space heater cranked out to the max, then one would think you would lay off the air or better yet not eat that donut that is in the kitchen. fat fucker. grrr

another thing that really ticks me off here at work is the "bathroom" situation. on my wing their is only the one bathroom that myself and two male employees share, and the random person that comes up from downstairs, but mainly us 3, anyways they never, hardly ever put the toilet seat down. this drives me nuts! you can also hear every bloody little sound in their too, or i think they neglect to turn the fan on but i hate hearing them pee, and i hate how their are little drops of piss on the floor. nice. really makes me want to go pee in their, fer sure

have i mentioned that i hate my latest hair style. yeah. the next time i even suggest getting a body perm on here someone please stop me. hate it hate it hate it. and no i'm not posting a pic.

i've been sleeping terrible lately

did i also mention that my replacement that was hired is leaving/done this friday? cha. like now i have to go back out there again at least until they get a replacement. which sucks ass as i really liked her and she was doing so well and yeah back to square one

i keep forgetting that this weekend is a long weekend, wouldn't you think that i would be excited about that. umm guess not, perhaps come friday? god i hope so

one of our hotties at work also has quit/left us :( one less eye candy to look at

my skin (face) has been oily and greasey the last 2wks and i've got zits galore, red blotches everywhere, and i can not stop picking at them. what is wrong with me??

my desk that i ordered like well over a month ago still has not arrived like what the hell

this week/day whatever is going sooo slow must stop looking at the clock......guess i should do something productive either a)work or b)get caught up on everyone's blogs as i haven't been stopping by.......hmmmm will see

peace out :P

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

2006 Emmy recap - the "McNasty's"

ah, the 2006 Emmy Awards, did anyone even watch this show cuz i didn't, i didn't even watch the red carpet that's how far off my radar this show is. yes, i'm a t.v. junkie and yes i would probably normally watch at least some of this show, but not this year cause a)none of my shows were nominated, b)Big Brother All Stars was on and c)i didn't care but i do care about fashion oh yes and i do care about making fun of people so here my dear fellow bloggers is my fashion McNasty's from the Emmy red carpet (mind you there were more bad than good and the good dresses are to follow, i do have to work people!)

who better to start off the McNasty list than Miss Joan Collins herself, someone get this women a new "decent" wig and pronto, she must've been aiming for her late 70's early 80's glory days again, and the earrings oh lord! i'm just thankful that this is a head shot only as i can just imagine what the rest of this monstrosity looked like, way to many beads and sequins it almost hurts my eyes to look at this.....time to move along

Ellen Pompeo (prob not spelled right but i'm to preoccupied to google it right now) or "Meredith" to us Grey's fan's, my first "quick" glance of this dress and i liked it a lot but the more i look at it the more i hate it, granted i love the color but she sort of resembles a snake that's ready to strike at any moment and that really can't be a good thing now can it? and what's up with the slicked back hair ~shudders~, hate it! and the fact that she is no bigger than a stick and looks half normal here would mean that anyone of "regular" size would look utterly huge if she were to wear this really doesn't help either. thumbs down, way down, sorry Mere

now i've expressed my dislike for her in the past (at least i think) but usually she looks good or at least her stylists make her look good and she's usually dressed to the nine's, now this dress isn't so different but yet it is. i dig the white, but i'm not digging the pointed V for Valcan Star Trek top and the poufy~ness of the skirt is just well nasty, luv the shoes and the braclet though and even though her dress is crap she still looks amazing so sort of a thumbs down i guess

Sandra Oh another Grey's alumn, they didn't fare to well i'm afraid, i love the color on her it's amazing and i like everything else about this dress except one wee small little thing, the NECKLINE or better yet the RUFFLES! like what the hell and what the hell is up with all that clunky fake ass (although i'm sure it's not) jewelrey around her neck?! and does this girl eat?? i know asian's are usually small/petite women but come on i could spit right through her!


moving on yet again, trying to be quick here as i should be working right now........

oh lord, why did i even put her on here? oh yeah because she's fugly! and she has the fugliest hair EVER! like hello helmet head. she needs to let it go and admit to herself that she is not Audrey Hepburn, sure she played her once in a t.v movie but you do not compare AT ALL! and oh god what a god awful dress that hugs you in all the wrong places and makes you look at least 10 pounds heavier than i'm sure you are. wrong color to many sequins to much everything, i can't believe your gay ass show is still on the air either but that's for another day please, please go away Jennifer Love Hewitt, please!!

