Tuesday, October 02, 2007

so what!

so what

if i work at a call centre
if i have to do a job that i don't really enjoy and have to repeat myself over and over..and over
if i get yelled at 20+ times a day from irrate customer's
if i feel like i'm back in jr high cuz i work with a bunch of young/immature pps

so what

if i'm not totally 100% happy
if i'm royally confused and lost and require major direction
if i don't reallly know who i am as a person
if i have no clue where i am going to be in 10 years

so what

if i have a slight (ok it's a big one) addiction to mcdonald's and probably require an intervention
if i am in debt up to my elbows
if i like to eat crackers plain
if i sit up half the nite listening to my thoughts race a mile a minute

so what

if i like to go shopping just to pick myself up (even though i'm flat broke)
if i have house flys (eww)
if my cooking isn't exactly the best, actually it's barely existant (can u say frozen dinners)
if i like to lay in bed all day on my day off

so what

if i'm already freaking out about Christmas shopping
if i'm a little bit of a control/clean freak (with some things..not all)
if i had a really bad interview experience and didn't get the job
if i have an old ratty beat up car that is on it's last leg, and is sort of embarassing to be seen in

it's my life, that's the way it is, now i just need to deal with it :P


Beth said...

shopping is the best thing ever for you...

and I am totally addicted to McChicken sandwiches...YUM!

cheer up flea....

Swishy said...

Oh, Flea, I totally get where you are coming from! I will go to McDonald's with you :) I am addicted to their fries.

flea said...

beth - yes..sometimes...lol, i just get a little out of hand

swishy - sadly, it's not just the fries i like..but that's usually the draw, they pull you in! evil bastards....now i'm hungry

Flip Flop Goddess said...