Tuesday, October 23, 2007

slave driver

sorry for the lack of posts (yet again), dear faithful reader but you will have to excuse miss flea flea as she has/is pulling some serious overtime hours at work and is working herself to the bone to make some extra $$

therefore, she may be absent from this site for awhile

we hope these 4 weeks of overtime go very quickly and painlessly and to have miss flea flea back to her normal regular self very soon

please check regularly for updates or posts as she will be back at some point

miss flea flea's pps

Thursday, October 11, 2007

i got nothin

so not much has really happend in my life since my last little rant

i'm still majorly confused, down and out and all that fun stuff


i did have a nice (although short) visit with my sis, which was nice


and our super fun fantastic nite out making fools of ourselves with jilly and stephen (now those 2 are funny). lot's of memories, good food and drinks (cosmo's are my new fav)

it's sad to see the leaves changing and falling off

it's also sad that it is getting chilly/rainy and icky (november is so around the corner...shudder)
man i hate but yet still love fall

like the other day i was walking with the dogs and it was warm but yet still that fall air you know and the leaves were pretty and i felt good....and well now not so much

this is sooooo not my time of the year and it's very hard to be positive and upbeat but man i'm sure trying and staying in it

other than that i got nothing...no funny stories (well i prob could find 1 or 2 but have no energy to go there tonite..sorry)

anyways hope all is well with everyone else will catch up another time
as for now it's nite nite time :P

peace out

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

so what!

so what

if i work at a call centre
if i have to do a job that i don't really enjoy and have to repeat myself over and over..and over
if i get yelled at 20+ times a day from irrate customer's
if i feel like i'm back in jr high cuz i work with a bunch of young/immature pps

so what

if i'm not totally 100% happy
if i'm royally confused and lost and require major direction
if i don't reallly know who i am as a person
if i have no clue where i am going to be in 10 years

so what

if i have a slight (ok it's a big one) addiction to mcdonald's and probably require an intervention
if i am in debt up to my elbows
if i like to eat crackers plain
if i sit up half the nite listening to my thoughts race a mile a minute

so what

if i like to go shopping just to pick myself up (even though i'm flat broke)
if i have house flys (eww)
if my cooking isn't exactly the best, actually it's barely existant (can u say frozen dinners)
if i like to lay in bed all day on my day off

so what

if i'm already freaking out about Christmas shopping
if i'm a little bit of a control/clean freak (with some things..not all)
if i had a really bad interview experience and didn't get the job
if i have an old ratty beat up car that is on it's last leg, and is sort of embarassing to be seen in

it's my life, that's the way it is, now i just need to deal with it :P