Tuesday, April 08, 2008

my new best friend

this is where I have spent most of my time the last couple of days

minus the fancy dress of course

I haven't been quite this sick in well, at least 2 years

I'll spare u the details & i don't want to re-live them anyways, so disgusting and vile, nough said

aparantly this is running rampant in my area right now, but I still can't quite figure out where I caught it from as nobody I know has had it

still not 100% but sure as hell a lot better than I was at this time yesterday and thank god my new best friend is no longer needed (at the moment)


Mo said...

Okay, totally jumping the gun and lame but, could you be pregnant?

Eileen said...

Oh no, I hate when I get the stomach flu. Throwing up is the worse! I hope you feel better really soon.

flea said...

mo - ha! umm, no, not when it comes out both ends, over..and over and over...and it's running rampant in my town, and i'm feeling SO much better now, but OMG that would've been horrible is I was (ok, i'm sure i'd get over it..maybe..)

eileen - omg, me too, and this was the wurst in a couple of years, so forceful and painful, the stomache cramps were unbelieveable

Beth said...

awwww...Get better Flea!! and you should totally wear a fancy dress when you're puking your guts out...makes it all seem so much more special some how...

Beth said...



Barry said...

Preggie? or maybe quit downing that case of vodka at once :P

for real part - glad U R better

mcBlogger said...

OH Jeez, that's a big bummer. HOpe you're back to your healthy self soon.