Wednesday, October 18, 2006

trying to jump on the "happy" bandwagon

instead of me coming here to bitch, whine and complain about my ailments, or how i think i'm coming down with the plague because other co-workers refuse to stay home and recover, they have to come in here and spread it to everyone else......anyhoo i'm trying a different approach for a change.

here goes

i am grateful for my two amazing parents, who are still together after 30 years together. they are always there for me (no matter what, where, when) and words can't really express or do justice as to just how much they mean to me

i am also grateful that they are both in good health

i am grateful for my ever wise and wonderful sister, who always listens, evaluates, and lays it out like it is

i am also grateful that she has a killer fashion, home decor, crafty style about her and i only wish that she lived closer to me so that she could help me out in that dept

i am grateful that i have a full time job, despite the fact that half the time i don't know what i do exactly but i receive a paycheck every week, i have health coverage and i am able to pay into a pension plan

i'm grateful that both hubby and i are also in good health and able to work

i'm grateful for having a roof over my head, food to eat and clothes to wear on my back

i'm grateful to be able to spend time with my remaining grandmother and i savor every moment with her and cherish her stories and her memories of my grandfather

i'm grateful and proud to be Canadian

i'm grateful that i am able to walk down a street, go to the mall, get my mail without having to worry about suicide bombers, getting shot, or being caught in a crossfire/ambush

i'm grateful for the fact that i don't have to hide my face in shame just because i am a women. i can express myself openly and be treated as equal and not looked upon as being stupid/useless

i'm grateful that i can see, hear and smell all the life around me

but most of all, i'm grateful for being alive and living another day, even though it's really not panning out in my favor, i'm still grateful to be living it.


Anonymous said...

Hey sis. I am so glad to read some positive stuff from you, it is a nice alternative. I almost got a little teary there. We do have so very much to be grateful for. We have each other and we have the best family ever. I love you very much.

tshsmom said...

You have everything that matters; ENJOY!!

Dawn said...

Sounds like you have won the REAL lottery! May your blessings continue to grow and expand. xox

flea said...

sissy - awww, i know i was sort of teary writing it up

tshsmom - it's weird but i'm just starting to realize that it is what matters most and thanks! :)

Dawn - lol, thanks so much! (hugs)

Greta said...

great post...thanks for visiting my blog...

flea said...

greta - thanks! and your welcome :0), stop by again sometime

luckysevn said...

Very nice!!! I hope that being "in good health" means your ribs feel better???

Aren't grandmas the best?!?!?

flea said...

luckysevn - yes, my ribs are finally much much better, every now and then if i move wrong though i can feel soreness/pain but nothing compared to what it was, and yes i have to agree that grandma's are the best

Miss 1999 said...

What a wonderful post! You're so right, so often we forget to focus on the things that we do have, and think about all of the things that we don't. Glad you're counting your blessings *hugs* :0)

flea said...

miss1999 - i know, we get too caught up in material things and money, and we lead such busy, crazy lives today it's nice to stop and take a minute to think about what we do have

mcBlogger said...

I'm grateful that I got to read your post today.

flea said...

awwww McB! that's so sweet!

i'm grateful that you stopped by to read it :0)

Nancy Drew said...

This is WONDERFUL, Flea!!!! One of my fave books advises naming five of these things to be grateful for every day, even if you have to grit your teeth and name the same things to do it.

I do this too. Amazing what it does for your attitude.


Barry said...

I am glad to have read a positive spin on things today

flea said...

nd - yeah i've heard several people refer to this, hence the reason i gave it a go, and you know i think it really worked and i'm going to try and do it more often :)

Barry - well, your welcome, god knows you need something positive, glad i could be of assistance!