Sunday, June 05, 2005

Camping trip

yup, our first official camping trip of the season was yesterday at Grand Lake. have i mentioned that i love to go camping. nope, didn't think so.

despite the black flies, allergies, the heat, the cold, peeing outside, walking around in the dark and hearing unexplained noises in the dark.........I can think of nothing more fun to do on a hot sunny day. and yesterday was perfect.

here's a run down:

- the day started off early and hot as hell, just the way i like it
- could not locate tent and camping supplies as we moved mid summer last year and did not do any camping. we had to do a lot of digging to find our stuff (still missing our tent pegs)
- had a mini argument with hubby (typical when we go camping)
- wen't to the beer store to stock up on supplies & licqour
- met up with jamie & krystal, jill and julie at the beer store, start to tee hee in anticipation of getting severally loaded
- drive for probably 30+ min to get to grand lake
- drive around another 15+ min to ask someone to allow us to put in the boat (note to pps that own a camp at a lake, give some poor pps like us a break -k-) meet several snobby pps who preety much sumed it up to go *#$%! off
- finally locate a boat loading place - and were off to spruce point!
- load up geer and bail in the boat
- arive at island and start to set up camp & tent
- takes us a few min to locate spot big enough to fit the "Sheridon" (our tent is HUGE will hold 10-12 pps)
- get the tent erect and try to battle the bugs as they are really bad and hungry as hell and massive
- 2nd boat load arrives
- after un-loading the boat we proceed to let the "drinking" begin and i set up shop in a camp chair in the water with drink
- spent the entire afternoon here with the girls
- started to get really good buzz on
- getting sleepy
- went for swim to avoid sleepy feeling
- started to come around but decided may be best to lay off for a bit
- sun went under and got really cloudy
- bugs got prety bad again
- supper time!
- noticing that everyone else is getting prety drunk, except me, time to catch up only problem is i only have one drink left....
- go for a boat ride and see some baby geece and some gorgeous camps, wish i had money like that
- starting to feel good again
- back at camp and sitting around the fire eating marshmellows
- laugh at jilly and julie in their drunkiness
- almost choke on a marshmellow while laughing
- laugh some more
- lots of discussions on "brownies", will have to explain in another blog
- extreme laughing fit caused by jilly saying that she felt like Cindy Nicholson (again, will explain another time, some may already know...)
- tried to drink but just couldn't get into it as i was v. tired and my back was starting to cause me problems from sitting for so long
- jill, julie and hubby decided to battle it out and see who the last man standing would be
- curl up on air mattress and try to sleep but it's so damn cold (in my rush to get ready i only brought 1 sleeping bag and 1 warm fuzzy sheet, so not smart).
- freeze my damn ass of all night
- listen to the rain fall on the tent & pray that it won't thunder
- freeze some more &have to pee and i really do not want to get out in this cold
- it's finally morning, early morning and i'm ready to come home
- everything is damp, cold and wet
- tear down camp as thunder starts to roll in the distance
- pack everything up and load up the boat after breakfast
- make it back to shore just as it starts to sprinkle rain
- i don't think i could have been any happier to feel heat in my life!

that about sums it up in a nut shell. lots of god laughs, got lots of sun, and had an all around good time (except for the cold part).

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