Debra, Debra, Debra shame on you, you usually look so stunning and glam, this is just an utter mess. what has happend? i know your show wrapped up and your out of work right now, but comon! and white! everytime someone wears white i instantly think wedding, and sadly with your dress i don't think of a wedding dress i think more along the lines of a wedding cake. i still love your hair though and would probably kill someone to have the same "natural" color, and i really hate to put you here but you so deserve it girl

lastly, the worst dress has to go to Keira Sedwick, star of "the Closer and wife of Kevin Bacon. 1st of all from the head up she looks fab and then as you scroll down ever so slowly you happen to notice this god awful hideous thing that surely must have been a hat from the early 1900's that some vengeful person decided to stick on the front of her dress as payback, this has to be the only reason why it's here. take it away and it would be almost, not quite perfect.

i give props to her hair and makeup pps though her hair looks fab!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

vacation recap

just a quick recap of the goings on's whilst i was away on vacation

- several banters/fights/jabs at my mother, which resulted in her sulking and throwing a royal hissy fit but oh how i take such joy setting her off
- to many "silent" minutes to count while sitting 22+ hrs (in total) in a car
- 1 great big hug to my sis upon arrival
- 1st time eating out at Red Lobster and actually trying some fish, don't think it'll become a fav
- 1 nite out with the girls, which turned out to be a major disappointment as every single bar we went to was empty/deserted, but we still had a wicked time
- my new fav purse got peed on by my sister's evil, evil cat Chloe. Chloe your auntie flea is so not impressed with you, luckily though it's a cloth material and it washed out (at least i think so, i may be going around everywhere smelling like cat piss)
- lot's of tears and laughs at cousin lindsey's wedding, was a truly amazing beautiful experience that just felt so right and ment to be, i guess only my family members would understand but it was just one of those moments where your crying but yet your happy wuz awsome
- lot's of truly but gusting moments as i watched my dad dance and parade around the dance floor like never before (i too had a few moments on the floor as well, in particular my cowboy/riding the horse....priceless) good times, good times just wish i would've grabbed the video camera
- a new ultime high/extreme embarassing moment that takes the cake out of all the others i've had, after the wedding i wanted desperately to change out of my dress not only because i was uncomfortable but because some other older wench had on the exact same dress! like so wrong, but that's not the wurst the wurst was when i went to go change i had to get the key from my uncle as most of us all went together in a van, so i get the key and walk to the van which was parked a ways away from the hall/club that we were at. i go to the first silver/grey van i see assuming that it was my uncle dave's van and i put the key in and it doesn't work. hmmm that's funny, so i turn it over and try it the other way...hmm still not working beginning to get frustrated plus did i mention it's raining? didn't think so. anyways i still can't get this damn key to work and now it's wet and i'm really getting annoyed, my feet hurt from my cute little sexy dress shoes and for fuck sakes already why won't the door open, i'm about ready to scream this as i hear a quiet yet angry voice from behind me "what are you doing to my van"? umm what?? who said that? i turn around and i glimpse this small slender little man with grey hair again asking me why i'm trying to get into his van and me being the total stupid ass airhead that i am blurt out the first thing that pops into my head "so that's why the key wouldn't work!" ha ha ha, oh god i want to die! i quickly walk away and guess what, not two cars away is my uncle david's van and it isn't grey, it's like a greenish grey. i want to die. and to make matters worse i see this evil little hobbit of a man back at the wedding reception, and yet again while purchasing a drink at the bar to blur it all away and not only does he smile at me but he has to bring it up, cha thanks like i needed reminder that you thought i was a car theif.......
- found some new styling threads at old navy
- and finished yet another one of my new/used romance novels that my sissy bought me for my b-day

all in all it was a much better vacation than the last time we were out there in June, it wasn't so hectic and rushed and i think it was due to me being more relaxed this time. it was great to see my sissy and spend time with my dad's family, many memories were made and i will cherish them forever

anyways peace out i've got housework, wash and all that good stuff to do :P

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

off to never never land

i'm off again or should say "on the road" again, i'm headed back out to the promise land of Kingston, Ontario to visit once again with my sissy, attend my cousin lindsey's wedding on saturday (hoping to tie one on) and visit with tons and tons of family. good times are sure to be had. oh and did i mention that i'm hubbyless for like a week (sweet!), no i'm kidding (really i'm not) i will miss him dearly (snickers) well mabye a little bit.......

