Monday, June 06, 2005

it's frickin FREEZING


where did the nice x-treme hot weather go?

ever since sunday morning i have been freezing i tell you FREEZING!!!! I cannot possibly get warm no matter what i do and believe me i have tried pretty much everything and anything. hot bath - didn't work, curling up under heavy warm blanket - didn't work, hot chocolate - didn't work, roll in the hay (he he) - didn't work. my little hands are like blocks of ice and i swear the tip of my nose is numb.

stupid weather. one day hot and then wham BAM it's like 2 degrees out, totally no in between point.


so not fair. need to move to like Arizona or something as i love the hot weather.

typical stupid monday, work blew goats and everything just rubbed me the wrong way today. i'm just downright in a bitchy mood and don't feel like talking to anyone & i'm FREEZING. mabye i'm ill and dying? hmm ya i'm just a whiny baby.

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Bridget Jones said...

Blew goats? Hey I learned something today.

Want to come into work with me when I meet with my boss (Meanest Guy in the Universe) next monday? I think I need you to be my agent.