Sunday, June 26, 2005

Go Casey Go!

Congrats and Way to Go Casey Leblanc!!!!! i'm so excited and proud that you have made it to the top 10 of Canadian Idol. I'm sure you will do us New Brunswickers proud. Stay true to you and i'm sure you will go the distance. You've defintely got my vote.

There was a huge ralley in Nackawic today (jilly, sharol & mom and I all wen't) to show our support for Casey and let me say that even I was a little surprized as to how many pps showed up. I hope that here fan base continues to grow across Canada as she truly is an amazing talent.

The weather has been fab and i can't say that i have much to bitch about right now. life is going good (for now) and i'm sure the summer is going to be hot and muggy (at least i hope so).

haven't really had time or the effort to blog lately and i apoligize (for those that do ocassionally read) but i don't really have any news or anything to talk about besides Canandian Idol.

I can't really believe that we are almost done June and into July and that next weekend is Canada day weekend. Long weekend ~ Yipee!!

my mom and dad and sharol are going to travel to "upper Canada" (aka Ontario) to visit sarah & joel. little jealous but i'm sure I will get out another time. i just don't feel comfotable asking for time off or work as i just started like a little over a month ago. so i have to miss out this time. :(

so this leaves me and hubby to look after mom & dad's pets (2 cats and 1 dog who is the biggest baby/pain in the ass in the whole wide world - i think bernie has to be at least 11-13 now and he's terrified of thunder showers, i'm praying that the tempature will drop and that there won't be one in the near future) so that's always fun (rolling eyes) but i'll manage.

ummmm not much else new/going on

i'm out for now fun seekers!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I scream, You scream, We all scream for ICE CREAM!!

oh my god

the craving is just not going away...........

must have ice cream.........



ok, sorry about that but i dunno why i get like this but it seems that every summer nothing is any better than a nice (big ass) scoop of ice cream in a cone. now you would think my craving would have wen't away last night when I had a cone (or two) of ice cream at my mom's last night. but no. instead my craving has only intensified and now it's all i can think about.

yummy wonderfullness melting in my mouth. ok, stop it dammit you cannot have ice cream. no, no no. ok, i think my urge is gone.

onto other productive/entertaining news:

Canadian Idol officially starts tonight! yippee, so excited and can't wait to watch. rooting for the chick from Saint John (came to Canada from Cuba), hope she does well.

So need to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith, hearing nothing but good things about it thus far.

Can you believe that wacko jacko got off on all charges??!! is this not wrong?

There may have actually been a "twister"/tornadeo hit a farm area just above Woodstock yesterday as the weather has been very weird and wild lately. Was very scary yet amusing yesterday though when our local radio station broadcasts that a twister just hit and that there may be more in the area...........local pandamodium soon followed! needless to say was very entertaining even though nothing major happened. the local yokles had a great time with this one and i'm sure they will for weeks to come.

So need to get the new Killers CD, love, LOVE there new song "All these things that I have done", i wen't to the local radio shack last week to purchase all excited and the stupid mofo's don't even have it in stock. i really do not live in the right area...........

found out the other day from sissy that my dad's side of the fam dam is having a reunion sometime in August, would like to get feedback from my cousin's (if you still read, that is) on whether or not they are going or if they know any more than i do as of now i hardly know anything................

that's all i can sum up right now, running out of thoughts and idea's

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Chinease food, Idol and Dancing

ment to blog yesterday as these events all occured yesterday....but you know how things are

for starters I have never craved Chinease food in my life but this entire week all i could think about was chicken balls and rice......mmmmm chicken balls. so i get to thinking that i could get jilly and mom and jilly's mom to go over for the buffett in Houlton, ME. but sadly eveyone (except jilly) wanted to wait until this coming sunday. no good for me need chicken balls now!!

so finally wednesday arrives (which just so happens to be canadian money at par & buffett) and jilly and i walk at our noon hour and discuss our "cravings" for chinease. sadly, she still wanted to wait for sunday. so i thought to myself ok, i'll hold off.......