therefore, i will not be blogging the next week or so

luv you all though


Monday, August 14, 2006

you know your going to have a great day when

~you wake up several times in the night having to urinate along with feeling nauseous (like where the hell did that come from?)
~you can't find a damn thing to wear to work
~your hair just won't style the way you want it to, and you look like you have electrucuted yourself
~not only are you nauseous while at work, you have also vomitted not once but twice and feel the urge to do so again at any moment of time
~you are whiter than the white shirt you are wearing
~your head is pounding like no tomorrow
~your wishing you were back home in bed
~your hands are cold and clamy
~you've got splatters of (purple, yes purple due to me eating grapes prior to vomitting, i'm hoping if anyone asks i'll just say it's purple kool-aid) vomit on your white shirt and are praying that nobody notices that or your skanky ass vomit breath
~and guess what it's not even noon yet

*update - 2 hrs later
not only am i still feelin all sicky and nauseous i think i just Shat my pants, as i now seem to have the runs. yeah. nice. and while some of you may be finding humour in this i'm not laughing (well mabye part of me is chuckling) but still! so, whomever out there put this god awful curse on me to be sick like every day or every other day. i hate you. i put this curse back on you 10 fold.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

it's PICTURE time!!!

i just luv sharing pictures so here are a few of our recent trip to P.E.I (aka Prince Edward Island)

here's a pic of our fab campsite:

here's a shot of Cabot Beach:

here's a shot of the sunset from our view from our deep sea fishing boat:
me and my hubby (yes, i actually fished, i'm not just holding the pole for the picture...):

me again....(nicole ritchie eat your heart out! :P) :

me in the car, packed up and ready to leave:

and i had to post a pic from my birthday, this is me opening my gift from my sissy and i almost peed my pants after i opened it (i actually squeeled like a pig) as she had gotten me a collection of Miss Julie Garwoods romance novels that i've been dying to have now for months.....thank god for sister's is all i can say. thanks sissy you really made my b-day!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

it's my b-day

B - Bloated beyond belief as i just started my lovely monthly flow

I - Irritated, with this godamn cold

R - really anxious for the (work) day to be over

T - Thoroughly amused with myself as nobody here at work knows it's my birthday

H - Hella Good, as in feelin hella good cuz it's my b-day

D - duh, cake, as in ice cream cake, mmmmmm

A - anger, although slight at a) having to work and b) having to cover off at the front desk

Y - yet another year gone by, not so sure this is a good thing

G - Giddy, beyond belief

I - Impatient, god will this (work) day ever be over? geez

R - Ready to blow this joint

L - Lovin every minute & second of this day

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

sicker than a dog

who the heck gets sick in the dead ass middle of summer and it being like hotter than hell out? while you may be thinking of either a)a sickly elderly person or perhaps b) a small child, guess what your wrong it's me! the one and i'm sure only person that has a "head" cold on the 1st day of August.

and to make matters worse hubby and i were planning to go to Prince Edward Island for the long weekend coming up. which means that this bloody cold that hit me yesterday had better be gone and pronto. i look like i've been on a week long bender and then some, my eyes are all puffed up and running (yeah like eww) along with my runny nose, which thankfully hasn't hit it's "red" phase yet but i'm sure it will be by tomorrow. and tired. omg i don't think i've ever, EVER been this tired

this so suxs right now

i should be happy and frolicking about cause it's summer time and not only that it's August and my birthday's next week and it's the bestest month out of the whole year and i'm totally whining right now but i'm sick! and it's so not FAIR

so now i'm trying to pin point the evil doer/carrier that gave me this god-for-saken cold, and of course my paranoid mind thinks that i'm in SK's (stephen kings) book "the Stand" (awsome book by the way and you should totally check it out if you haven't yet) and that i'm dying of captin trips, sigh, why!?


