Monday, October 30, 2006

Guns and freaking Roses!!!!

like holy shit

holy. fucking. shit. i'm, well a little overwhelmed at the moment


two words baby Guns & Roses

my hubby owes me BIG TIME, like majorlly big and seeings how Christmas is right around the corner, miss flea flea is going to have a steller Christmas this year. i'm thinking purses, and shoes, and clothes, oh my!! heeee!

you see i just scored us 2 tickets to G&R's world tour, which is selling out like crazy, and you know how evil and coniving i am, i think i will continue to let on that i haven't scored tickets, and that they are all sold out just to rub it in and make him pout & whine

oh yeah baby!

this is sooooooooo worth it



Wandering Coyote said...

Where will you be going to see them? Do you get a bit of a trip out of this, too? Personally, am not a fan of Axel Rose - he gives me the creeps - but I'm stoked for you.

flea said...

WC - sadly no, just a day trip, and i'm really only going for my hubby, i like them but not as much as he "loves" them, and i agree axel is truly repulsive and slimey, but man can he ever wail!

glad to see you out and about, hope things are going ok? i worry about you, take care of yourself

Molicious said...

Holy crap! I didn't even know they were touring! Is it with Slash too?

flea said...

molicious - umm no, the only original member is Axel, which sucks

Miss 1999 said...

HOLY. SHIT!!!! Do you know how much I LOVED GNR!!! I mean, when I was 13, I thought I was going to marry Duff McKagan, I swear! I'm SO TOTALLY FUCKING ENVIOUS!!!

Ben O. said...

Welcome to the Jungle, baby!


Ben O.

Dawn said...

how cool - I love big concerts ... and me thinks there's certainly a purse or two in this for you ... wise investment!

flea said...

miss 1999 - hahahaha, yeah the duffster was my favorite too, sadly he won't be there as he's now part of "velvet revolver"

ben 0 - chanks :0)!

dawn - oh i know, and he sooo knows (i broke down and told him last night, i just couldn't contain myself), i can't wait to go shopping!!!!!

scrunch said...

What? You?? Evil and conniving?
...It is to chuckle..

oh,'re not telling him?
I take it back...

Blazer1234 said...

I so your hubby doesn't read your blog! Hehe!

GNR rock! Have fun!