Wednesday, April 23, 2008

snot or not

sure sometimes we can all be a little snotty, bitchy, whatever you want to call it and I hate to judge people without knowing them, but gosh why is it so darn hard?

for instance

let's say that this new guy started at your workplace, younger perhaps only a couple years older than yourself (and your not exactly a spring chicken anymore in your late gasp 20's!), so will say he is 30 - 35 and what instantly cause me to dislike him was that he walked right in the office, past me (i'm the 1st point of contact @ reception), not even acknowledging me, and yes this is one of my things that irritate me anyways, like hello that's why you have a receptionist in the 1st place is to "screen" people. geesh. anyways, off topic. so he walks by me with this sort of air of arrogance & coffee in hand (for 2) to my bosses office, instantly i'm thinking hmm...sure enough he's the new guy, already sucking up to the boss!! so that's one tick off of him instantly. then as the day goes on I happen to notice (and i don't usually notice much as i'm so not observant) his annoying laugh. like picture a bill & ted laugh. total stoner!! and after 8 hours of this at 1st it was amusing and I almost broke down in hysterical snickers sitting at my desk listening to him (in my workplace you can hear EVERYTHING) but by 5 I wanted to choke him. seriously.

but why? he could be a nice guy, perhaps just nervous and who wouldn't be nervous on a 1st day meeting people. but I.don' I can't explain it, but I don't think I will ever grow to truly like him sure i'll be friendly and what not in the office but if I were to see him outside of work I wouldn't make eye contact, and in fact would walk quickly away

but why? I think I get along with everyone and i'm friendly & outgong but there are just certain people or personalities that I don't mesh with. does that make sense?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

say WHAT?!

i can't believe ya'll thought I was preggers

NOT funny

but i'm not (thankfully, is that wrong of me to say or wish that??)

don't even get me going on the whole "baby" thing

ain't happen anytime soon

nough said


miss flea flea is a selfish biatch, and she comes 1st (for now)


movin on...

in other happenings

you know you are from a very small town when the most exciting news is
a)that the ice is going out and were on "flood watch"
b)everyone is talking about all the deer that are around, like everywhere
c) the weather finally, finally being nice for a change

i'm so sick of talking about the weather and if one more person says "how nice it is" I may just scream

also i've been meaning to say or mention just how much I love, like i mean love John Mayer. His song say what you mean to say, sigh, i just get so lost in that song, and he's just so adorable.

so much to do and so little time

vacation is ever so much closer and i'm beginning to freak out as I haven't shopped for any new clothes, haven't done this or that or even started to pack!

and worst of all i'm so disappointed in myself as I had hoped to lose 10 pounds and well we all know that hasn't happened

not that I have anyone to blame but myself which somehow makes it all worse....

ah well could be worse i guess

anyways I came here with all these ideas on what to write and well they seemed to have left me, so peace out, til next time

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

my new best friend

this is where I have spent most of my time the last couple of days

minus the fancy dress of course

I haven't been quite this sick in well, at least 2 years

I'll spare u the details & i don't want to re-live them anyways, so disgusting and vile, nough said

aparantly this is running rampant in my area right now, but I still can't quite figure out where I caught it from as nobody I know has had it

still not 100% but sure as hell a lot better than I was at this time yesterday and thank god my new best friend is no longer needed (at the moment)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

lazy ass

not sure why exactly but i am so gosh darn lazy this weekend
prob cuz i've been on the go and have a gazillion things running through my brain
so what does a flea flea do
absolutely nothin
ok i did do a little bit of laundry
but that's it
haven't exercised all weekend
i've just laid
and you know what
it feels kinda nice
the only thing that sucks
tomorrow is
my life is the same thing week after week
6 more weeks until my vacay
and it can't come fast enough

Thursday, April 03, 2008

no more Mr. Nice Guy

i'm so tired of being the nice guy and having people walk all over me and be shit on

i'm tired of not being paid enough for what I do, and for doing 4 jobs in 1

i'm tired of having people be snarky/cranky/snappy with me and making me feel "small" and stupid

i'm tired of being the admin ass of the office and having to run all over town doing "errands"


so why can't I stand up for myself?

why can't I take charge and say hey you, I want more money or else

cuz i'm a wuss that's why

and I live in a black hole where if I said that they would say hit the road jack, we can find someone who would be more than happy with what we pay you

jobs are few and far between and i have no choice but to sit and take the shit and enjoy the ride


Wednesday, April 02, 2008


the boys are all grown up!

now i'm even that more excited for tomorrow's appearance on the today show

p.s. is Danny kinda hot now?? weird