Thursday, April 17, 2008

say WHAT?!

i can't believe ya'll thought I was preggers

NOT funny

but i'm not (thankfully, is that wrong of me to say or wish that??)

don't even get me going on the whole "baby" thing

ain't happen anytime soon

nough said


miss flea flea is a selfish biatch, and she comes 1st (for now)


movin on...

in other happenings

you know you are from a very small town when the most exciting news is
a)that the ice is going out and were on "flood watch"
b)everyone is talking about all the deer that are around, like everywhere
c) the weather finally, finally being nice for a change

i'm so sick of talking about the weather and if one more person says "how nice it is" I may just scream

also i've been meaning to say or mention just how much I love, like i mean love John Mayer. His song say what you mean to say, sigh, i just get so lost in that song, and he's just so adorable.

so much to do and so little time

vacation is ever so much closer and i'm beginning to freak out as I haven't shopped for any new clothes, haven't done this or that or even started to pack!

and worst of all i'm so disappointed in myself as I had hoped to lose 10 pounds and well we all know that hasn't happened

not that I have anyone to blame but myself which somehow makes it all worse....

ah well could be worse i guess

anyways I came here with all these ideas on what to write and well they seemed to have left me, so peace out, til next time


Wandering Coyote said...

I think it's the same in every small town (in our case, minus the ice and flooding potential). We have such long winters that when spring comes, we're all pretty stoked.

flea said...

wc - true, and this is the worst winter we've had in my area for a very long time, we still have snow, which is still slowly melting, it's like the light has come on in a room, everyone is so much happier & light and airy it's truly amazing to see

Beth said...

don't you just hate it when, you have all kinds of things to blog about, but when you actually sit down to do it.....POOF! your head is empty? HATE that!

and sorry, I DID think preggers!!! ;)

flea said...

beth - I know, it's so weird how that happens!! it's happening a lot lately, so i'm lacking in posts, but never fear i'm still here!!

P.S and i'm not NOT with child, so there :P

Swishy said...

I don't even have a boyfriend and I freak out about being pregnant sometimes! HA! Not for me either, not for a looong time.

flea said...

swishy- haha, thank you for that, most people look at me like i'm some evil alien from another planet as we should all have that "motherly instinct", well I don't think I do, or it's very well hidden, i've never liked kids, sure they are cute for like 5 minutes but that's it, maybe it would be different if it was my own but i'm not crossing that bridge

Barry said...

Wow! isn't the weather nice? :P

You know I can't resist that. We are here in the "raininy season" in Liberia - that is the other season besides just hot