well, around 3 in the afternoon i get a call from ms. jilly herself stating that sandy couldn't go on sunday and that we can go tonight afterall! this just made my day!! so happy!! so we go after work and it was the bestest chinease ever! could not get enough and then we had this to die for ice cream that was part of the buffett.......mmmmmm mouth watering just thinking about it. yum.

so i come home last night full and happy (the happiest i've bene all week) only to come home to an empty house, dirty dishes, dirty floor and my mood is starting to slip a little. but trying to keep hapy i turn on some tunes and take at the mound of dishes.....

several hours later it's almost idol time. have i mentioned that i love this show? and if i could sing even a little how i would so go and try out, but sadly no i cannot carry a tune so i just sit back and watch. it's very exciting this year though as there is a young girl (Casey LeBlanc) who lives darn close to where I do so i will be rooting for her. there's also lot's of other good pps but i still don't know everyone's names yet but i'm sure i will try to do a weekly re-cap as i did with American Idol. so idol was fab and guess what's on next...........

now don't laugh at me but (god this is corney) I really enjoy the show Dancing with the Stars. Even in all it's cheesy ness I cannot help but watch it and Joey from New Kids on the Block is on it and that just makes it even better (and he's still hot!!!). Secret fantasy number 34 is to one day be a ball room dancer myself so this show is just soooooo fun! check it out sometime.

anyhoo that's all that's new with me thus far. i'm out

Monday, June 06, 2005

it's frickin FREEZING


where did the nice x-treme hot weather go?

ever since sunday morning i have been freezing i tell you FREEZING!!!! I cannot possibly get warm no matter what i do and believe me i have tried pretty much everything and anything. hot bath - didn't work, curling up under heavy warm blanket - didn't work, hot chocolate - didn't work, roll in the hay (he he) - didn't work. my little hands are like blocks of ice and i swear the tip of my nose is numb.

stupid weather. one day hot and then wham BAM it's like 2 degrees out, totally no in between point.


so not fair. need to move to like Arizona or something as i love the hot weather.

typical stupid monday, work blew goats and everything just rubbed me the wrong way today. i'm just downright in a bitchy mood and don't feel like talking to anyone & i'm FREEZING. mabye i'm ill and dying? hmm ya i'm just a whiny baby.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Camping trip

yup, our first official camping trip of the season was yesterday at Grand Lake. have i mentioned that i love to go camping. nope, didn't think so.

despite the black flies, allergies, the heat, the cold, peeing outside, walking around in the dark and hearing unexplained noises in the dark.........I can think of nothing more fun to do on a hot sunny day. and yesterday was perfect.

here's a run down:

