Wednesday, October 04, 2006


that's all i need to say and my heart starts racing, i was trying to think of an appropriate title but nothing really does it justice.

i've done well really up until a week ago when they started showing promo's for tonight's show, and well that sealed it, the countdown was on (were now down to 6 1/2 hrs and counting..)

i can't even work today i am that excited, or it could be the fact that i am still not sleeping but i refuse to talk about that today as it just drags me down

so moving on

i can't wait to find out what's going to happen now, what will the other's do with Jack, Sawyer and kate? what about Michael and Walt, how could they just leave like that? and where does Desmond fit into all of this?


more importantly i just cannot wait to see Sawyer shirtless again................ahhhh what bliss, how i love him so

i'm so stoked i can barely contain myself!!


Miss 1999 said...

Ok, must have details!!! :0)

Jackson said...

I'm so excited too! It's gonna be great 2 hours of TV for me! Monique and Louis better not get eliminated dang it!

Who do you like Kate and Jack or Kate and Sawyer?

flea said...

miss1999 - not sure were to begin right now, will have to think on it (way to early yet)

jackson - can u believe that louey and monique were in the bottom 2!? like what the hell, jeesh! and i so prefer kate and sawyer, fer sure, they have hot chemistry

Laurie said...

Have fun.. I've never watched the show myself, though.

Molicious said...

You lost me! I don't watch Lost. But I did watch the season premiere of South Park last night. ;o)

Dawn said...

I haven't watched LOST at all but it has the most loyal fans I have EVER seen. My nephew kindly rushed me the full DVD set urging me to watch it before this season started. I still have to do it. Are there any PROJECT RUNWAY fans here ... maybe ... huh?
p.s. waiting patiently for you! :o)

luckysevn said...


Talk about the best show EVER!!!!

How awesome was that opening scene w/the Others witnessing the plane crash?????

I can't wait till next week!!!

Wandering Coyote said...

I just did a post on Lost, too. Man, I NEED to see season 1, though my brother and sister-in-law have watched it since the beginning and they still don't know what's going on. I guess that's part of the draw.

Nancy Drew said...

I am so LOST, don't watch any of those shows...but NCIS...mmmmm :))

Sadie Lou said...

Sawyer especially has been rockin' it these last two episodes! I love LOST!!

You taste like strawberries."