i'm going to blow my nose now ~sniff~ and mabye cry a little

Monday, July 31, 2006

teensy weensy little white lies

were all bound to tell one every now and then, but i find myself doing it quite a lot lately

for example:

my boss likes things perfect and when he asks you to do something you jump and then bitch about it later. now normally i'm not an ass kisser but with him i do as he says and just deal with it. so the other day i had to run out and do some errands and he asked me to pick him up his lunch and a pop (at two different locations) and perhaps if i had some of his money left over to get him a piece of pie. well i got the sandwhich and the pop (soda for you yankees) and while in line for the pop, looked over to the side where the restaurant is (this is a convenience store/restaurant in one) and just decided to hell with the pie, it's bloody hot and i have no AC in my car and my face is all red and i really don't give a rats ass if he has his pie or not so i'll just say that there was a really, really, really long line up at the cash register and that was that i turned around and left and what do you know my lil white lie worked! he didn't know any different! brillant!!!

another example is when a friend or fellow co-worker gets a new do, aka "hair do", you all know what i'm talking about and in fact this has me doubting my latest "do" but that's a story and possibly picture for another day.....anyhoo this girl at my office about a month ago got her hair cut, styled and colored, not her normal hair color i might add she put blue streaks in her red hair. like who the hell does that? a 12 year old? anyway, i was so like "omg your hair looks so wicked! when really in my head i'm screaming "OMFG who the hell puts blue, BLUE streaks in their hair! how hideous!!!" all the while with a perfectly straight face

or telling evil brillo head girl downstairs that her skirt is super cute and sooo flattering to her figure, when really you can see thru it and the big pink flowers on it look like gigantic heads and can barely stand to look at her with a straight face, let alone give her a compliment, sigh i'm such a bitch but honestly i just can't help it

some other brief examples are when people ask me if i saw something i totally lie and say i have or sometimes i have even blamed things that i have done wrong on evil brillo head girl downstairs, although i'm not really working with her now so i guess that's out, which so sux's


i'm totally out of steam now and it's wicked nice out here and i think i may just take my two hound dogs for a W A L K, imagine me exercising! better get to it before the energy leaves me

peace out biatches!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

must not eat...must not eat

no i haven't become a zombie, well i sort of feel like one....but that's besides the point, this has become my one and only mantra as i sort of started a diet yesterday, sort of, and rule # 1 of my said diet is to not eat after 7PM which i am only 3minutes away from and i don't think i can consume an entire bag of popcorn in less than 2 minutes (well actually i probably could but i'm so not going there), so here i am sitting at home trying to tell myself that i am not hungry when in fact i'm STARVING and all i can think about is my one and only lonesome bag of popcorn that is silently calling to me from my pantry.

ok wait

must think of reasons to not eat, umm

i have to at least lose 5 pounds before my cousins wedding in august
i'm tired of my fat rolll and having to suck it in all the bloody time
i think i now have a double chin
and my arms are freaking huge

so yeah that's somewhat better but i still want that damn bag of popcorn

dammit i thought that would help ~ well guess i'll resume the mantra

must not eat must not eat must not eat must not eat must not eat have to lose 15 pounds must not eat must not eat must not eat must not eat must not eat must not eat must not eat
god am i still typing must not eat must not eat must not eat must not eat but it's only popcorn must not eat must not eat must not eat must not eat must not eat must not eat ok i'm stopping now must not eat must not eat must not eat must not eat must not eat no really i am


so i totally caved and ate the bag of popcorn, i just had to i mean come on Big Brother All Stars was on and i just had to have something to celebrate that fact.....right......??..dammit that's another diet down the shit hole

Friday, July 21, 2006

my "laminated" list

so i'm totally ripping this idea off from Mrs. Bee Otch whom is new to the blogging world so i encourage everyone to pop on over to her link on my side bar and say hello, and no i can't link it from here cause i'm just not that computer smart. moving on

so you may be asking what the heck is a laminated list? well your in luck as you are about to find out, or if your like me and a total t.v. junkie i'm sure you already know where i'm going with this. in case you aren't a t.v. crack whore junkie like me, the laminated list comes from a little old show called Friends. the reasoning behind the list was that the said couple (rachel & ross i do believe) could make up a list of 5 celebs in that they could so have an affair with and the other couldn't be mad about it, as it was on the laminated list.

so just in case (you never, ever know) i ever run into a classified celeb here is my top 5 laminated list. i was oringally only going to post one pic but then i thought to myself why only one when we could double the fun!

