Tuesday, October 10, 2006

bills, bills, bills

you just know that this is so going to be a major bitch rant, cuz the word bills is in the title, so hold onto your hats as i've had this one pent in for awhile............

i hate, hate this time of year, not only is hubby laid off from work for the entire winter (thus meaning we pull in half the income) but dare i say it, Christmas is only gasp, 3 months away. and despite the fact that we have been living together for five years, we never seem to prepare for the hard financial struggle that we battle all winter long. in fact, in the last month i have been on a major spending spree. even though i knew, in the back of my mind come a month from now i would be hurtin, but did i care. no. god i'm stupid sometimes.

and on top of that

were like $16,000 in debt to our lines of credits

from what? god only knows, it all started when we built our house and well it's grown quite a lot since then.

rack up a visa bill, pff pay it off with our line of credit, that has been our motto for the past 2 years, and well frankly i'm sick of it. not only do we struggle to make a monthly payment on the GD things, but they ding us at least a total of $100 (between the 2, we each have one, which is somehow worse), just for fucking interest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and everytime i realize how much we have to pay back, i feel this wall closing in on me and it's just too much, panic sets in, and honestly it almost makes me sick and i vow to stop spending and well that only usually lasts for a week and then were right back into the swing of things.

and did i also mention we also have a gorgeous house that we kinda sorta got when we shouldn't have cuz the mtg. is well, i won't go there

and i should note to you all that i'm just a wee bit spoiled and thus i think this is where the problem results from. i want the best of the best and expect nothing less. and not only that but i seem to have expensive taste. like for example a fellow employee recently brought in one of those home and gift catalogues and is also having a party which i'm going to and soooo shouldn't be, but anyways, anything i look at or like even just a little is like the most expensive thing on the page. same thing goes with furniture or clothes even. doesn't matter if i like it it's expensive. perhaps i have way to high of a standard, and i can't expect to have everything right away, were just starting out, this is our 2nd year in our home and i still don't have curtains for godsakes and most of our furniture is 2nd hand, and so we've only painted 3 rooms in our house. so what. why is everything so materialistic?! who cares if you drive a piece of shit car or not? well ok i sort of do care, but why should i? as long as i have a roof over my head and food to eat then what else really matters besides a kick ass pair of shoes, and a killer wardrobe........ok, ok, i am kidding (sort of).

we in north america take so much for granted,

and i totally just lost my train of thought on that one.......

ok i'm so done on that one



Jamie Dawn said...

I was on a rant today too! It must be in the air.

Money problems are something I am all too familiar with. Luckily, we are now out of debt, but we are having a new house built, so that will put us back in debt.

I sure wish money grew on trees and that I owned a whole orchard of money trees!!!!

luckysevn said...

Ahhh..... money. The root of all evil, right?

Have you ever heard of Dave Ramsey? I listen to him on my XM radio all the time and he's one smart man... if you want to get out of debt, check him out. I'm sure he has a website out there somewhere...

Luckily for me I'm married to a man in the financial industry - he keeps me in line!!!! ;-)

Miss 1999 said...

Sister- I so feel you! I know what it's like- we've maxed so much shit out it's not even funny. My husband has been on strike for months, and it's hard on one income, really hard. My thoughts are with ya- hang in there! :0) *hugs*

flea said...

jamie dawn - oh thank god, someone is on a rant too! i know wouldn't that be great if it did grow on trees, one could only wish

luckysevn - not fair that your hubby looks after this, mine, well he couldn't care less (well he does) but he's so laid back about it all it drives me nuts. i'm the one that gets all worked up into a tizzy, and i will definetley be googling this dave ramsey fella, thanks for the tip!

miss 1999 - damn the credit card companies all to hell!! lol, i couldn't live without them, which is so sad. i almost feel bad for my rant now, at least were both pulling in an income unlike you, thanks for your words of support though and they also go right back at you from me

Barry said...

money isn't the root of all evil.. the real quote is " the LOVE of money is the root of all evil"

tip: Nice sheets can make big curtains that look good. I still have second hand furniture - and my 'new' furniture is really OLD!!!

anywho - I understand your pain - why else would I come to Iraq?

Tammy said...

Its so hard keeping your head above water. If you own your own house you should see about refinancing those credit cards - those interest rates are brutal. I see debt every day in my line of business it is so scary!! Hang in there - hopefully it will get better!!

Dawn said...

Money is the most seductive force and permeates every level of our being, especially when we run out of enough of it to pay the bills. No pears of wisdom on offer here - they should have taught us more about it in school is what I think. Thank you for the visit and the link - much appreciated!

Dawn said...

p.s. Perhaps if you find some pearls of wisdom as opposed to the pears of wisdom, you could pass them on to me. :o)
Note to self: Press PREVIEW first.

flea said...

barry - i know, it seems to be the root of all evil, and that is a great tip!!! i will consider this fer sure, thanks!

tammy - thanks for dropping by and passing along some words of wisdom, i appreciate it! stop by again sometime!

dawn - i agree they should teach us more in school, esp about "real" life situations, there is a lot that we have to face after graudation and it's very hard to adapt.....so i blame this all on my teachers! ha ha i wish it was that easy but i'm coping and i will make it thru, thanks for your advice, and if i figure out anything i'll be sure to tell

Molicious said...

Do what I do, buy all expensive stuff from Craigslist.org. I love that site! And I've almost furnished my entire house using that site.

Also, I've been paying down my debt slowly overtime. What I do is find a credit card company that is offering 0% interest for a year and after a year I just move it over to another card and cancel the old one. That way I'm not paying interest on something that I'm trying to pay down.

And like Lucky said, listen to Dave Ramsey. He is just awesome! And I can't wait to call him next year and scream to him, "I'M DEBT FREEEE!". :o)

flea said...

mo - 1st things 1st why haven't i ever heard of this craigs list thing? will so be checking this out! again, great advice, that i have made a mental note of

thanks to everyone for there words of wisdom!!

luv ya all :P

Blazer1234 said...

Flea - Thanks for visitng my blog! I know what it is like living on one income...by choice I stay at home. Some days I feel like I made the best choice, and I don't care if I can't buy that new bedroom furniture I want, being home with my boy is more important. And some days I SO miss the money. Especially when the bills come in. We're not maxed out, but we do have some debt, which would not be there if I was working. And savings...ha-ha, what's that?