- the day started off early and hot as hell, just the way i like it
- could not locate tent and camping supplies as we moved mid summer last year and did not do any camping. we had to do a lot of digging to find our stuff (still missing our tent pegs)
- had a mini argument with hubby (typical when we go camping)
- wen't to the beer store to stock up on supplies & licqour
- met up with jamie & krystal, jill and julie at the beer store, start to tee hee in anticipation of getting severally loaded
- drive for probably 30+ min to get to grand lake
- drive around another 15+ min to ask someone to allow us to put in the boat (note to pps that own a camp at a lake, give some poor pps like us a break -k-) meet several snobby pps who preety much sumed it up to go *#$%! off
- finally locate a boat loading place - and were off to spruce point!
- load up geer and bail in the boat
- arive at island and start to set up camp & tent
- takes us a few min to locate spot big enough to fit the "Sheridon" (our tent is HUGE will hold 10-12 pps)
- get the tent erect and try to battle the bugs as they are really bad and hungry as hell and massive
- 2nd boat load arrives
- after un-loading the boat we proceed to let the "drinking" begin and i set up shop in a camp chair in the water with drink
- spent the entire afternoon here with the girls
- started to get really good buzz on
- getting sleepy
- went for swim to avoid sleepy feeling
- started to come around but decided may be best to lay off for a bit
- sun went under and got really cloudy
- bugs got prety bad again
- supper time!
- noticing that everyone else is getting prety drunk, except me, time to catch up only problem is i only have one drink left....
- go for a boat ride and see some baby geece and some gorgeous camps, wish i had money like that
- starting to feel good again
- back at camp and sitting around the fire eating marshmellows
- laugh at jilly and julie in their drunkiness
- almost choke on a marshmellow while laughing
- laugh some more
- lots of discussions on "brownies", will have to explain in another blog
- extreme laughing fit caused by jilly saying that she felt like Cindy Nicholson (again, will explain another time, some may already know...)
- tried to drink but just couldn't get into it as i was v. tired and my back was starting to cause me problems from sitting for so long
- jill, julie and hubby decided to battle it out and see who the last man standing would be
- curl up on air mattress and try to sleep but it's so damn cold (in my rush to get ready i only brought 1 sleeping bag and 1 warm fuzzy sheet, so not smart).
- freeze my damn ass of all night
- listen to the rain fall on the tent & pray that it won't thunder
- freeze some more &have to pee and i really do not want to get out in this cold
- it's finally morning, early morning and i'm ready to come home
- everything is damp, cold and wet
- tear down camp as thunder starts to roll in the distance
- pack everything up and load up the boat after breakfast
- make it back to shore just as it starts to sprinkle rain
- i don't think i could have been any happier to feel heat in my life!

that about sums it up in a nut shell. lots of god laughs, got lots of sun, and had an all around good time (except for the cold part).

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Strange Sightings

that's right cue the X-files music

1. an old man mowing his lawn is fairly normal you may say but while watching him on his little riding lawn mower he appears to either be: a. drunk or b. asleep as he suddenly runs right into his house, sadly i missed the rest as i was driving by and had to avoid running into something myself.

2. an old women driving along (yup, i'm picking on the old folks) who also as it appears happens to be sleeping at the wheel as well. at least she's in a larger vehicle and may cause less damage to herself.....or not. anyways, when I crossed her path her head was tilted off to one side and her car was veering along with it.

3. have you ever watched people in a large parking lot, say, at a grocery store or mall? i always find this very entertaining. anyways, while observing pps i happend to notice a middle age lady putting away her groceries as any normal person would, only to glance again and realize that it was a man

4. encountered a middle aged man (probably between 50-55 will say) who had a fro. that's right a mofo fro. his head of hair was massive and would put any africian american to shame. i wanted to laugh but i couldn't so i kinda bit my lip and i think he knew that i was muffling a laughing fit at his hair. it was kinda like molely mole from austin powers but worse. anyways, his hair tramatized me, seriousily, it was this wild mass of curly gray hair.....oh the trauma!! i will probably need therapy thanks to him.

5. witnessed a squirrel attack/chase a cat. squirrel was actually bigger than cat so i'm betting that he won (did not stay for the final round)

6. saw a mamma geece and her little family walking along the road, i'm sure someone probably came along and clipped one of them as the cute little bastards would not get off the road.

7. wanted to go back and pick up little duckling as they were so cute and fluffy and yellow and I wanted to keep it for myself as a pet

8. on connell road today a man had his car up on the sidewalk near the golf course with his flashers on not sure if he was broke down, in an accident or what but he was just sitting there as casual as anything with his music and sunglasses on..........very odd

9. it is ACTUALLY warm outside, and the sun is out!!! omg

10. was hanging out my laundry tonight and a huge flying ant flew right down my shirt, i screamed and ripped my shirt off, trying to find this grose disgusting thing that is fluttering around inside my shirt (ekkkkkkk!), I end up flinging it off of me as it was clinging to my tank top (had a zip up hoodie on), proceeded to scream get it off, GET IT OFF!! finally kill the bug and turn around to see hubby rolling on the floor in the kitchen laughing his ass off. what a way to end the day.