#5 (but not really my #5 as i fucked up my order of pictures so he's really #3)

oh, legolas you could take me far, far away off into the elvin forest any day, with just me and you and the squirrels living in our peaceful little forest by a rolling misting river, you could catch our food with your bow and arrows and play the flute by a fire in the evenings.............
sorry i got caught up in my little elvin fantasy there what can i say about Orlando? luv the long blonde hair in this pic, luv the piercing blue eyes (ahem contacts), but more importantly i totally dig the whole "elf" & "one with nature" thing

mind you he also looks extremely hot & steamy in this pic as well, sans blonde hair and blue eyes.

this picture really speaks to me sort of like

i'm going to take you now, ever so slowly as i undress you with my eyes first and then my hands, softly, ever so softly........

WHAT! sorry again getting a litle carried away i'll try to stick with a PG version but seriousily this boy is YUMMY, and sure he may look a little femine sometimes, and sure he's probably smaller/skinner than i am but he's so on my list

#5 (the real one)
Josh Holloway, aka hottie Sawyer on LOST and reason number 115 as to why i love that show is that he's contantly walking around with no shirt on and i totally dig the shoulder length blonde hair (in fact i'm realizing i dig the longer hair more and more often, total turn on, but not fabio long that's just ~shudders~ nasty and wrong on so many levels)

so i'm assuming this pic must be a promo for LOST hence the beach in the back ground, but he looks oh so steamy in that sexy little black shirt

and here's a better close up of just how yummy he really is! and with stuble i might add!

is it hot in here?

and were only getting started

#4 - Justin Timberlake

DAMN! who knew he had all that under there! now that is some fine ass american meat right there! i only wish he would've pulled his pants oh so much lower.......did i just say that out loud? whoops! i think i prefer him with the shaved head look though, it makes him look ruff & tough, although his curly locks are rather sexy too in a more boyish way. either way i wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers and poor brit brit is sure kicking her self in the ass now that she's stuck with k-fed. girl what the hell were you thinking??

# 2 - Bad Boy Johnny Depp
this is one crush that steams way back for me, or at least after i saw Edward Scissorhands

and as the years progress he just gets better and better

who cares that he's married (or lives with) some french chick and has kids! he just screams sex appeal, and once again i prefer him with a tad longer hair style, and the facial hair is another bonus point, oh and the tattoos and the list goes on and on and on

once again the scruffy look, only this time with a bit more of a preppy look going on, which i must say he also pulls of rather well


i could stare into those eyes forever and ever

and lastly numero uno Ryan Gosling

I originally fell in love with Ryan back when he was on a small little Canadian T.V. show called Breaker High in which he literally stole the show, his character was the cute shy guy that never got the girl but yet he was funny, wity and so charasmatic.

i didn't see him again until the movie murder by numbers, and he again blew me away not only with his looks but with his acting as he is truly talented and is going to be huge some day, it's just a matter of time

and then of course he was in a little movie called the Notebook and that just sealed his and mines fates for ever right then and there. HOTT with two t's is all i can say and the chemistry between him and Rachel McAdams was very obivious and hence the reason i'm sure they are together today (lucky girl), with a beard or whithout i would so do nasty things to this guy, or at least in my dreams anyways!

so there's my list, sorry guys i'm sure it wasn't that exciting for you but here's your challenge come up with a list of your own and post it

anyways suckers i'm out, i'll probably be away a few days as i'm training the "new" girl to replace me on the front lines and i begin ~gasp~ my new position probably mid week! scary as hell!

check ya later :P